Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 554

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Ancient Hidden Sect

Staring at the men lying on the ground, Jonathan stated placidly, “Undeniably, it’s a brutal method.
However, it works very well!”

On the heels of that, he appeared right in front of Leslie in a whizz before wrapping his arms around

Even though Leslie was convinced that Jonathan would not take advantage of her, she could not
refrain from blushing crimson as she was pressed against his chest.

She put her guard up by placing her hands over her chest and stammered, “W-What are you trying to

“I reckon the one who went to inform the gang leader has reached the third floor by now. Let me take
you there with a shortcut,” Jonathan replied nonchalantly and leaped into the air. With that, they were
high up in mid-air before ramming into the window of the third floor.

Leslie squealed at the top of her lungs. Surprisingly, they landed steadily on the ground the next
second. When she opened her eyes, only then did she realize she was already standing in a room.
Meanwhile, Maverick was seated on the couch opposite her, gawking at her.

The man who had gone to inform Maverick earlier was now standing at the door. He widened his eyes
in disbelief as he stared at Jonathan and Leslie, not knowing what to do next.

With a wave, Jonathan dispersed the shield formed by the spiritual energy. Staring at Maverick, he
asked curiously. “Are you Blackey Carlson?”

“I…” Maverick swallowed a slump down his throat and nodded. “My name is Maverick Carlson. May I
know why you are looking for me?”

At the same time, Leslie finally regained her composure. She straightened her cloth before whipping
out her police ID.

“Blackey Carlson, you know who I am, don’t you? You’re charged with aiding and abetting others in
murdering police officers. Please follow me back for interrogation.”

“Officer, what are you talking about? I don’t get you.” Maverick rose to his feet and refuted
apprehensively, “I’m operating a legal business here—”

Before Maverick could finish his words, he stood rooted to the ground as though he was a robot, and
someone had controlled his movement.

Leslie turned to look in Jonathan’s direction. “Didn’t you agree to let me handle him after he’s

“Take a closer look.” Jonathan lifted his right hand as if he was holding an invisible string. With that,
Maverick slowly moved his hand from his back to the front, like a puppet. Unexpectedly, there was a
black gun in his hand.

“Leslie, if we were two ordinary people, he might have fired at us abruptly during your hesitation
moments ago. You could’ve landed yourself in deep trouble because of your soft personality. Do you
realize that?” Jonathan pointed out as he manipulated Maverick’s movement with his inner thought. In
a split second, Maverick put his arm down gradually.


After two consecutive gunshots sounded, Maverick’s legs bled profusely.

“That’s all I can help you with. Take care of the rest by yourself. Remember not to pester me again.”

The next second, Jonathan clenched his right fist, converging the pure spiritual energy surrounding
Maverick. Subsequently, the spiritual energy dispersed, causing a massive explosion with a boom. In
the blink of an eye, Maverick lay motionless on the ground in a bloody mess.

“Jonathan…” Leslie was about to say something. She turned around, only to find that Jonathan was
already nowhere to be seen.

In the meantime, Ryan was seated in the clinic of Xenhall with sheer impatience in his eyes.

Meanwhile, the burly man Jonathan scared off earlier was whipping a woman with a belt. The woman
whose arms were held by two men and was beaten to a pulp turned out to be Lynn.

The burly man pulled Lynn’s hair with a yank and bellowed, “D*mn it! Are you going to say it? Where’s
the brat who backed you up yesterday?”

Lynn was on the verge of unconsciousness. Needless to say, she could not reply to the burly man’s
questions, as her mind was a blur at that moment.

The burly man chastised breathlessly, “D*mn it! You’re indeed a tough nut. I’ll rip your clothes off and
take you to the village to let the others look at you. I’ll see how long you can last!”

Just as he was about to rip off her clothes, a porcelain bowl hit his head. He fell to his knees as the
bowl shattered into pieces. Covering his head, he turned around and saw Ryan glowering coldly at him.

“I’m utterly disappointed with your work efficiency.” Ryan’s voice sounded as though he was a demon
from hell. His voice sent shivers down the burly man’s spine.

Without a second thought, the burly man crawled toward him and pleaded, “Boss, please give me
another chance. I’m sure I’ll be able to get her to tell me about that brat’s whereabouts now.”

As Ryan looked at how the man pleaded with him for forgiveness, a flicker of ferocity flashed across his
eyes. Even the spiritual energy in his meridian began surging and burning up.

However, at that very moment, the phone on the desk suddenly rang.

After Ryan answered it, a panicky voice sounded from the other end of the line. “B-Boss… Blackey was
arrested by the police, and we were instructed to close down Mirage Plaza!”

Ryan’s frown deepened into a scowl in an instant. He cast a look at Lynn on the other side. “Take this
woman with us. We’ll head back to Summerbank now.”

In the meantime, Jonathan had a sleepless night in the guest room of Triplex Manifesta.

The following day, a young monk went over at dawn as instructed by Sofus to relay the latter’s

Shortly after, he led Jonathan to a room. Other than Sofus, there were another three men and a

The moment Jonathan entered the room, he could sense the foursome’s spiritual sense right away.

Ah! Four Grandmasters!

Sensing the fluctuation of their spiritual energy, Jonathan could figure it out at once.

At the same time, Sofus stood up. “Everyone, let me introduce this man to you. He’s Jonathan
Goldstein. Mr. Goldstein is also the last person who will join us on our trip to the Summerbank Abyss
this round.”

Gazing at the foursome, Jonathan nodded slightly.

“Jonathan Goldstein?” Among them, a pale-faced, good-looking young man, who was seated at the
furthest right, guffawed. “Mr. Goldstein, I’m impressed that you are already a Grandmaster at such a
young age. I hope you don’t mind that I don’t have a good eye. Would you mind telling me which sect
you are from?”

Even though the other three did not chime in, they paused what they were doing and turned to look at
Jonathan in unison.

Seeing that, Jonathan shook his head. “I’m not from any sect.”

A faint smile spread over the other two men’s faces when they heard Jonathan’s words. The contempt
in their eyes intensified instantaneously.

Only the young woman with a ponytail, who was seated opposite Jonathan, stood up to greet him
courteously, “I’m Lauryn Blackwood from the Ancient Sword Sect.”

She stretched her hand to pat the young man who piped up a while ago and added, “He’s Irving
Zeigler, my senior. The one on the left is Bertel Tanner, whereas the one on the right is Torkild Fisker.
They are both cultivators of the Ancient Sword Sect.”

Jonathan, too, greeted Lauryn politely, “Nice to meet you, Ms. Blackwood.”

Irving snapped coldly, “What’s the point of you feigning formality? Since we are all cultivators, why not
address each other directly by name? You’d better not try to butter anyone up to curry favor with us.”

Jonathan threw a glance at Irving. Coincidentally, the latter fixed his eyes on Jonathan as well. There
was inexplicit viciousness and haughtiness in Irving’s piercing gaze.

In a split second, Jonathan was fully aware that Irving’s cultivation method was obviously of an extreme
type. Nonetheless, he could not fathom why the latter seemed to harbor a sense of hostility toward him.

Well, I hope he won’t step on my toes once we enter the Summerbank Abyss later.

As the thought occurred to Jonathan, Sofus, who was alongside him, cleared his throat.

“Since everyone is here, we’ll enter the Summerbank Abyss in no time. Thank you in advance for your

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