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Chapter 553

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Straightforward And Brutal Method

Jonathan was taken aback after listening to that gangster’s words.

He thought those people were targeting him. Unexpectedly, they were there to attack Leslie, so he was
merely unlucky to have been dragged into that mess.

He turned to look at Leslie, who was wearing a dazed facial expression.

“Blackey? Blackey Carlson from Mirage Plaza?” she questioned that gangster coldly while rubbing the
area on her neck, which Jonathan had grabbed earlier.

“That’s right. We received this instruction from Blackey.” Evidently, the gangster was enduring a lot of
pain at that moment, as the veins on his forehead bulged and pulsated. “That’s all I know. I beg you.
Please let us go. We are only executing an order from somebody else. We did not want to harm a
police officer too.”

“You still intend to roam free after making a commotion while wielding weapons to gang up on a police
officer in a party of more than three people? I suggest you mentally prepare yourselves to face eight or
ten years in prison,” Leslie replied impassively.

She took out her phone and dialed a number as she spoke.

“Mr. Hoffman, a group of gangsters planned a joint assault on me at the night market. I’m fine.
Somebody saved me. The gangsters have been subdued. Hurry up and send some men over. I’ll be
waiting here—”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Crisp, loud sounds reverberated in the air again.

A horrible stench quickly wafted out. Leslie was dumbfounded as she gazed at those armed gangsters
while still holding her phone to her ear.

Noticing those men wetting their pants, Leslie swiftly turned to look at Jonathan.

“Hey. W-What have you done?”

Jonathan answered calmly, “I did not do anything. These people slashed me with their cleavers, so I
broke their spine. It is only reasonable for them to spend the rest of their lives in a wheelchair and
suffer from incontinence.”

“You’re crazy!”

She immediately took out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed his wrist without hesitation. “You are arrested
for being suspected of deliberately crippling others.”

Jonathan frowned at the handcuffs on his wrists. “Ms. Hart, these people are here to kill you. I am your
savior. Do you understand this?”

“I know, but this is not a reason for you to cripple them while they’ve already been held in check and
cannot resist further. I am thankful that you rescued me. I will provide you with the best legal team and
satisfy all your needs, but I must arrest you today. These people should be punished by the law, not by

Hearing her speech, Jonathan reabsorbed the spiritual energy around him into his body.

He curled his lips upward while taking in her cool demeanor. “Leslie, I admit you are a good police
officer. Regrettably, there are too few people like you in this society.”

Jonathan raised his hands and reached out to grasp the steel handcuffs. Then, exerting only minimal
force, he effortlessly crushed the handcuffs in just a second.

“I used to share the same mindset as you, imagining everyone would abide by the law. However, after
witnessing so many incidents, I realize the laws can never restrain some people. A ten-year-old child
does not have to be sentenced to death for murder. Those elites of the society with immense authority
have been living their lives without regard for the rules. I’ve gained clarity after experiencing all these
things. If you seek to restore justice in this world, the first thing you need to do is to make yourself
stronger. Someone who cannot guard themselves does not have the qualifications to protect others,”
Jonathan elaborated while tossing the broken handcuffs into Leslie’s hands.

Despite not agreeing with everything he had mentioned, Leslie could fathom his point of view because
she was born into a prominent family.

The pair of handcuffs that symbolized the law and order in her hands were shattered.

Are martial artists truly that powerful?

Staring at her bewildered appearance, Jonathan chuckled. “I’ll help you this time because of what
you’ve just said. Let’s go. I’ll remove this threat for you.”

“W-Where are we going?” Leslie asked subconsciously.

“That person told us just now. We are going to Mirage Plaza.”

Meanwhile, on the third floor of Mirage Plaza, Maverick Carlson was hugging and groping a woman
with a seductive body.

Sitting opposite him, one of his subordinates slowly lifted a bottle of wine. “Blackey, are we being too
reckless for trying to harm a police officer this time? Previously, we had to know where to draw the

Maverick looked up after hearing his subordinate’s words.

“F*ck! Are you a coward? She’s just a police officer. So what if she dies? Why are you so nervous?”

Maverick gulped the content of his wineglass after he spoke.

“Don’t worry. Those people I’ve assigned to carry out the task have already committed murders in the
past. I’ve planned for them to go on the run anyway. This current job to target the police officer is just
for them to taste one last round of thrill before they go into hiding.”

“I see. You’re indeed extremely thoughtful and farsighted, Blackey. By the way, now that we are serving
Ryan, why are we earning so much lesser than before—”

“Shut up!”

Maverick’s face turned grim when he heard his subordinate mentioning Ryan’s name.

“Do you think you’re qualified to question or doubt Boss? Just mind your own business and don’t ask
so many questions. Otherwise, you might lose your life.”

“I got it!”

The subordinate sensibly retreated from the room after taking in Maverick’s response.

After the door was closed, the sexily-dressed woman grew even bolder. She rolled over and sat on
Maverick’s lap.

However, he was not in the mood at that moment. The scenes of Ryan’s advent a month ago filled his

Ryan turned our previous boss into a dry corpse in just a few seconds. Is he really human?

Maverick shuddered uncontrollably as he recollected the gruesome sight of his previous boss’ death.

He reached out to push the woman aside and uttered coldly, “Get out. By the way, tell Marvin to bring
those killers to me immediately when they return.”

She glanced at him before turning to leave in displeasure.

At the same time, a taxi gradually came to a halt outside Mirage Plaza’s entrance. Then, Jonathan and
Leslie got out of the vehicle one after the other.

“Let’s go. I’ll show you how a martial artist deals with this kind of situation. Since we’ve already
confirmed those men received the instruction from the boss of this place, what we need to do now is to
differentiate between the men working for the gang leader and the customers to prevent hurting the
innocents,” Jonathan said while he casually walked up the stairs.

When Jonathan and Leslie arrived before the door, a few doormen stepped forward and greeted them
politely, “Mister, miss, may I know if you’ve made a reservation?”

Jonathan replied nonchalantly, “No. I’m here to cripple Blackey Carlson. Will it be too troublesome for
you to summon him here?”

“Cripple Blackey?”

The few doormen exchanged glances. One of them turned on his heel to relay the message while the
rest rubbed their palms together and advanced on Jonathan.

“Is this how you distinguish between your enemies and the customers?” Leslie was astounded when
she saw the unexpected turns of events.

She was under the assumption that Jonathan had a brilliant plan in mind, judging by how he had
analyzed and described the situation to her earlier. But now, he was clearly attempting to provoke those
men blatantly and hit those who tried to hurt him.

T-This method is simply too straightforward and brutal…

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