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Chapter 549

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Thousands Of Years Of Inheritance

At Prima Majestica, Jonathan stood on a boulder overlooking the sight beneath him. The spiritual
energy within his body flowed relentlessly into his eyes, glowing and spiraling inside his pupils. Yet, no
matter how hard Jonathan tried, he could not see through the clouds and mist obscuring the valley
beneath him.

His spiritual sense that had always worked was useless at that time. With his current cultivation level,
his spiritual sense could cover a distance of up to a hundred meters.

If he shaped his spiritual sense into a thin line to conduct a rough search, the coverage would extend
up to five hundred meters. Yet, Jonathan’s spiritual sense couldn’t reach more than fifty meters into the
valley despite putting in all his might.

That feeling was like dropping a rope over a cliff. It unraveled when it reached a certain level, and every
strand drifted in the wind.

Jonathan felt as though his spiritual sense was split into uncountable strands. His consciousness
started blurring around the edges after a few breaths. Realizing his situation in time, he swiftly retracted
his spiritual sense.

Sofus’ brows slightly furrowed as he watched from the side. “You should be able to sense the
abnormality below,” Sofus said with concern. He then pointed at the other two peaks of Summerbank
Mountain amidst the clouds and mist.

“Mr. Goldstein, look at the two peaks there. The three main peaks of Summerbank Mountain are Prima
Majestica, where we’re standing now, Cloudview Pinnacle in the southeast, and Buxlow Summit in the
northeast. The valleys between these three peaks with thick mists shrouded over them are the
Summerbank Abyss that we, the Phoebus Sect, have protected for generations.”

“Phoebus Sect?” Jonathan turned to Sofus with curiosity. “I thought your sect is Triplex Manifesta?”

Sofus shook his head softly. “Triplex Manifesta is the name of the temple structure behind us. That
temple was there three centuries ago. I’m part of the Phoebus Sect. The sect has over two thousand
years of history, and I’m the fifty-seventh generation.”

Jonathan was surprised by Sofus’ words. Even though those prominent and respectable families may
deem themselves The Untouchables, many of them only have hundreds of years of history. Only a
handful of respectable families out there have a thousand-year-long history. Yet, the Phoebus Sect
already has fifty-seven generations. It has over two thousand years of history. That’s unexpected for an
inconspicuous sect like this.

The glint in Jonathan’s eyes continued to spiral until he dispersed the spiritual energy. “Not sure if I can
ask this. The Phoebus Sect has been watching over the Summerbank Abyss for over two thousand
years. There must be a reason behind it. Will you be willing to tell me, Mr. Windt?”

Hearing Jonathan’s question, Sofus shook his head. “I don’t know. Even though I’m the head of the
sect, I’m clueless about the secret behind the Summerbank Abyss.”

Sofus sighed as he looked at the foggy mountain beneath him.

“From the sect’s ancient books and records handed down by our previous sages, I can assume the
former heads of the sect earlier than five hundred years ago are aware of the Summerbank Abyss’
secret. The secret was passed down through word of mouth from one leader to the next.

Unfortunately, one of the Phoebus Sect’s leaders passed away in an accident five hundred years ago,
breaking that trail. The only information we have on the Summerbank Abyss is it is an important place.
We don’t know about the rest.”

Sofus turned to Jonathan as he spoke. “The Phoebus Sect should be the one to solve your problem,
since you have won the bid, Mr. Goldstein. Alas, I can’t be of help to you regarding the pill you’re
searching for, but it’s not totally hopeless yet.”

Jonathan was ready to leave empty-handed when he heard there was no pill, but Sofus’ words gave
him hope.

“Do you have any solution? Please do tell,” Jonathan urged.

Without any intention to hide any facts, Sofus whirled around to face Jonathan and bowed with his
hands clasped.

“I wish to enter the Summerbank Abyss with you to search for my master, Mr. Goldstein. If I can find
him, regardless of whether he’s alive or dead, the pill is yours.”

Enter the Summerbank Abyss?

Sofus’ words baffled Jonathan.

Jonathan looked over his shoulder at the clouds and mist below and frowned.

“What is your master’s cultivation level, Mr. Windt?”

“He’s a God Realm cultivator,” Sofus answered proudly.

Sofus wasn’t wrong to feel proud, since a God Realm cultivator was a respectable existence no matter
where they were.

Within the current society, a cultivator of the Grandmaster Realm could be the entire family’s pillar of
support, while respectable families would usually treat God Realm cultivators as their trump cards.

Therefore, it was not unreasonable for Sofus to be so proud of his master.

Sofus might have stated the fact casually, but Jonathan couldn’t help feeling the chill that engulfed his
heart upon hearing Sofus’ answer.

As a God Realm cultivator himself, Jonathan knew better than anyone about the terrifying aspects of a
God Realm cultivator.

Jonathan felt troubled, and he was in a tight spot. Sofus’ master entered the Summerbank Abyss alone
and even left his will. That shows how dangerous the place is. However, if I don’t agree to Sofus’
request, Aunt Sophia’s life will be in danger.

Sofus noticed the troubled look on Jonathan’s face and could guess Jonathan’s struggle.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Goldstein. I know about the risk of going into the Summerbank Abyss, so I’ve already
contacted the other cultivators earlier and managed to reach out to four Grandmaster Realm cultivators
at the moment. If you agree to my request, I’ll have them rush over tonight.”

Jonathan looked at Sofus with a surprised look.

Four Grandmasters? A cultivator of the Grandmaster Realm will commonly hide behind the backs of
respectable families. One might not even get the chance to even meet a Grandmaster after living half
of their life. Yet, the Phoebus Sect can get four of them to help. That influence alone is admirable.

Seeing that Jonathan was wavering, Sofus persuaded, “Moreover, we’re only entering the fringe of the
Summerbank Abyss. It’ll only be about three to five miles from the threshold. I’ve gone in that much
before with my master to gather some herbs. Even though we did run into some troublesome
situations, it was nothing the cultivators of the Grandmaster Realm couldn’t handle.”

Jonathan’s struggle eased after he heard Sofus’ explanation, and he nodded slightly.

“You and your master saved my life two years ago, and the reason I came to Summerbank this time
around is to obtain the pill to save my aunt. Thus, it’s only reasonable for me to agree to your request.
All right, I’ll do it. When are we leaving?”

“I’ll contact the Grandmasters immediately. Let’s make the necessary preparations tonight and depart
the next morning.”

Meanwhile, in the Jensen residence at Summerbank, Desmond was kneeling on the ground with an
indignant look.

“Dad, I could have won the position to be the first to pray—”


A loud slap echoed throughout the residence. Desmond lost his balance and dropped to the ground.

Carmelo Jensen’s expression was pale as he pointed at Desmond with a trembling finger. His mouth
opened and closed as he tried to gasp for air. He had a bloodthirsty, crazed look in his eyes that could
send chills down others’ spines.

“Why do I need you if you can’t even deal with such a small matter?” Carmelo scolded.

He curved his fingers as though he was about to claw at something. Suddenly, dark, web-like fog
enshrouded his fingernails.

When he was about to unleash his attack on Desmond, an abrupt knocking sound interrupted him.

“Who is it?” Carmelo asked in a cold voice.

A trembling woman came through the door.

“O-Old Mr. Jensen… Mr. Ryan Leiter is here.”

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