Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 459

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The Legendary Man

Death Of Alexei

“Alexei Salonius, it has been years. Why haven’t you improved at all?” Jonathan said in a calm manner
as he slowly cast his gaze upon Alexei.

However, his words struck everyone like a thunderbolt, causing an uproar among the crowd

Do they know each other? And it seems like they’ve known each other since many years ago. How is
that possible?

Alexei has been in seclusion for three years without leaving Jetroina. How is possible for him to know a
young man like Jonathan?

Besides, that young man even has the nerve to speak to Alexei in such an arrogant manner!

Alexei’s face fell when he heard that taunting remark from Jonathan. A trace of grievance flashed
across Alexei’s eyes.

A few years ago, Alexei had taken the opportunity to get into Chanaea when the country was in trouble.

Little did he expect to encounter the legendary Asura, Jonathan, the moment he arrived at Chanaea.

During that fight, Alexei did not even stand a chance to retaliate, and he had been severely injured after
a few attacks. In the end, he even had to beg for mercy, pleading with Jonathan to spare his life.

Then, he was chased out of Chanaea like a stray without its master.

He certainly had not expected that Jonathan would come to Jetroina a few years later.

The humiliation Alexei had suffered back then pierced through his heart every single second like a

He took a deep breath and grabbed his Massacre Sword tightly. Staring directly at Jonathan, he
exclaimed, “Jonathan Goldstein, I lost to you back then because I wasn’t as skillful as you. I’ve been
through so many sleepless nights all these years. I’ll never forget the humiliation you caused me that
day! Today, since you dare to set foot here, I’ll wash away this shame with your blood!”

“I hope you’re better than three years ago, or else it’d be so boring to fight a battle that I know I’ll surely
win.” Jonathan shrugged. Obviously, he did not take Alexei seriously at all.

“You, idiot!”

The next instant, Alexei gritted his teeth and pulled out Massacre Sword. The dazzling rays gathered at
the tip of the sword and formed into a ball of glaring light, causing everyone around to lose their vision
in a second.

The top fighter from Jetroina had just made his move.

Alexei looked like he was holding the sun in his hand. The strong rays of light and sword energy flowed
uncontrollably all over the place.

Under the impact of the sword energy, the reinforced concrete wall crumbled into pieces in mere


A muffled, thunderous noise echoed throughout Mount Forlisle. After the rays and dust had dispersed,
what came into sight was a bottomless hole on the ground.

Elisa spat out the dust in her mouth and fixed her gaze on Alexei.

It was a fight concerning the Salonius family’s reputation, and it would decide if the Salonius family
could still sustain their position as the first family in Jetroina.

Nonetheless, the fight did not seem like an easy deal to Alexei. He had lost to Jonathan before, so he
was clearly aware of Asura’s terrifying prowess.

In the next second, a spot of blinding light suddenly appeared in the sky.

“W-What is that?”

The spot of light grew bigger and bigger. Moments later, the people could finally see clearly. It was a
long sword falling from the sky.

The surrounding air formed into the shape of Sacred Dragon, swinging its tail as it descended from the

“Hurry up and run!” someone exclaimed in horror.

The people from Salonius Corporation immediately ran everywhere like headless chickens.

They were too slow, though. The Sacred Dragon formed by the sword energy crashed into the ground,
exuding infinite power to the surrounding in a trice.

It then exploded with a loud boom.

After the smoke and dust had settled, Heaven Sword fell from the sky into Jonathan’s hand again.

Jonathan still looked exceptionally clean and neat, and no one could tell he had just gone through a
battle of life and death.

Alexei, on the other hand, was panting heavily. His hand placed on Massacre Sword was slightly

If Alexei had not made his move to fight against the tremendous power emitted by the sword, many of
them from Salonius Corporation would have lost their lives.

“It seems like you’ve improved a little in the past few years.” Jonathan seemed slightly surprised. Even
though he had not found the other half of Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique in the past few years, his
capability now was incomparable.

Hence, Jonathan did not expect Alexei to be able to fend off his attack.

However, Alexei did not seem pleased when he heard Jonathan’s compliment. The despair in his eyes
grew stronger.

After being in seclusion for years, he thought he could finally wash away the shame he had suffered
one day. He did not expect that the discrepancy in Jonathan’s and his skills would become bigger after
three years.

That one strike from Jonathan had made Alexei feel ashamed of himself.

“I have no choice but to use that…”

Alexei’s expression changed as he drew his Massacre Sword near his waist. He stared intently at the
most precious treasure in Jetroina.

“Back then, the first emperor had sent people to look for the elixir and sealed the divine energy in this
sword. It’s time to release it today.”


In an instant, Massacre Sword in his hand started shaking vigorously, and a faint dragon roar could be
heard coming from the tip of the sword.

Immediately afterward, Alexei grasped his Massacre Sword tightly. Enormous power instantly spurted
out from the sword to the sky.


Jonathan furrowed his brows the moment he heard the dragon roar.

The power felt strange yet familiar.

It was strangely powerful that he felt slightly suffocated.

The sense of familiarity came from how the power seemed to echo with Ancient Sacred Dragon
Technique, as though both of them came from the same origin.

The surging power gathered into the shape of a seal before forming into a line of text: The Emperor’s
edict. Retreat!

In the blink of an eye, Alexei seemed like he was drained completely, and he looked like a walking

At that moment, he was already reaching his end, and it was just a matter of time before death took
him away. However, he fought till the very end of his life.

“I will have no regrets in this life if I can take Asura down with me!”

As soon as those words fell, that huge seal descended from the sky and aimed at Jonathan, as though
it could destroy Jonathan completely in seconds.

Despite that, Jonathan remained unmoving. His eyes were filled with the intent to fight.

Asura would only advance but not back down even if he would lose his life.

He slightly clenched his fists, and Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique in his body was activated
instantly. The infinite power gushed out from his body unreservedly.

Heaven Sword seemed to have sensed Jonathan going all out. The sound of the sword soon filled the
space. In the next second, the infinite power burst out of Heaven Sword to form a huge dragon.

Jonathan raised his arms, and the dragon wrapped around the seal. The two forms of enormous power
clashed against one another.

With a loud bang, the seal broke into pieces.

The broken pieces flew toward Jonathan at once.

Meanwhile, a gamut of strange things flooded his mind. There were so many of them that he could
hardly process them in such a short period of time.

At the same time when the seal shattered into pieces, Alexei spat out a mouthful of black blood and
collapsed to the ground.

The look of despair filled his eyes. He was already nearing the end of his life, and he had lost the last
glimpse of hope completely. Then, he slumped to the ground with a thud.


Massacre Sword shattered into powder.

This day marked the end of Alexei, the top fighter in Jetroina.

Massacre Sword, the legendary sword in Jetroina, was destroyed.

The Salonius family, the first family in Jetroina, was wiped out, too.

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