Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 458

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The Legendary Man

Alexei Salonius

For the three years when he was safeguarding Chanaea, no one dared to offend them.

Yet, these mere ninjas dared to act impudently in front of him.

Jonathan wielded his Heaven Sword in hand, and the Five Ninjas of Salonius instantly felt a sharp pain
in their hands. It turned out that their wrists were cut off.

To make things worse, they did not even get to see clearly when Jonathan made his moves. Jonathan
moved so swiftly as though he was playing some magic tricks. The ninjas’ wrists were cut off without
prior warning, and it was an extremely terrifying scene to behold.

Immediately after that, he wielded the sword again, and streaks of blood instantly appeared on the Five
Ninjas of Salonius’ necks.

In the blink of an eye, the Five Ninjas of Salonius, whom the Salonius family had spent a lot of time and
money on, had turned into corpses.

“You mere ninjas actually have the audacity to act impudently in front of me!” Jonathan’s gaze was
slightly apathetic with a tinge of contempt. “Who else is hiding outside? Just come at me together! I can
take the chance to practice with my Heaven Sword!”


Elisa swallowed hard, and a hint of despair flitted across her eyes.

She had never imagined that the Five Ninjas of Salonius could not even handle one attack from

“W-Who are you?” Elisa’s last line of defense was crashed completely as soon as she blurted out that

Jonathan turned the sword and said indifferently, “It doesn’t matter. I’m here today to get your seal!”

Seal? Did Jonathan actually come here for the seal?

Elisa hesitated for a moment before replying in a low voice, “The seal is not with me. I keep it at our
family’s ancestral house—”

“Let’s go to your ancestral house then!” Jonathan interrupted and killed her last glimpse of hope.

Mount Forlisle was the highest mountain in Jetroina.

The mountain was still covered in snow during midsummer with cherry blossom trees sprawled across
the foothill.

One would feel an indescribable emotion when they stood under the raining petals while looking over at
the dove-white mountain that soared into the sky. It was such a pleasant sight.

The Salonius Corporation’s ancestral house was located at Mount Forlisle. It was a lavishly designed
mansion with a plaque made of gold. The building structures were also delicately carved, and it was
truly a magnificent piece of architecture.

Jonathan took a look at the building. The design of the building is inspired by Chanaean architecture.
Even the details look exactly the same.

“It seems like Jetroinians haven’t changed at all even after so many years. You still like to claim others’
work as your own!” Jonathan stated calmly.

Jonathan scoffed, and a tinge of embarrassment appeared on Elisa’s face. Jetroina was a small
country, and it had always been the dependency of Chanaea. Although their people refused to admit it,
it had been proven that Jetroinians always wanted to take everything from Chanaea and claim them as
their own.

Of course, if someone else were to say that, Elisa would have thrown a slap across that person’s face.
Yet, she did not have the courage to retort a word when that remark came from Jonathan.

A few minutes later, they all arrived at the Salonius family’s ancestral house.

With the daughter from Salonius Corporation taking the lead, no one dared to probe any further.

“The seal is in the ancestral hall at the back of the mountain. Wait for me here. I’ll go get it,” Elisa

“I’ll only give you five minutes. I don’t mind getting it myself if I can’t see you later. Besides, I’ll destroy
your bullsh*t ancestral house!” Jonathan seemed rather composed, unafraid of how Elisa might play
some tricks in secret.

“Okay!” Elisa lowered her head and left the place.

Watching her back, Jonathan lit up a cigarette as he waited for the scene he had expected to happen.

As he had expected, around two minutes later, a muffled bell sound suddenly echoed through the
entire Mount Forlisle.

It was the Salonius Corporation’s bell of command that only rang when they were faced with enemies.
Everyone had to rush over right away, or else they would be killed.

Elisa stood next to a golden bell, and a hint of viciousness filled her eyes. “Old Mr. Salonius, please
help us take down the enemies!”

Just as the sound of the bell rang out, the door of a hut from afar was opened. The next instant, a
scrawny figure walked out of the hut.

When that figure showed up, everyone from Salonius Corporation went down on their knees instantly.

“Old Mr. Salonius is here!”

“Old Mr. Salonius!”

As the crowd exclaimed, the figure made his way toward them. He looked petite and short, and his hair
was gray. The most eye-catching part about him was his eyebrows that grew down to his shoulder.
There was a long sword that hung around his waist, and it was the legendary Massacre Sword in

A ray of sunlight shone on the sword hilt. Dazzling, colorful lights instantly lit up the place, reflecting a
tall, majestic statue above Mount Forlisle.

In an instant, everyone from the Salonius family went into a frenzy.

“Old Mr. Salonius has finally broken through!”

“The Salonius family can finally rise again!”

“Old Mr. Salonius!”

Within seconds, the crowd’s cheers echoed through the mountain.

Alexei was a divine figure to the entire Salonius family.

Just as everyone was cheering, Alexei placed his right hand on the hilt. He looked up and stared at
Elisa who was not far away from him. His voice was faint yet captivating as he asked, “What’s the

“Old Mr. Salonius, the enemy has invaded our ancestral house and wants to snatch away our family
seal. Please take action!” Going down on her knees, Elisa bowed at Alexei respectfully.

“What?” Alexei’s fingers moved across Massacre Sword. A glint of frostiness flitted across his eyes as
he questioned, “Who dares to break into the Salonius family’s ancestral house?”

“A Chanaean,” Elisa replied in a low voice.

“A mere Chanaean dares to act as he wishes in Jetroina! Where is he? Bring me to him!” Alexei’s tone
was cold.

“Yes, Old Mr. Salonius!” Elisa led the way personally and brought Alexei to meet Jonathan.

“Old Mr. Salonius, it’s him!”

Elisa stepped into the hall and pointed at Jonathan right away.

“Did you bring your backup here?” Jonathan stood in the hall with his hands at the back, his gaze

“So, it’s you. How dare you mess with the Salonius family!” Just as Elisa pointed at Jonathan, Alexei
slightly lifted his right hand, and a sharp sense of sword energy was emitted at once.


Deep dents were formed on the concrete columns on both sides.

Alexei truly lived up to his name as the top fighter in Jetroina.

Every single move he made was full of murderous intent.

“Is the Salonius family even worthy for me to do so?” Jonathan sneered. A shocking roar of a dragon
rang out from his body, dispersing the sword energy in a flash.

“It’s you?”

Alexei’s expression changed drastically when he had a clearer look at Jonathan’s face.

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