Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 455

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The Legendary Man

Sakura Hotel

“It’s Raymond?” Elisa’s face instantly changed. She knew Raymond, who had owed Salonius
Corporation a lot of money.

She had never expected that Raymond would dare to send people to beat up Leopold.

Even though Leopold might be a loser, he was still from Salonius Corporation.

Beating him was tantamount to insulting Salonius Corporation.

“You guys, come out!”

Elisa dropped her palm on the table. Immediately afterward, five men in black appeared in the room in
an instant and got down on one knee. With a piece of fabric covering their faces, they exuded a chilling

“Five Ninjas of Salonius, you will answer to Leopold Salonius from now on!” Elisa commanded. The five
men immediately lowered their heads and replied, “Understood!”

“Thanks, Elisa!”

Leopold’s face instantly lit up as he was thrilled that Elisa had actually assigned the Five Ninjas of
Salonius to him. They were the top ninjas trained by Salonius Corporation and were considered the
best assassins in Jetroina.

“Remember, there is only one chance. I don’t want to learn that Raymond Yarbrough is still alive after
this. Did you hear that?” Elisa instructed sternly with a cold look on her face.

“Yes, I got it, Elisa!”

With that, Leopold walked out of the room.

There was an old hotel at the corner of a remote road.

Raymond was a regular guest of the hotel. Upon entering the building, he headed straight to the
second floor and entered a small room that was less than ten square meters.

In addition to a table, the room only had a quilt and burger wrappers scattered all over the floor.

That was his lair where he could hide from the people of Salonius Corporation.

Jonathan scanned the awful environment and knitted his brows.

Seeing the look in Jonathan’s eyes, Raymond became embarrassed and explained in a low voice, “My
assets have been frozen by Salonius Corporation, so I can only live here for the time being.”

“Pack up your stuff. You’ll stay at another place,” Jonathan ordered with a frown.

Raymond said hesitantly, “I’m afraid I can’t. Those from Salonius Corporation are still looking for me!”

“Cut the nonsense. Just do as I say.” There was a look of impatience in Jonathan’s eyes. “What are
you afraid of when I’m here?”


After a moment of deliberation, Raymond took a few pieces of clothing and left the hotel with Jonathan.

Before long, the taxi stopped in front of a hotel called Sakura Hotel, the best and the highest-grade five-
star hotel in Derport.

Even the door handles of the hotel were inlaid with gold, which spoke of pure extravagance.

Standing at the entrance of Sakura Hotel dressed in sloppy outfits and carrying a ragged tote bag,
Raymond looked exactly like a beggar.

He tightened his grip around the handle of his ragged tote bag with an awkward expression on his face.
“Mr. Goldstein, why don’t we go to another hotel? How can we afford this hotel? Let’s find a cheaper

Ignoring him, Jonathan walked straight toward the hotel lobby.

Just when he was about to enter the hotel, the security guard of the hotel stopped him. “Stop right
there. What are you here for?”

“To get a room,” Jonathan replied calmly.

“A room?” The security guard subconsciously sized the two of them up and sneered. “Do you think this
is a place you can afford? Get the f*ck out of here!”

“Get out of my way!”

Jonathan did not bother to explain to him. However, the security guard went up to him and stood before
him. “I’m warning you, boy, you’d better not force your way in, or I may blow your head off!”

The look in Jonathan’s eyes turned cold at once. “Really? I’d like to see how you’ll blow my head off!
Get your boss to move his ass out here!”

“Our boss? You even want to see our boss?” The security guard laughed at Jonathan’s words. “Who do
you think you are that you can see our boss? Do you have any idea what this place is? This is a high-
grade five-star hotel! Do you have any idea how much does the cheapest room here cost for a night?
Can you afford it?”

“Take this card and ask your boss to get out now!” Jonathan did not bother to waste time talking to the
security guard, so he tossed a black card to the latter.

However, the security guard did not even glance at the card as he threw it to the ground and stamped
his foot on it.

“What the heck is that? There’s only gold, silver and diamond cards in our hotel, but no such black
cards. Where did the shoddy card come from? How dare you try to use it to cheat me?”

Seeing that the situation was starting to get out of control, Raymond hurriedly tugged at Jonathan’s
sleeve. “Mr. Goldstein, let’s leave!”

“Why should we?”

With a cold look in his eyes, Jonathan strode toward the hotel lobby.

“Stop right there!” Taking out a rubber baton, the security guard was about to stand in Jonathan’s path
when the latter suddenly kicked him in his stomach.

The security guard knelt down in front of Jonathan with a loud thud as the kick made him go weak in
the knees.

“Get lost!”

There was a chilly look in Jonathan’s eyes, which made the security guard shudder in fright. When he
came back to his senses, he turned around and shouted in the direction of the hotel lobby.

“Where’s everyone? Come over here now! Didn’t you see I was attacked?”

As the highest-grade five-star hotel in Derport, Sakura Hotel had good security facilities. After the
security guard shouted, a group of people immediately rushed over.

They were a group of tall and burly men. After running down the stairs, they surrounded Jonathan with
their eyes full of hostility.

“Go away!” Jonathan bellowed impatiently.

Just then, a fat man with a big belly ran downstairs in a hurry.

“What happened?” he asked in a loud voice.

“Boss, someone is making trouble here!” When the security guard saw the fat man, he immediately got
up from the ground and respectfully bowed to him.

“How bold! Who is it?”

A trace of contempt flashed across the fat man’s eyes. The moment he finished speaking, Jonathan
replied calmly, “It’s me.”


The fat man looked over, but the next instant, he was shocked.

He even felt himself going weak at the knees.

“M-Mr. Goldstein, what brings you here?” The fat man even stuttered when he saw Jonathan.

He was terrified deep down.

“What now? Should I report to you wherever I go?” Jonathan’s voice turned cold.

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