Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 454

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The Legendary Man

The Future Successor Of Salonius Corporation

Cries of agony tore through the air.

The men from Salonius Corporation had all fallen to the ground, howling in pain.

Sheer terror was written across Leopold’s face as beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. The
arrogant man had never felt so terrified in his entire life.

“W-What are you trying to do? Stay away from me! Let me tell you this. I’m from Salonius Corporation.
If you dare lay a finger on me, the people from my organization will not let you off!”

“I’ve heard such words countless times before,” Jonathan scoffed coldly, completely disregarding the
threat in Leopold’s words. “Now, go back and tell Alexei this—it’s high time he pays back what he owes

“What did he owe you? Wait a minute. You know my grandfather?” Leopold’s expression changed

His grandfather, Alexei Salonius, was none other than the backbone of Salonius Corporation.

Practically no one in Jetroina dared to utter his name out loud.

“You just tell him my words exactly. He knows what it means.” An icy gleam flashed across Jonathan’s
eyes as he snarled, “Get lost!”

Leopold spun around and ran off at once.

The street instantly resumed its former silence, but Raymond’s eyes continued to be filled with shock.

Salonius Corporation is dubbed the uncrowned king of Jetroina, and Leopold had always been
notorious for being a bully. Yet, this young man dared to engage with him, the eldest son of the
Salonius family, in a fight. Does this man have a death wish?

“Mister, as you can see, it’s impossible for me to continue my collaboration with the Smith family. Even
if I’m inclined to do so, Salonius Corporation would never let me go!” he remarked resignedly.

“Smith Group has paid you twenty million in deposit, and that’s all you have to say?” Jonathan’s eyes
glinted frostily as his brows knitted into a frown.

“That’s not what I meant!” Seeing the look in Jonathan’s eyes, Raymond instantly panicked. Hesitating
slightly, he then retrieved a small flash drive from his pocket. “How about this? There’s really no way for
me to continue collaborating with Smith Group, but I will let you have the project’s blueprint. My family
has worked on this for three generations. Instead of letting it fall into Salonius Corporation’s hands, I’d
rather you guys have it. At least, you have been reasonable to me.”

Flash drive?

The moment Jonathan saw the flash drive, he wrinkled his brows slightly and immediately called
Josephine on his phone.

Without mentioning the dangerous situation he had just encountered, he chatted with her for a bit and
then shifted the subject to the flash drive.

As soon as she heard the mention of the flash drive, Josephine’s tone instantly changed as she
responded in a quivering voice, “A-Are you serious? Raymond’s really willing to let us have the battery
transformation technology? This technology has a lot of potential for development. If we can have it,
Smith Group would definitely be able to make a great leap in our technological advances! However, it
would be even better if he could come back to Chanaea with you. That way, we’ll surely have a
breakthrough in our company’s technological challenges.”

The battery transformation technology was one of the main challenges that Smith Group was currently

Josephine could not be more certain that renewable energy had maximum potential in the future

“Sure, I’ll bring him back with me, then!” With that, Jonathan hung up the phone and turned to
Raymond. “Are you willing to return to Chanaea with me?”

“Return to Chanaea with you?” Raymond was utterly stunned. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever
imagined that Jonathan would invite him to do that. Without the slightest hesitation, he replied at once,

In Jetroina, he was like a stray dog that kept being hunted by Salonius Corporation everywhere he
went. However, if he could go to Chanaea, then Salonius Corporation would no longer be a threat to
him anymore.

“I’m just afraid that with Salonius Corporation around, it wouldn’t be so easy for me to leave Jetroina,”
he added helplessly after some thought.

After all, Salonius Corporation had Jetroina in the palm of its hand.

Raymond could not see any way he could escape from Jetroina with Salonius Corporation around.

“It’s just Salonius Corporation. Don’t worry about it!” responded Jonathan indifferently.

In his eyes, Salonius Corporation was truly as insignificant as an ant.

Hearing his casual remark, Raymond pursed his lips speechlessly.

Don’t worry about it? What bold words for someone to utter in Jetroina!

Nonetheless, at this moment, he had no choice other than to trust Jonathan.

On the great Mount Forlisle of Jetroina stood a large mansion that covered a vast area of land.

This famous tourist spot was, in fact, a private property owned by Salonius Corporation. From this fact
alone, it was clear how powerful the organization was.

Just then, Leopold staggered into the luxurious mansion, his head covered in bandages and his eyes
still burning with fury. “Dad, I’ve just been beaten up!” he yelled at his father.

A look of frustration instantly flashed across Romeo Salonius’ eyes. “What trouble have you caused
again? You’re a grown man now, but why are you still giving me a headache?”

“I wasn’t causing trouble! It was Raymond. Not only does he still owe us money and refuses to pay
back his debt, he even found someone to beat me up!” Leopold roared, getting even more frustrated
after being wrongfully blamed by Romeo.

“That’s enough. Just keep yourself out of matters concerning Raymond from now on!” Romeo waved
his hand dismissively, shooing Leopold out of the room.

Exiting the room, Leopold simply could not bear the pent-up anger blazing in his chest. He was, after
all, the eldest son of the Salonius family. There was no way he could take in such insult.

With that, he strode off toward another room, which belonged to none other than his elder sister, Elisa

Only one year older than Leopold, Elisa was a drop-dead beauty. Not only did she have stunningly
delicate features, but she had a perfect figure with dips and curves in all the right places as well.

Unlike the useless Leopold, she was much like the pillar of Salonius Corporation and had taken over
most of the business.

It was obvious that she was the one who was being trained to be the future successor of Salonius

“Elisa, I just got beaten up!” announced Leopold heatedly the moment he stepped into the room.

“By who?” Elisa lifted her beautiful gaze toward Leopold. At that moment, even Leopold could not help
but marvel at those breathtakingly exquisite features.

God is really unfair!

Growing up, as the son of the Salonius family, he had had his fair share of women.

However, Elisa’s beauty far surpassed them all.

Even if those women were celebrities and goddesses in other people’s eyes, their beauty paled in
comparison to Elisa’s.

That was how dazzlingly gorgeous the daughter of the Salonius family and future successor of
Salonius Corporation was.

“Who else other than Raymond?” Leopold plopped down into the seat in front of Elisa, huffing angrily. “I
sent someone to collect his debt, but he found someone to beat me up instead! You must seek justice
for me, Elisa!”

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