Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 453

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The Legendary Man

Trip To Jetroina

The next second, Josephine left a peck on Jonathan’s cheek.

Blushing furiously, she asked, “Is this enough to make you help me?”


As expected, Jonathan couldn’t be satisfied so easily.

This time, he made the move and planted a firm kiss on Josephine’s beautiful face.

“That’s much better. Well, I guess I’ll help you,” he announced shamelessly.

Since there was a legitimate reason for his trip to Jetroina this time, Margaret couldn’t say anything
about it. After buying the plane ticket, Jonathan set off the next day.

Chanaea and Jetroina were only separated by an ocean, so the flight would last for just a few hours.

With Jonathan’s departure, a storm started to brew quietly in the peaceful Chanaea.

Technically, the Eight Kings of War of Asura’s Office shared the same status.

Although Hades was a ruthless man, he couldn’t possibly suppress every single member. The moment
Jonathan left, some people started to put their crafty plans into action.

In the center of a dark hall, twelve black-robed figures sat around a round table made of marble.

“Asura’s trip to Jetroina this time is a rare opportunity for us. It would be best to trap him there forever
and never let him set foot in Chanaea again.”

“I’ve informed Salonius Corporation and sent people to join them. If Asura dares to go there, he might
never be able to return!”

“Jetroina is not Chanaea. He won’t be able to get any help there!”

As their low voices echoed around the hall, a plot against Asura fell into place.

Jonathan knew very well this would happen. His purpose behind leaving was to lure these traitors out
and eliminate them one by one.

A few hours passed by, and the plane finally landed at Derport Airport.

Derport, the capital of Jetroina, was not a very big city. Nevertheless, its economy was quite developed,
and it was especially known around the world for its adult film industry.

Jonathan glanced at the address Josephine had given him and raised a hand to hail a taxi.

“To Raybrough Corporation, please.”

A few moments later, the taxi stopped in front of a building. The sign on the entrance matched the
address he had, but the building’s gates were tightly shut. It didn’t seem like there was anyone in there.

What’s going on?

Upon scanning his surrounding, Jonathan immediately sensed that something was wrong. At the
nearby street corner, a few hooligans squatted there. They were staring in Jonathan’s direction as if
observing something.

With a light frown, Jonathan walked over to them.

“Where are the employees of this company?”

“D*mn it, stay away from me!” cursed one of the hooligans as he glared at Jonathan.

Without any warning, Jonathan grabbed his hair and started smashing his head against the wall beside

Seeing that, the other hooligans whipped out knives and steel pipes and charged toward Jonathan with

Jonathan sneered in his heart. Using only one hand, he beat the hooligans until they all lay on the
ground, whining and groaning in pain.

“Let me ask you again. Where are the employees of this company?”

“We… We don’t know. We’re from a loan company, and we came here to collect money. We don’t know
where they are,” stammered one of the guys fearfully.

“You don’t know? I think you do, though.” With that, Jonathan raised his fist once again.

The hooligans were scared out of their wits. One of them pointed somewhere and screamed, “That’s
him! Raymond Yarbrough!”

Jonathan turned his head and saw an unshaven and miserable-looking man running away with a
panicked look.

He immediately ran after the man. After crossing one street, ha managed to block the man’s way.

“I really don’t have any money. If you keep doing this, I’ll have to jump off a building so you won’t get a
penny!” threatened Raymond, though his horrified expression and quivering voice gave him away.

Rolling his eyes, Jonathan snapped, “You took our down payment then went back on your word. Now,
you’re even threatening me. How shameless could you get?”

Raymond paused as confusion flashed across his face.

“Aren’t you from Salonius Corporation?”

“I’m from Smith Group! Why are you dishonoring our collaboration agreement after accepting our down

Raymond let out a long sigh upon hearing that. He looked helpless as he explained, “I’m sorry, I
misunderstood. However, I was left with no choice. I can’t do anything with Salonius Corporation
forcing me—”

Before he could continue, a few black cars drove up to them. The car doors opened, and out came
some tough-looking bodyguards. Their leader was a young man with arrogance written all over his

“Raymond, when are you going to pay us? It’s been days. If you really can’t pay, just give us that thing.
We can develop them together and have a win-win situation.”

Even when Raymond was trembling all over with fear, he gritted his teeth and refused to give in.

“Never! This formula was made with the blood and sweat of the three generations of our family. I will
never give it to you!”

“You’re going to keep this up until the end, huh? Well, then. Don’t blame me for what I’m about to do.”
As the young man’s expression darkened instantly, he took out a knife.

Raymond paled at the sight of the weapon and instinctively hid behind Jonathan.

Pointing the knife at Jonathan, the young man declared haughtily, “Step aside as this matter has
nothing to do with you. I am Leopold Salonius from Salonius Corporation. If you know what’s good for

you, get lost right away!”

Jonathan couldn’t help but laugh at the young man’s amusing name. “Leopold? Who gave you that
name? It sounds so lame.”

Leopold’s face turned green with rage. His family was the one who named him, and he hated it when
someone joked about it. Feeling furious, he threw the knife at Jonathan.

“You’re asking for death!”

The knife whirled in the air and flew toward Jonathan at lightning speed.

Terrified, Raymond started screaming.

Meanwhile, Jonathan flicked a finger, sending the knife back at Leopold. As it hit the latter, blood
instantly spurted out of his shoulder.

“Ahh! How dare this punk hurt me! What are you guys doing? Get him!” screamed Leopold hysterically.

Following his order, the people behind him rushed forward.

They were skilled bodyguards who received rigorous training from Salonius Corporation.

However, even Salonius Corporation’s best fighter, Alexei, was no match for Jonathan.

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