Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 451

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The Legendary Man


A tense and murderous atmosphere filled the main street outside the hotel. One could almost suffocate
from how dense it was.

Just then, a tall figure emerged from the sea of fully armed soldiers and kneeled on one knee.

He stated respectfully, “Mr. Goldstein, I’ve arrived as per your order.”

That man was one of the Eight Kings of War from Asura’s Office, Hades.

He was a legendary being, known for his mercilessness and the countless lives that perished in his
hands. Thus, the public nicknamed him “Hades.”

He was very much the human embodiment of Hades, the god of the dead.

Such a god-like killer’s presence made even the experienced Logan shudder in trepidation. Needless
to say, everyone there could barely stand straight as their knees had turned wobbly.

Jonathan’s eyes narrowed right then. Nothing, not even the smallest commotion, escapes the eyes of
Asura’s Office.

Hades had received the news before Salonius Corporation sent their men to disrupt the peace in
Durbaine. Hence, he rushed over at once.

Jonathan condescendingly looked down at Benson, his sharp gaze piercing through the latter like a
cold knife.

He stated, “A scumbag like you, who’s in cahoots with Jetroinians and has harmed your fellow
comrades, is a useless piece of trash! Your existence does nothing more but wastes our precious

A chill ran down Benson’s spine, spreading throughout his body and causing his knees to give in.
Following a loud plop, Benson fell to the ground and loudly muttered, “Please don’t kill me! I’ll gladly
hand over all my family’s assets and wealth. I can even disappear from your sight forever. I swear I
won’t ever set foot in Durbaine again.”

“Oh? So, you regret your actions now? Well, it’s too late! Why didn’t you consider the consequence
when siding with Salonius Corporation back then? Didn’t you foresee this day would come?” A grim
killing intent flashed in Hades’ eyes.

He took wide strides over before his iron-like grip tightened around Benson’s neck.

With a forceful twist, a loud snap resounded, and Benson’s neck immediately broke before everyone’s

A gory mixture of bleeding flesh and jagged bones soon came into view. Seeing that, everyone felt
goosebumps rise on their skin.

Hades’ reputation was no joke. There was indeed no trace of mercy from him when he took others’

Everyone on the four prominent families’ side was terror-stricken at that moment. They soon fell to their
knees and begged in desperation.

However, not even a hint of pity showed in Jonathan’s gaze. He felt it was necessary for wrongdoers to
pay the price for their actions.

Anyone who joins forces with the enemy out of personal interests and betrays Chanaea can’t be

Suddenly, a vicious red glow flitted across Hades’ eyes as he rotated his wrists, warming them up. At
the same time, he sneered, “It’s been many years since I killed someone. It looks like I’ll have to take a
few lives today!”

With that, all the armed soldiers made their moves. Chaos erupted outside the hotel as the soldiers
were determined to make the four prominent families pay gravely for their despicable actions.

Jonathan covered Emmeline’s eyes and brought her inside the hotel. He worried that such a gory
scene would traumatize Emmeline, who was still fairly young.

Behind them was Logan, who limped along, since he had sustained severe injuries.

Jonathan glanced at him and asked, “Shouldn’t you get those wounds dealt with?”

“It’s no big deal.” Logan pretended to be unbothered but immediately winced when he accidentally
stretched the wound on his body. It hurt so much that he gritted his teeth.

Jonathan’s lips curled into an amused smirk. Haha. That guy’s thick skin would make for a pretty
invincible shield.

A minute passed before Hades, who was exuding an intense murderous aura, paced over with haste.

Emmeline felt an inexplicable terror. Her eyes were filled with fear as she noticed the approaching
warrior, but she dared not look him in the eye.

Hades respectfully reported, “Mr. Goldstein, we’ve cleared out the pests. All traitors working with
Salonius Corporation have been exterminated.”

Hearing that, Jonathan slightly nodded. He knew that Hades was always cautious and precise when
handling things. Hence, Jonathan was confident that this time would be no exception.

“Have you investigated Josiah’s whereabouts?”

“I fear the odds are against his survival,” Hades replied.

That elicited a sigh from Jonathan. It seems like Josiah became blinded by the vividness of life in
Durbaine after leaving Asura’s Office. The influence has made him less cautious than he used to be.
He even hoped to get Salonius Corporation to invest in the businesses here. Alas, that backfired
against him and bit him in the ass.

While Jonathan was deep in thought, a soldier walked in but was hesitant to speak.

Hades arched a brow at that. “Speak up!”

Every muscle in the soldier’s body tensed up as he frantically reported, “There’s a woman named
Sandra Haberly outside. She claims to have information about the seal and demands to see you,

“Bring her in!” Jonathan ordered.

It was not long before the pale-faced Sandra entered. The dead bodies and gruesome slashes on them
startled her with every step she took.

Jonathan was slightly surprised as he flashed a half-smile. “And here I thought every member of the
Haberly family was a traitor.”

Sandra forced a smile. However, her smile was tense and further emphasized her helpless and startled

“I tried to dissuade my grandpa and father, but they were too far gone in their greed. They insisted on
working with Salonius Corporation, so their demise today is no surprise.”

Those words took Jonathan by surprise, as he did not expect Sandra to be the sanest among her
family members.

“You have information about the seal?” he asked.

After calming herself down, Sandra took out a photo. It was a restored photo of some grooves caused
by the seal on the side of the Heaven Sword.

“This photo was given to me by Mr. Zeimet. I once noticed this on the body of Elisa Salonius, the
heiress of Salonius Corporation.”

Jonathan raised a brow while flashing a pointed look. One cannot avoid their enemy in this small world.
Alas, it appears I’ll have to visit Jetroina to get the seal and unlock the Heaven Sword’s hidden secrets.

Sandra, who was standing beside him, asked cautiously, “Is this information of any use to you, Mr.

“Very much so.”

That reply garnered a sigh of relief from Sandra, who instantly perked up with an idea. She hesitated
before mustering all her courage to ask, “Mr. Goldstein, may I ask for something? The four prominent
families deserve punishment for their crimes. However, someone will have to look after the families’
businesses that would get left behind. If I may, perhaps I can have a go at running them.”

“The four prominent families’ businesses span all over Durbaine. Do you think I’ll just hand them all
over to you just because you’re asking me to?” Jonathan taunted with a menacing smirk.

To that, Sandra could not help but shiver and plop to the ground, kneeling for mercy.

“Mr. Goldstein, I merely wish to help you manage things as a servant. I swear I have no alternative
intentions. Please don’t misunderstand.”

A faint smile appeared on Jonathan’s face right then. Although she says she’ll only manage things on
my behalf, it’s pretty clear there’s more to her promises. After all, she’s quite the ambitious woman.
Then again, there’s indeed a sense of emptiness in Durbaine now that the four prominent families have
gotten exterminated and Josiah has perished. Being the Haberly family’s eldest daughter, Sandra
knows Durbaine like the back of her hand. Hence, she’s the perfect candidate for running those

Moments of silence passed as Jonathan pondered the matter. Eventually, he spoke with a low, gravelly

“I could entrust the businesses to you. However, you saw what became of the four prominent families.
If you dare to be in cahoots with foreign organizations like they did, I won’t mind unleashing another
round of pest exterminations.”

Jonathan’s last few words appeared lighthearted, but the threat implied in his vicious tone was evident.
It sent chills down Sandra’s arms as she remained frozen while kneeling, not daring to meet his gaze.

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