Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 452

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The Legendary Man

Return To Jazona

Three days later, Hades and Jonathan were on their way back to Jadeborough. As Hades sat in the
car, he looked worried with his brows deeply furrowed together.

“Mr. Goldstein, are you really going to Jetroina? You’re not going to reconsider?”

“What’s there to reconsider about?” Jonathan looked nonchalant.

Heaving a sigh, Hades smiled bitterly.

“Mr. Goldstein, without your presence in Asura’s Office this year, some despicable men are getting
ready to make trouble. If anything goes wrong during your solo trip to Jetroina this time, chaos and
bloodbath will surely ensue in Chanaea.”

Jonathan chuckled at his words, his eyes beaming with dominance.

“You speak as if I’m never going to return from this trip!”

“Mr. Goldstein, that’s not what I meant!” Hades shook his hands frantically with a horrified expression.

Jonathan stopped laughing at that moment and put on a serious expression.

“That’s what I want to happen. I’m going to Jetroina this time so those people with malicious motives
can show themselves. How will you hunt snakes if they don’t come out of the ground?”

Hades froze for a bit. When the realization dawned upon him, he gasped.

“You mean…”

A cold glint flashed across Jonathan’s eyes. During his one-year stay in Northern Crimson Prison,
many things had changed quietly.

Though the Asura’s Office seemed peaceful, there was an unseen turmoil underneath the surface.

Aside from Josiah, who joined hands with forces in Jetroina, the Morsley family acted atrociously and
did whatever they wanted in Andy’s name. It seemed they had totally tossed the rules of Asura’s Office
out of their minds.

A small leak could sink a great ship.

These troublemakers knew Jonathan was still in Chanaea, so they acted inconspicuously, making it
difficult to deal with them.

If they got word that Jonathan left, they would surely emerge impatiently.

“Hades, I’ll entrust Asura’s Office to you while I’m gone. When I come back, it will be time to settle the
scores with these guys.”

“Got it, Mr. Goldstein!”

Without hesitation, Hades accepted the task with a salute.

“By the way, remember to station more guards at No. 1 Villa in Edenic Heights after I leave. If anything
goes wrong, I’ll make you pay with your life!” warned Jonathan with a frosty gaze.

Anyone who dared to touch Josephine would be courting death.

Hades’ heart skipped nervously. Straightening his body, he answered, “Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

A few hours later, the plane landed in Jazona.

Jonathan hailed a taxi and told the driver to head toward Edenic Heights. On the way, he reminded
Emmeline, “You know what you should and shouldn’t say at home, right?”

“Yes.” Emmeline hurriedly nodded. “I’ll only say that we met by coincidence in Durbaine. Other than
that, I know nothing.”

“That’s right.”

When they arrived, Jonathan shot her a look and got out of the car.

“Jonathan, Emmy, you guys are back?”

Josephine was reading in the living room when she heard sounds coming from the door. Upon seeing
Jonathan and Emmeline, she beamed in surprise and ran over to welcome them.

Jonathan wrapped his arm around her shoulders, his face full of doting affection.

“Be careful not to slip.”

“Don’t worry. It’s just a few steps. The doctor told me a few days ago that I should exercise more,”
Josephine said casually.

Hearing the voices outside, Margaret came out of the kitchen.

Ever since Josephine got pregnant, Margaret stayed at home every day to take care of the former. She
even started learning healthy recipes, fulfilling her duties as a mother.

However, she was still a bit prejudiced against Jonathan.

“Josephine is pregnant, yet you still leave the house and run around. How irresponsible!” she

“Mom, Jonathan is busy with his own matters, so he can’t stay with me all the time. Plus, I’m only in my
first trimester. I still have a long way to go before I give birth,” defended Josephine on behalf of

Though Margaret continued to mumble a few complaints, she soon stopped and returned to the

Jonathan led Josephine to the couch and sat down with her. As he studied her slightly bulged belly, he
seemed at a loss. This was something very different from what he had experienced on battlefields,
after all.


When Josephine saw his expression, she burst out laughing. “Jonathan, why are you so nervous?”

“Um, nothing. Darling, do you think the baby can hear me?” Jonathan scratched his head.

“I’m not sure. However, the doctor said that men’s voices are more resonant, so there’s a chance the
baby can hear you.”

Encouraged by Josephine’s words, the usually taciturn Jonathan started talking nonstop like a gossipy
middle-aged woman.

“Little one, be good and don’t make your mom angry. After you’re born, I’ll bring you to see lots of
places. Hey, are you a boy or a girl? Well, that doesn’t really matter. I will protect you either way.”

As Josephine listened to his mumbles, she was amused and moved at the same time. She couldn’t
help but wrap her arms around him lovingly.

With that, the family of three enjoyed their time together peacefully.

Jonathan stayed at home for an entire week. Every day, he kept Josephine company, eating meals and
shopping with her like a chaperone.

He initially planned to let her take a break from company matters to focus on taking care of herself.

Being the responsible woman that she was, Josephine refused to do so and insisted on going to work.

Since he couldn’t convince her, Jonathan went with the flow and started visiting the company to
accompany her.

One day after work, Josephine walked out of her office with a frown, seemingly troubled by something.

“Darling, is there anything wrong?”

“It’s about the company. I’m so out of luck these days,” said Josephine dejectedly.

After Josephine took over the company, its business had been expanding continuously. Recently, they
received orders from some overseas companies, and one of them was from Jetroina.

The two parties reached an agreement, but after Smith Group transferred the down payment, they lost
contact with the company from Jetroina.

The down payment was quite a huge sum, so it would be upsetting to let it go down the drain.

After hearing what happened, Jonathan got excited. The heavens are helping me!

As he spent time with Josephine for the past few days, he almost forgot about his plan to search for the
seal in Jetroina.

Instantly, his interest was piqued.

Right at that moment, Josephine looked at him pleadingly and asked, “Jonathan, could you help me
and make a trip there? I can’t trust anyone other than you.”

Jonathan found her adorable. Holding back his laughter, he pretended to consider it seriously before
saying reluctantly, “I can help you, but Jetroina is so far. Plus, I won’t be able to see you for a long time.
Shouldn’t you give me something in return?”

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