Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 450

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The Legendary Man

Incapable Of Killing Me

“Is your company responsible for Josiah’s death?” Jonathan asked while glaring at Misalov, his eyes
blazing with murderous fury.

He added, “Did your country’s people not tell you that you Jetroinian mutts have no right to behave
insolently here on Chanaean grounds?”

“F*ck you! Who are you calling a mutt?” Misalov flew into a rage.

“No, you’re worse than a mutt!” Something flickered in Jonathan’s eyes just then. A frosty killing intent
manifested in the space, making it seem like everything had frozen in time.

“Go to hell!” Misalov roared.

Suddenly, a deafening bang broke out as a golden bullet shot ahead.

The bullet seemed slow when described, but at that instant, it pierced through the air ferociously.

All one could see was Jonathan’s hand flicking. Then, the bullet punctured his palm, but it lost control
immediately and flew upward to the ceiling.

“Kill him now!” Misalov thundered at the top of his lungs.

“Yes, sir!” The burly men in black did not waste a second after receiving the order. They whipped out
their weapons and charged at Jonathan.


A piercing sound filled the air as the Heaven Sword swung in one swift motion. Following that, the
bodyguards fell one after the other onto the ground, blood gushing from their necks.

Jonathan held his sword, standing tall with overwhelming pride and dignity, just like he did when
defending Chanaea in the past.

“Remember this for the rest of your life. Don’t ever parade around as you please here in Chanaea
again! This country isn’t a place where you heinous Jetroinians can cause trouble!”

Those words struck fear in the wide-eyed Misalov. He gulped anxiously, knowing that those burly men
were elites trained by Salonius Corporation. An ordinary person could never best them in combat.

Yet, none of them managed to resist Jonathan’s attack, and all of them had now turned into corpses.

A chill crept into Misalov’s heart. At that point, he knew he had messed with the wrong person.

Glancing around warily, he then turned around in hopes of escaping.

However, another whoosh sounded as the Heaven Sword sliced through the air.

The noise resembled a roar from a bloodthirsty and starved dragon, the kind that one would hear in
their nightmares.

Misalov’s calves got chopped off then and there. The cut was precise, leaving no bumps or
jaggedness. It all happened so fast that Misalov could barely react, falling straight onto the ground.

“F*ck! How dare you hurt me? Salonius Corporation will never let you get away with this!”

Misalov bellowed while raising his fists. His dark eyes emitted a fiery hatred.

At the same time, Jonathan’s finger remained coiled around the sword’s hilt while his piercing gaze
fixed on the former. “Salonius Corporation? That company is nothing in my eyes. Has no one told you

how your fellow Jetroinians ran like cowardly mutts when I kicked them out of Chanaea back then?”

“Y-You’re lying! How could we, Jetroinians, be kicked out of here? They obviously left of their own
volition, but you took credit for making them leave!” Even at a critical moment like this, Misalov insisted
on his stubborn beliefs.

A loud scoff came from Jonathan. He did not want to waste any more time talking to Misalov.

Yet, just as he spoke, a loud rumbling sounded from outside. Dozens of black sedans immediately
drove to the hotel, surrounding it and blocking off all access points.

Being the head of the four prominent families, Benson led his elite subordinates as they rushed to the

“Don’t waste any more of my time, Logan. Kneel and surrender right now because it’s your last chance.
If you comply, perhaps I’ll even leave your corpse untouched!” Benson stood at the forefront of his
men, looking down on Logan while speaking.

“What did you say? Did I hear that right?” asked a bloodied Logan. With a cleaver in hand and dead
bodies surrounding him, he looked like a demon coming straight out of hell. “I, Logan Griffin, will only
kneel to the gods above and to Asura, but not you b*stards! Even if I die, I’m going to die standing

“Hah! Since you insist on dying, I shall grant your wish!” A grim look shrouded Benson’s face at that
moment, the corner of his lips twisting contemptuously. “Kill him!”

With that, countless bulky men in black charged at Logan.

Besieged, Logan was ready to fight a bloody battle. Still, no matter how good of a fighter he was, there
was no way he could defeat all those men.

He was outnumbered.

Not to mention that one would eventually become sloppy in a long, high-intensity battle. No longer as
alert, Logan got stabbed in the leg, and his blood kept oozing.

All of a sudden, the group of bulky men swarmed over like piranhas that had gotten a whiff of
tantalizing blood.

Logan could not hold them back any longer. Blood kept pouring down his calf, but he turned to look at
Jonathan with only an unwavering thought.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’d like to continue fighting by your side in my next life!”

With that, he snatched the cleaver from the ground and forced himself to stand upright.

A soldier of Asura’s must die with pride!

However, a loud whoosh sounded in the next second.

The sharp noise resounded in the air, rising above the sky and trembling the heavens.

In the blink of an eye, the blood-red Heaven Sword swept past and slit the throat of the man in black,
who ran toward Logan.

Immediately after, Jonathan strode over with his Heaven Sword in hand.

Blood dripped from the Heaven Sword’s sharp blade. With every drop, the floor got stained into a
gruesome shade of vermilion.

It was then that surprise flickered in Logan’s eyes.

Back then, Jonathan had led their troops into sweeping past the battlefield and emerging victorious.

The brimming confidence he had exuded then was the same at present.

“Mr. Goldstein!” Logan yelled out in awe.

“Don’t say a word. Stay alive because you’re still of use to me!” Jonathan interrupted the former. He
then raised his chin to glare at the Chanaeans behind Misalov. “Is it that hard to be a good person?
Why do you insist on serving others like a mutt?”

Those words mercilessly plunged into Benson’s ego like a spear. In response, rage overwhelmed his
senses, causing his features to contort hideously. “How dare you behave arrogantly even on the brink
of death? Men, finish him off!”

The men in black behind him instantly darted toward Jonathan.

Despite that, Jonathan did not seem to care. All he did was blankly glance at Benson, asking, “Finish
me off? You think a measly group like yourself is capable of killing me?”

“Why? Are we not enough to take you down?” Benson scoffed.

“Not at all!” Jonathan shook his head.

“Well, how many men would it take to defeat you then? A thousand?” Benson jeered at Jonathan as
though the latter was an idiot.

“Nope!” Jonathan shook his head and added, “It’ll take at least a hundred thousand!”

Benson snorted like he had heard the world’s biggest joke. “Tsk! You f*cking lunatic! Men, don’t waste
any more time listening to his nonsense! Kill him!”

“I told you. Your itty-bitty group of men can’t defeat me!” While still shaking his head, Jonathan snapped
his fingers.

Soon after, an earthquake-like trembling broke out on the once tranquil scene.

Darkness seeped into the clear skies above as countless helicopters approached. Then, they released
several ropes, and fully armed soldiers descended.

Even on the street was an incoming convoy of armored vehicles and tanks. The metal studs on their
surfaces were so sharp that they could easily rip an enemy’s flesh apart.

The four prominent families that initially had a larger number of men got besieged. Every person on
their side could not help dropping their jaws, a tinge of fear tainting their flabbergasted expressions.

The same went for Benson, who trembled so much that even his knees weakened. At that instant, his
mind focused on only one question—Who the hell is that young man?

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