Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 449

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The Legendary Man

You Are Next

Instantly, Angela’s legs turned to jelly, and she collapsed onto the floor, her eyes filled with horror.

Emmeline’s heart went out to Angela when she saw the defeated look on Angela’s face. Emmeline
lifted her head and gazed at Jonathan pleadingly. “Jonathan, Angie is my bestie. Can you forgive her
this time for my sake? I’m your sister-in-law…”

“Oh, so I’m your brother-in-law now?” Upon hearing Emmeline’s plea, Jonathan casually waved his
hand. “When you need my help, you treat me as your brother-in-law. If not, I’m just a stranger?”

“No… T-That’s not what I meant!” Emmeline became agitated.

“All right. I’ll let it slide this time.” Jonathan waved it off, completely unfazed.

No matter who the Sanderson family and Angela were, they were all ants in his eyes.

He didn’t even bother to spare them a glance.

“Thank you, Mr. Goldstein…” Like a prisoner who had been granted an amnesty, Brad thanked
Jonathan profusely. “Thank you for your mercy. Once I get back home, I’ll definitely teach this brat a
lesson. I promise this kind of incident will not happen again.”

Jonathan was not interested in listening to Brad’s words, so he shooed them away. “Scram!”

Brad hurriedly dragged the bloodied Hector out of the place and scurried away without looking back.

Jonathan looked toward Emmeline, asking casually, “Where do you want to go next?”

“I plan to stroll around Durbaine with Angela. Durbaine has a lot of nice places I haven’t been to,”
Emmeline replied in a hushed tone.

However, when Angela heard that, the color drained from her face instantly. She shook her head
fervently. “Emmeline, forget it. I’m not feeling well. M-Maybe next time…”

With that, she wheeled around and scampered away as though she was escaping from something

A hint of helplessness emerged on Emmeline’s face when she saw that.

“Forget it. I’m pretty much done with my affairs here. Stop running around. Just follow me!” Since
Angela was gone, Jonathan naturally wouldn’t let Emmeline stroll around Durbaine by herself. “If
something goes wrong with you later, I won’t be able to explain it to your sister.”


After that incident, Emmeline no longer had the mood to visit the places in Durbaine.

Besides, now that Angela was gone and left Emmeline behind, the latter was worried that she might
encounter something dangerous.

Walking beside Jonathan, Emmeline asked in a low voice, “Jonathan, who is that guy beside you? He
looks so fierce.”

The entire time, Jonathan did not say much, and it was Logan who gave off a menacing aura.

“Is he fierce?” Jonathan looked back and glanced at Logan before remarking casually, “I think he’s
quite docile.”

Docile? He almost kills the father-son duo of the Sanderson family. How is he docile?

Emmeline twitched her lips, not wanting to waste her time on this.

She knew even if she continued to probe, Jonathan wouldn’t tell her anything.

After such a fuss, they no longer had the mood to continue dining at the hotel.

However, when Logan wanted to call Josiah to ask the latter out for lunch together, Logan realized he
couldn’t reach Josiah.

“What happened? I can’t reach Josiah’s phone.”

Logan’s heart sank. He had the gut feeling that something was off.

With Josiah’s character, no matter how busy he was, he would still answer Logan’s call unless
something had happened to Josiah.

Just then, a black car came from afar and soon came to a stop in front of them. Then, they saw
Josiah’s secretary get out of the car.

“Where’s Josiah? Why didn’t he answer my call?” Logan asked.

The secretary adjusted his glasses, walking toward Logan. Just as the secretary was about to speak,
his gaze changed as he suddenly took out a knife and aimed it at Logan’s abdomen.

This kind of despicable sneak attack was extremely insidious, but Logan was an experienced fighter, so
the sneak attack couldn’t harm him.

With a flip of his hand, Logan grabbed the secretary’s wrist and twisted it forcefully. With a crack, the
secretary’s wrist was broken.

“You’re gutsy. You even dared to attack me.”

“Haha.” Even when his wrist was broken, the secretary still sneered, “I even had the guts to kill Josiah.
Why wouldn’t I dare to finish you off? Logan Griffin, be smart, and you’d better not ask for trouble.
Otherwise, you won’t live until tomorrow.”

“What did you say?” The moment he heard the news of Josiah’s death, Logan’s expression turned
grim. “Josiah is dead? You killed him?”

“That’s right!” The secretary snorted coldly. “Logan, do you think Durbaine still belongs to you and
Josiah? Let me tell you something. There is going to be an upheaval in Durbaine soon! From now
onward, Durbaine belongs to the four prominent families!”

“F*ck you!” From the moment Logan knew that Josiah was dead, Logan was vexed. He abruptly
grabbed the secretary’s neck and snapped his neck.

After that, he turned toward Jonathan and said, “Mr. Goldstein, it looks like something bad is going to

“I heard that.” Jonathan sounded as if he was neither irritated nor agitated, but the look in his eyes was

Just as he said that, sounds of car engine roaring were heard. Dozens of minivans sped down the
road, rushing toward them.

Soon, the doors to the cars were opened, and a group of sturdy, black-clothed men lunged at them
right away.

Go to h*ll!

Logan’s expression darkened as he also rushed toward the men head-on.

“Stay away, and don’t get injured!” Jonathan turned to look at a startled Emmeline, who was hiding
behind him. She was obviously terrified as her face turned pale and her eyes widened in fear.

“Jonathan, b-be careful…” Emmeline reminded softly.

“Don’t worry. This group of losers is no match for me!” Jonathan smirked, undaunted by those brawny
men in black. However, right as those words came out of his mouth, another group of men in black
suits joined the fight.

Holding a gun in his hand, Misalov charged toward Jonathan menacingly with several well-built lackeys
behind him.

“Are you surprised that we meet again so soon?” Misalov sneered, a trace of resentment glimmering in
his eyes. “Seems like I didn’t beat you up hard enough this afternoon!” Jonathan shot a nonchalant look
at Misalov, and his gaze became frosty.

“D*mn you!” Hearing Jonathan’s defiant reply, Misalov flew into a rage. “Don’t think that no one in
Durbaine has the guts to lay a finger on you just because you have Josiah on your side. We, Salonius
Corporation, are not afraid of you! Josiah has died, and the next one will be you!”

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