Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 448

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The Legendary Man

Beg For Forgiveness

The last person who dared to speak rudely to Jonathan was the King of War of West Region, and that
King of War was dead long ago.

However, upon hearing what Logan had said, Hector scoffed disdainfully, “Stop acting as though you’re
a big shot. Who do you think you are? Do you know what this place is? This is Durbaine, my territory!”

Your territory?

The moment Logan heard that phrase, he couldn’t help but chuckle out loud, but when he was about to
speak, Angela snorted coldly and chimed in, “Emmeline, you’d better advise them that this is not a
place for them to show off or put on an act. Mr. Sanderson is not someone they can afford to provoke.”

“Angie, you…”

Emmeline knitted her brows as her expression fell.

Although she truly wanted to keep her distance from Jonathan, she couldn’t tolerate other people
humiliating Jonathan in front of her.

“Angie, you should persuade Mr. Sanderson to stop talking. Otherwise, it’ll be bad for him once things
get out of hand,” Emmeline continued sincerely. However, her words sounded full of mockery to Hector.

Is she looking down on me?

In that instant, Hector’s expression darkened as he grabbed a wine bottle on the table and hurled it
toward Jonathan. “Is that so? I’d like to see what he could do to me if I provoke him!”

“You’re asking for it!”

Logan’s countenance changed in a flash, and a murderous gleam flashed in his eyes. With a raise of
his hand, he gave Hector a tight slap, causing the latter to fall onto the table with a loud thud.

Upon witnessing that shocking scene, Angela was shocked to the core, her jaw dropping so wide that it
looked as though her mouth was stuffed with a light bulb.

“H-How dare you hit Mr. Sanderson?”

“So what if I hit him?” Logan cocked his brow, emanating a murderous aura.

Angela had never encountered such an occurrence. She instantly let out a piercing scream in fear.

Meanwhile, people outside the private room heard the ruckus and immediately barged into the room.
“Mr. Sanderson, what’s going on?”

With blood flowing out of his mouth, Hector raised his hand and pointed at Logan tremblingly. “Beat him
to death!”

“Yes, Mr. Sanderson!”

With further ado, several subordinates of Hector raised the weapons in their hands and made a lunge
for Logan.

However, they were certainly no match for Logan.

In less than a minute, those few people were punched by Logan and soon collapsed onto the ground.

Shrieks of agony then filled the entire room.

“Is this all you’ve got, Mr. Sanderson?” Logan sneered. A hint of contempt flashed across his eyes.
“Judging from the looks of it, you’re not that powerful.”

“Just you wait! Your number is up!” Hector shot a cold look at Logan and took out his phone to dial a
number. Soon, he spoke into the phone anxiously, “Dad, bring your men over here as soon as possible!
Someone hit me at our family’s hotel!”

After hanging up the phone, Hector glared at Logan and said, “My dad is coming over. Just you all

“Sure, I’ll wait,” Logan replied with a nonchalant look on his face.

A few moments later, the sounds of car engine roaring suddenly came from the outside of the building.
Soon after, a middle-aged man rushed inside with about eight brawny men in black suits behind him.

Hector, who was originally downcast, immediately seemed as though he had met his savior. He
hurriedly called, “Dad, I’m here. Save me!”

Brad Sanderson’s expression was grim. Before he stepped into the room, he had shouted, “Who hit my
son? Come out this instant!”

“Dad, it’s them!” Hector pointed to the side, but the moment Brad glanced in that direction, beads of
cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Logan Griffin? Durbaine Special Force’s highest-ranking commander? Why is he here?

When Brad saw Logan, the former’s legs instantly buckled.

After all, Logan was the highest-ranking official in Durbaine.

With Brad’s social status, he usually could only see Logan from a distance at a certain dinner party,
and he was not even qualified to say hello to Logan.

And yet, this little bastard has offended Logan Griffin?

Brad was so shocked that his scalp tingled.

Is this little bastard trying to kill me?

Seeing Brad was in a daze, Hector couldn’t help but urge his father. “Dad, what are you looking at?
Quick! Teach them a lesson!”

However, the moment he finished speaking, Brad raised his hand and smacked Hector in the face.

Hector was utterly stunned. Disbelief was written all over his face. He looked as though he couldn’t
believe what had just happened.

“Dad, why did you hit me?”

Before Hector could finish what he wanted to say, he noticed the menacing look in his father’s eyes.

“Shut up!” Brad uttered the two words through gritted teeth. He then grabbed Hector’s hair and brought
his son toward Logan, forcing a smile that looked more dreadful than his crying face.

“C-Commander Griffin, this prodigal son of mine is ill-mannered and thus offended you. Please spare a
lowly person like him. I am here to apologize on his behalf!”

“No, don’t!” Upon hearing Brad’s words, Logan couldn’t stop himself from scoffing. He mocked, “I don’t
dare to receive your apology. You son wanted to break my legs.”

“That bastard!”

Brad shook like a leaf out of anger.

However, Hector was still feeling dizzy, so he still couldn’t figure out what was going on. Not thinking
straight, he asked, “Dad, why did you hit me? You should hit them instead!”

“Hit you? Hitting you is the lightest punishment!” Brad roared in fury and then kicked Hector in the knee
before glaring at his son with bulging eyes. “How I wish I could kill you right now!”

Clenching his fists tightly, Brad continued to beat Hector up for a while. He used all of his strength as
he showered punches and kicks on his son, not holding back at all.

When he saw that Hector was as good as dead, Brad fell to his knees in front of Logan with a thud.

“Commander Griffin, please! Please forgive him. I only have one son. If he dies, our family will not have
any descendants! Commander Griffin, as long as you can forgive him and let him live, I’ll be willing to
do anything! If you still feel pissed off, I can gift this hotel to you as an apology gift. What do you think?”

As Brad kneeled before Logan like a dog begging for the latter to give Hector another chance, Angela
paled upon seeing that. She was dumbstruck.

H-How is this possible? Isn’t Mr. Sanderson very powerful in Durbaine? Isn’t he the one in control of
everything in this place?

Never had she thought that the influential Hector would get beaten. Not only that, but even his father
also kneeled down before another man to plead for forgiveness even though Hector was the one who
was hit.

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