Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 447

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The Legendary Man

Fake Wine

However, at that very moment, Jonathan shot Logan a meaningful gaze.

The latter took the hint and bobbed his head as he strode toward the juice bar. Not long after, the boss
of that bar approached them with four glasses of their signature drink, serving them respectfully as he
arrived at their table.

Alas, Angela once again became as proud as a peacock, leering the boss in the eye as she parted her
lips jubilantly. “What are these for? Is this some kind of apology? So, you finally realized what a
prominent figure Mr. Sanderson is.”

A baffled look marred the boss’ countenance at once.

In actuality, he had no idea who the so-called Mr. Sanderson was. He had personally waited on them
primarily because of Logan’s background.

Never would he dare to let the commander-in-chief of Durbaine Special Force get in the queue like
some commoners.

Nevertheless, he didn’t know what kind of relationship Logan was sharing with Angela, so he kept his
reasons under his hat.

Even so, Angela assumed that the bald boss had kept his lips buttoned due to fear. Hence, she turned
all the more arrogant there and then. Her nose was hung so high up in the air. “Hmph! Never mind that!
At least you’re not that incorrigible. I’ll forgive you this once. I hope you learned your lesson well. Don’t
repeat the same mistake in the future.”

As Jonathan listened to her rambling on and on, a tinge of impatience flitted across his face. “I think we
should go lest that Mr. Sanderson of hers would slip into a fit of rage and ravage the entire juice bar.”


Upon hearing that, Logan couldn’t hinder himself anymore from breaking into a peal of thunder. Angela,
in turn, flew off the handle with her eyes blazing with wrath as if her lungs were about to explode.

Glaring daggers at Jonathan, she fumed, “Hey, Jonathan, I’m simply refraining from arguing with a
lowly person like you. You’d better give it a rest. Don’t think I have no idea of who you are. Everyone
knows you’re that matrilocal son-in-law of the Smiths, a sore loser. So, drop your act already.”

Logan’s visage did a one-eighty, becoming frosty as soon as she finished her insult. The air was
instantly filled with a chilling, murderous vibe.

How dare she defames Asura with her filthy mouth! She deserves a thousand deaths!

“What are you trying to do next? You’re thinking about threatening me, aren’t you?” Despite Logan’s
menacing mien, not even a trace of fear was present within Angela.

Emmeline, on the flip side, jumped in fright. She, for one, knew Jonathan’s identity inside and out. She
had had firsthand experience the last time Jonathan vented his rage. Ever since then, she found it hard
to walk out of the trauma.

“Don’t spout nonsense, Angela! Jonathan’s nothing of the sort,” came Emmeline’s words in a flash,
trying to smooth things out before Angela got onto Jonathan’s nerves.

“Tch! I’m not the gossipmonger who started it. Everybody in Jadeborough is talking about it.” A snort
escaped from Angela’s mouth as she disregarded Emmeline.

“Angela, you really—” Before Emmeline could say anything much, a violent roar sounded out of
nowhere from afar. Immediately afterward, a convertible sports car could be seen driving toward their
location. As a series of rumbling engine sounds drew the public attention like a magnet, the entire
scene breathed an exaggerated swagger.

Angela’s eyes lit up in a heartbeat as she cast a sidelong glance at Jonathan, putting on a smug look.
“Don’t you all know that Mr. Sanderson is the heir of his family? Besides, he’s not one of those silver-
spooned brats. Rather, he completed his studies abroad before coming back here and established
many companies from scratch. A true self-made big shot like him is so much more capable than you-

The sports car made its way right next to Angela before coming to a halt. Following that, Angela
hurriedly dashed toward the car. An ingratiating smile was etched on her face the whole time.

“You’ve kept me waiting for so long, Mr. Sanderson. Here, have a taste of this. I’ve queued up
personally just to get you their signature drink.”

The man whom Angela was talking to in the car was Hector Sanderson. He didn’t stand on ceremony
as he grabbed the drink and took a mouthful of it straight away. At the same time, his gaze landed on
the group of three not far away behind Angela.

“Didn’t you say you’ll only be bringing your best friend over? What are the other two guys doing over

“Pfft! Beats me.” Angela’s expression was inundated with disdain. She seemed to have completely
forgotten about them being her saviors a moment ago.

Hector then strutted over to the table and sized Emmeline up from head to toe. His eyes sparkled at
once as he struck up a conversation with the latter.

“Hello, gorgeous. You must be Angela’s best friend, Emmeline. Am I right?”


Emmeline nodded in response.

Ever since Jonathan got out of his car a while ago, he had laid his eyes only on Emmeline, totally
giving Jonathan and Logan the cold shoulder. It was as if the duo wasn’t there at all.

Right at that juncture, Hector pointed toward his convertible sports car and suggested, “Somewhere
ahead from here is an exceptionally breathtaking landscape. Care to go for a ride, Emmeline?”

“Thanks, but no thanks. I still have two of my friends here with me.” Emmeline declined his offer
outright while shaking her head.

It was then Hector finally spared a peek between Jonathan and Logan. He could barely muster up a
skin-deep grin at them.

“Those two? Please! You can just forget about them. Guys, why don’t you get yourselves something to
eat over there? Tell them my name. I’ll foot the bill for you.”

“How generous of you, Mr. Sanderson! The food here isn’t cheap, you know. You ought to count your
blessings today.” Angela was so busy sucking up to Hector.

Jonathan merely shook his head, not even interested in calling Hector out.

He’ll never get the chance to pick up the bill with Logan around. Logan will definitely beat him to it.

“Forget it. I’m starting to feel hungry, too. Why don’t we eat first?” Emmeline was quick to initiate a fresh
topic to continue the exchange.

“Fine, fine. Let’s go, then. I owned the restaurant just up ahead. I’ll bring you there right now,” declared
Hector, sounding both rich and generous.

Since they were all here in his territory, he would naturally put his wealth on full display so that he could
leave an impression on Emmeline that he truly had very deep pockets.

When the group arrived at the restaurant, Hector pronounced, “Order anything you desire. Also, there’s
a bottle of vintage wine I’ve been treasuring—Lafite from 1982. It’s worth more than hundreds of
thousands. We should really give it a try.”

“Wow! Mr. Sanderson’s such a baller!” Angela’s eyes twinkled as she stampeded to bootlick Hector.

Not long after they took their seats in the private dining room, Hector brought over a bottle of red wine.

Sneaking a glance at the bottle, Logan failed to stifle a chuckle.

Hector froze at that, his face darkened.

“What are you laughing at?”

“I’m sorry! I’ve never seen Lafite in a bottle like this one, so I couldn’t help it.” Logan held back his
laughter on that note. One glance at it was all he needed to pinpoint this counterfeit bottle of wine. It
could only be worth below a hundred, at most.

Hector, however, presumed that Logan was indeed seeing this for the very first time. Therefore, he
wore a satisfied smirk and decided to gloat about his prize wine.

“This 1982 Lafite is the most valuable because its fermentation environment was at its prime during
that year. Sadly, it’s becoming scarce now. With every sip you take, the world will be deprived of yet
another sip of Lafite. You guys should be glad to have this opportunity!”

Looking at Hector being on a roll with all his nonsensical words, Jonathan was bereft of speech.

That would be logical, for Jonathan had already seen even the world’s most exquisite red wine, much
less a 1982 Lafite.

Unfortunately for Hector, this Lafite in his possession was clearly a fake. Even the bottle used to
contain it was a replica. Yet, he was oblivious to all that as he went on with his blabber.

The second Hector caught a glimpse of the look on Jonathan’s face, though, he couldn’t suppress his
urge to slam his palm right on the table.

“What’s the meaning of this? Am I that funny? Just so you know, I’m allowing you two to stick your butt
around for Emmeline’s sake, all right? Otherwise, what right do the likes of you have to sit here with

“Exactly! What a pair of ignorant fools,” muttered Angela as she continued to belittle them.

Listening to Hector’s taunt, Logan put on an ice-cold demeanor right away and sneered, “What don’t
you tell me what right we have? If Emmeline’s not present today, what position are you in to have this
privilege of sharing the same table with us?”

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