Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 445

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The Legendary Man

An Encounter By Chance

The young lady froze, and she lifted her head to look at Jonathan in disbelief. Her face was pale, and
her brows were tightly knitted. “When did you find out?”

“Didn’t Heleena tell you she stole Shylic from me?” Jonathan raised his brow, looking calm.

The shock on the young lady’s face grew more intense. Heleena Talo was her senior, who was an
incredible person. Yet, she seemed insignificant when Jonathan mentioned her name.

Logan was so furious that his eyes seemed to spew fire. He could not believe that he, the commander-
in-chief of Durbaine Special Force, had let an assassin make a move in front of him.

Even worse, he did not know about it beforehand.

If Jonathan had let his guard down and got injured, there was nothing Logan could do to make up for it,
even if the latter died a hundred times.

“You’re courting for death!” Logan bit down hard on his tongue, and an excruciating pain shot to his
head. The drowsiness in him vanished suddenly, and he was charged with energy once again.

With bloodshot eyes, he grabbed the fork on the table and pounced on the young lady like a ferocious


The fork pierced through the young lady’s neck as if it were a sharp dagger. She collapsed to the
ground and stopped breathing.

Panting heavily, Logan turned to look at Jonathan and fell heavily to his knees. He looked utterly

“I’m sorry, Mr. Goldstein! I was too careless for not realizing when the assassin sneaked in,” he said.

“You’ve been living a peaceful life for too long. That’s why you lost your vigilance.”

Jonathan’s simple sentences made Logan sweat profusely. His back was drenched in sweat, and
hopelessness filled his eyes as if he already saw himself in Northern Crimson Prison.

However, Jonathan quickly softened his tone. “It’s not entirely your fault. Shylic is colorless and
tasteless. Besides, it’s a poison made of a special combination. It’s easy for ordinary people to fall for it
when they’re unaware of the situation. I’ll let you off this time. Don’t make the same mistake in the

Logan heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat off his forehead, nodding vehemently. “Mr.
Goldstein, I promise this will never happen again.”

After breakfast, they followed the sightseeing course Josiah had planned beforehand. The first stop
was Durbaine’s most famous beach—Banwood Beach.

As a tourist spot widely known in Chanaea, it was naturally packed with tourists, even if it was still fairly
early in the morning.

Logan was already feeling very skittish at that point. When he saw the number of people walking
around, his brows twisted into a knot. “Mr. Goldstein, I’ll get the place cleared in case something
happens again.”

“It’s fine.”


Jonathan glanced at the terrified Logan and said calmly, “No buts. There are tons of people on earth
who want to kill me throughout the years of my battling journey. What’s the point of living every day in
fear? If they want to kill me, by all means, go ahead. They’re nothing but a swarm of ants that’s not
worth my attention.”

He, also known as Asura, had been killing people for the longest time.

The amount of bloodshed and the number of lives that died at his hands were impossible to count.

He could not be bothered about the insignificant forces who wanted to eliminate him.

Countless white seashells decorated the golden sand like the stars in the sky. As the bright sun shone
on the earth, they seemed to reflect the light as if they were glazed.

Words were simply not enough to describe its beauty, especially in pictures. Naturally, that place had
become every lady’s must-visit location for picture-taking.

“Go lower, Angie. Make a cute expression.”

A girl in a bikini was squatting on the ground with a camera in her hand, helping her friend to take


After taking the picture, the girl glanced around, and her mouth opened wide.

Noticing her friend’s expression, Angela hurried over and asked curiously, “Emmeline, what did you

“Let’s go somewhere else to take pictures. The view here isn’t nice,” Emmeline suggested as a look of
nervousness flashed across her eyes. She quickly grabbed Angela’s hand and scurried to the side.

Angela had a look of utter confusion. Not understanding Emmeline’s words, the former shook her hand
off. “Emmeline, this is one of the most beautiful sceneries at Banwood Beach. Besides, we’ve already
arranged to meet Mr. Sanderson here. We can’t possibly stand him up.”

A hint of helplessness emerged on Emmeline’s face. She had no choice but to turn her head aside as if
she was hiding from someone.

Since Banwood Beach was a place where many beauties gathered, it was natural for perverts to make
it their hunting ground.

As Josephine’s sister, Emmeline naturally looked as pretty as the former. Moreover, she was around
eighteen years old. It did not take long for the men to set eyes on her youthful body.

Right then, a blonde man wearing a pair of beach shorts walked over from a distance with a playful
smile. He attempted to strike a conversation. “Hey, gorgeous. Are you here on a trip? I’m a regular
here. I know of a few places that look amazing in pictures. Why don’t I take you girls there?”

“I’m not interested. Please ask someone else,” Emmeline rejected him right away. She was feeling
conflicting emotions. Thus, she was not in the mood to care about so much.

The blonde man’s face fell as he had hit a snag. He glanced around, and another idea came to him.
“Come on. Don’t be so cold. You haven’t applied sunscreen yet, right? You can easily get sunburned in
this weather. Why don’t I help you apply it?”

With that, he reached out and touched Emmeline’s shoulder, making her yelp in fright and hurriedly
take a few steps back.

Hearing the commotion, Angela rushed over and pushed the blonde man. “Are you crazy? Stay away
from my friend, or I’ll make you pay.”

The man scrutinized Angela and put on a fake smile. “Wow. Such big words. I’ve been around here for
so long, yet it’s my first time seeing someone talking to me like this.”

“Hmph. I’m Hector Sanderson’s friend. You better think twice before doing anything.” Angela revealed
her trump card with an arrogant expression.

To her surprise, the man was unfazed. “Nonsense. I’ve never heard of him. Anyway, you pushed me
real hard just now. I’m in a lot of pain now. Pay me thirty thousand dollars for my medical fee, or I won’t
let you off.”

Just like Emmeline, Angela was still a student. There was no way they had that much money on them.

The man’s expression darkened, and he called out to a distance. Immediately, a group of five to six
unruly thugs walked over and surrounded the girls.

“Young lady, if you can’t pay up, then you can join us for a couple of drinks. That way, we’ll let this
matter go. If not…” The blonde man scrutinized the girls, and an eerie smile crept onto his lips. The
meaning of the look on his face was self-evident.

Angela pretended to be calm, unwilling to give in so easily.

“Don’t go too far. Mr. Sanderson won’t forgive you if you lay a finger on us,” she warned.

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