Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 444

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The Legendary Man


The next morning, Josiah led his men and waited respectfully at the entrance.

Upon seeing Jonathan, he trotted over and said politely, “Mr. Goldstein, what would you like to eat? I’ve
arranged for the cooks to prepare Durbaine’s signature dish—seafood soup. Would you like to try it?”

Durbaine had two mainstay industries. One of them was tourism.

Durbaine was a tourist hot spot. After battling at a deserted place for years, Jonathan naturally did not
mind enjoying beautiful scenery when he had the chance to do so.

Most importantly, Josiah’s restless expression looked as if he would not be able to sleep well that night
if Jonathan refused him.

Hence, Jonathan decided to go with the flow and accepted his offer. Josiah was elated, and he quickly
ushered the former into the car.

Logan rolled his eyes at Josiah and teased, “My dear Josiah, I’ve given up my opportunity to keep Mr.
Goldstein company to you. How are you going to thank me?”

“Logan, you’re the best! Thank you so much for the opportunity!” Josiah wiped the sweat on his
forehead and said with a troubled expression, “Mr. Goldstein is already extremely displeased with me. I
might be removed from my position if I don’t seize the chance to get into his good books. Worst-case
scenario, I might even be thrown into that terrible land, Mysonna.”

“Haha! How can I not help a friend who’s in trouble? Anyway, I’ve got a great tip for you. Mr. Goldstein
is looking for a seal. You’ll be making a huge contribution if you can find it.”

“A seal? What seal?” Josiah asked excitedly, his eyes lighting up.

Thus, Logan described the seal to him. In order to change Jonathan’s impression of him, Josiah
ordered his men to find the seal at all costs.

Jonathan took a sip of the seafood soup as the gentle breeze blew. Sure enough, it tasted

He was on the top floor of the restaurant by the sea. It was a luxurious place, and only a handful of
people could afford to spend there. Hence, the place was quite empty.

At the same time, Josiah personally kept him company and described the scenery with great

Suddenly, his secretary dashed in from the outside, looking anxious. “Mr. Zeimet—”

“Be quiet! Can’t you see I’m busy?” Josiah yelled angrily, shooting his secretary a glare.

However, the secretary looked extremely troubled, as if he had something urgent to say.

Noticing the secretary’s body language, Jonathan waved his hand and said casually, “It’s okay. You can
go off and settle your work. Nothing will happen with Logan here.”

Josiah opened his mouth to say something. Ultimately, he decided to leave the room.

After all, his secretary would never behave like that if not for a major matter.

True enough, as soon as Josiah walked out, the secretary said anxiously, “Something bad has
happened. Durbaine is in chaos. The four prominent families are causing trouble everywhere. It’s as if
they’ve lost their minds.”

Josiah was shocked. His face fell, and he said coldly, “Have they gone mad? How dare they cause
trouble at this time? Pass on my orders. Tell them to behave if they don’t want to die. Otherwise, I won’t
hesitate to punish the four prominent families severely.”

He hurried downstairs and got into the car with the secretary, wanting to rush to the governor’s office to
deal with the mess.

However, as soon as he got into the car, the secretary who originally had his head lowered suddenly
pulled out a sharp dagger and stabbed it into the back of Josiah’s waist.


Warm blood spattered out of Josiah’s wound. His eyes widened in surprise, his face filled with disbelief.

To his surprise, his secretary smirked and breathed, “Mr. Zeimet, Salonius Corporation sends their
regards. You should rest. It’s time for Durbaine to have a change.”

Josiah’s most trusted secretary had already been secretly bribed by Salonius Corporation long ago,
without Josiah’s knowledge.

The events in the car happened discreetly. Alas, the dagger was coated with poison. By the time Josiah
realized what was happening, his body had gone limp. He had no energy left to speak.

At his very last breath, Josiah did not bother fighting to live. Instead, he turned to look in Jonathan’s
direction with a guilty expression.

I’m sorry, Mr. Goldstein. I’ll become your servant or even an animal to repay you in my next life if
there’s one.

Sadly, everything was too late by then. Josiah was dragged into the car by the secretary, and they sped

The entire incident happened in a flash. No one saw what exactly happened.

“Sir, here’s your steak. Please enjoy your food.” A beautiful young waitress came over with a plate
while bending down slightly.

Immediately, the aroma of the beef permeated the air of the room. Jonathan raised his brow and fixed
his gaze on the young lady’s face. “You haven’t been working here for long, right?”

The young lady was in her twenties and looked gorgeous. Her skin was crystal clear, like a pool of
spring water. It gave one the feeling that she could only be observed from afar.

Jonathan’s words made the young lady’s face flush. She lowered her head and answered, “I-I’ve been
working here for a few days.”

“Give me your hand.”

“Huh?” The young lady looked reluctant. Blushing, she lowered her head and pursed her lips, unwilling
to say a word.

Meanwhile, Logan watched the entire scene in surprise. Disbelief was written all over his face.

The mighty Asura has been battling for so many years and has never been interested in women. And
now, a mere waitress has caught his attention? This is rare!

Logan’s curiosity was triggered. His eyes gleamed as he waited for a good show.

The young lady thought for a while before slowly lifting her hand as if she had finally summoned her

Logan leaned forward as his eyes stared fixedly at the scene before him. He was curious to find out the
charms of the woman that captured Jonathan’s heart.

Just as the young lady extended her arm, a wisp of black smoke rose from her palm. Following that,
countless needles flew toward Jonathan like raindrops from a storm.

Logan, who was the nearest to Jonathan, realized something was wrong the second he saw the black

Without even thinking about it, Logan grabbed the table in front of him and lunged at Jonathan, wanting
to block the attack on the latter’s behalf.

However, Logan was more than surprised to discover his arms were out of strength, as if someone had
broken them.

Everything happened faster than words could describe.

Soon, the steel needles had already arrived in front of Jonathan.

The young lady, who originally looked charming, now had a vicious expression displayed on her face.
She looked at Jonathan as if he were a dead man.

She scoffed, “Asura, my ass. He looks just as normal as everyone else. What a joke.”


Just as the dozens of steel needles flew in the air, a deafening dragon’s roar reverberated in the room
and even on the outside.

All the needles melted instantly and turned into a pile of black metal chips, clattering to the ground.

Shock filled the young lady’s eyes. The needles had gone through countless tempering, which made
each one of them incredibly hard and strong. Yet, they turned into chips in just a blink of an eye.

She sensed something was amiss and wanted to flee the scene. Suddenly, she felt a cold sensation on
her neck. Before she realized it, Heaven Sword had already made a cut on her skin.

“Take another step forward, and your head will be gone,” Jonathan said indifferently.

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