Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 443

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The Legendary Man

An Undercurrent

The sky was already dark, but the lights at the Haberly family’s ancestral house were brightly lit.

Many people were gathered in the hall. All the prominent and dignified figures of the Haberly family
were present.

At the same time, a disheveled middle-aged woman was crying as she held onto Miles, whose head
was covered in bandages.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Seated on the highest spot was an elderly man with gray hair and a childlike face. He hit his walking
stick on the ground a few times and ordered sternly, “Stop crying! What does everyone think about this

Incessant whispers could be heard from all over the room. Hearing that, Miles’ father, Benson Haberly,
slammed his hand on the table. “This is too much! How could he beat Miles up so brutally? He clearly
doesn’t respect our family. We must not let them off so easily, or it’ll be a humiliation for us!”

“Then so be it!” Sandra spoke up before Benson could continue. Her lips curled with a hint of mockery
as she rebuked, “The person your son has offended is someone even Logan and Josiah do not dare to
mess with. Surely all of you know who Logan and Josiah are. Eliminating our family is as easy as
squashing an ant for them. Don’t you dare think of involving the Haberly family if you want to die.”

Both parties had a good point, and they each had their supporters. As soon as they finished speaking,
the crowd in the hall broke into a heated discussion.

The pillar of the Haberly family, Tyler Haberly, furrowed his brows as he hit his cane on the ground
again. “Silence, everyone! I’ll need some time to think about this matter. Go home, all of you. No one
must stir trouble during these few days. If not, don’t blame me for the punishment you receive.”

Hence, the crowd dispersed.

Unwilling to let things slide so easily, Benson waited for the crowd to be gone before meeting Tyler in
private. The former’s expression was filled with resentment and reluctance as he said, “Dad, are we
really going to endure this? There’s something really fishy about this matter. Now that Miles is crippled,
the entire family will fall into Sandra’s hands. She’s a female. She’s going to get married off sooner or
later. I have a feeling that this is a part of the show.”

A trace of worry flashed past Tyler’s eyes. Though the Haberly family had been expanding rather well
for the past few years, they still had no successors.

Even though Sandra was capable, she was still a woman. There was no way she could be in control.

Moreover, his favorite grandson was crippled. It would be a lie if he said his heart was not aching.

Tyler’s gaze turned gloomy as he pondered. After some time, he uttered slowly, “The thing is, according
to the information I’ve received, this person is very powerful. Even Josiah and Logan treat him with
great respect. He’s definitely someone our family cannot afford to mess with.”

“That doesn’t mean the others can’t as well!” Benson’s eyes glinted with a grim expression. Lowering
his voice, he said, “ Someone from Salonius Corporation has contacted me. We’ve decided to go with
the flow and eliminate him. At the same time, we can do the same to Josiah and Logan. Then, the
entire Haberly family will have control over Durbaine.”

Tyler’s eyes gleamed with excitement. His life’s greatest wish was to see the Haberly family having
absolute control over Durbaine.

Even though they had been long labeled as the most powerful family, there were still individuals who
were more powerful than them, specifically Josiah and Logan. Hence, they were technically the third in
terms of power.

Now that a great opportunity had presented itself, Tyler was intrigued, and his eyes gleamed with

“Great! I’ll contact the rest of the esteemed families, and we’ll work with Salonius Corporation on this
attack. I don’t believe we can’t eliminate a mere youngster with all of Durbaine’s forces gathered,” Tyler

Meanwhile, Jonathan had absolutely no idea that a storm was quietly brewing in the calm-looking

Then again, even if he knew, he would not care.

The Asura, who once conquered every inch of the world, was not someone the Haberly family could
simply underestimate.

After getting rid of Logan, who wanted to hang around Jonathan shamelessly, the latter pulled out the
dragon-patterned jade pendant.


Sensing the energy from the same line, Heaven Sword, which was in the room as well, vibrated slightly
as if it had found its partner.

The thing that responded to the two items was the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique in Jonathan’s
body. Jonathan’s brow lifted, and his eyes widened in surprise.

The hard work he put into looking for the item had paid off.

He quickly cultivated the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique. A soft dragon roar sounded and a golden
light radiated from the Heaven Sword, which shot into the sky.


All the glass and cups around the house shattered into a million pieces after coming into contact with
the light.

Logan, who was guarding the entrance, hurried over to the room in fury as if he was kicked in the butt.
“Which ignorant b*stard is causing trouble here? I’m going to tear you apart today!”

However, as soon as he stepped into the room, Heaven Sword, which was floating mid-air, seemed to
have sensed danger and flew in his direction.

Logan was an experienced fighter. Yet, at that moment, his mind went black, making him lose all ability
to move and defend himself.

Thankfully, Jonathan caught the sword’s hilt at the critical moment.

Logan slumped to the ground and panted heavily, his eyes filled with horror. It took him a long time to
return to his senses. “M-Mr. Goldstein, what’s happening?”

Jonathan lowered his head and gazed at Heaven Sword. There was a thumb-sized dragon-patterned
jade pendant on the hilt.

Similarly, there were grooves on the back of the hilt, which resembled a tiny seal.

It was at that moment that Jonathan came to a sudden realization. It looks like the dragon-patterned
jade pendant alone is not enough to unravel the secrets of the hilt. I still need a seal.

He then shifted his gaze downward and spotted Logan lying limply on the ground.

“That’s enough. Get up this instant. Tell me. Have you seen this before?” he asked.

Logan was, after all, someone who had killed many people. Though he was one foot away from death’s
door a while ago, he snapped back to reality immediately.

He scrambled up from the ground, rubbed his eyes furiously, and stared fixedly at the hilt’s groove.
After studying it for a while, he remarked, “Based on my observation, this should be a seal.”

Jonathan threw a kick at Logan. He glared furiously at the latter and scolded, “You don’t say! I’m not
blind! I’m asking if you’ve seen this seal before!”

Hearing that, Logan shook his head violently. Trembling, he quickly offered, “I can get someone to look
into this now. I promise we’ll get news about this in three days.”

Jonathan nodded.

He did not mind waiting as long as the second half of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique could be

Three days were neither long nor short.

Although Jonathan missed Josephine terribly, traveling to Jadeborough from there would take two
days. There was no way he could endure the torment of waiting during the journey back to Durbaine.

Hence, he decided to remain there. Maybe I’ll hear news about the seal soon without having to travel
back and forth.

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