Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 440

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The Legendary Man

Get Out Of My Sight
“N-No…” Sandra hurriedly shook her head out of shock.
Although Jonathan looked gentle, there was no way she wouldn’t be afraid of him when he was able to
terrify Logan with just one look.

Jonathan nodded plainly. “Fantastic! You don’t have to worry about this. Ah! You asked me if there was
anything I wasn’t happy with at the auction earlier, right? Well, I think your auction was great! I’ll come
again next time!”
Despite Jonathan’s super friendly tone, Sandra was so shocked that she couldn’t even move her legs.
When she saw the scene before her, she didn’t know if she should stay or leave.
The one on the ground was Misalov, the chief consultant of Salonius Corporation and the investor of
Durbaine, who Josiah personally invited.

Not to mention the Haberly family, even in the entire Chanaea, there were only a limited few who could
afford to mess with Salonius Corporation.
Did she really have to pretend that she hadn’t seen anything and leave just like that?
Wouldn’t she offend Misalov completely, then?

In that instant, Sandra was stuck in a dilemma.
However, at that moment, Miles suddenly spoke. “You? I can’t believe you still have the nerve to show
up in the territory of the Haberly family, you brat! Sandra, that’s the guy who beat me up in the casino a
few days ago! You have to avenge me!”
When Miles saw Jonathan, he recognized the latter since Jonathan had beaten him up a few days ago
at the casino.

I thought he ran away after he beat me up! Who would’ve thought he came to my family’s territory
instead of running away? Isn’t he courting death?“Shut up!” When Sandra saw how Miles was pointing
and cursing at Jonathan, her face turned deadly pale instantly.Mr. Goldstein is someone who dared to
beat Misalov up and make the latter beg for mercy on the ground, and even Commander Griffin is
afraid of him! How dare this wastrel call him a brat?

“Sand—”Miles was about to say something when Sandra unexpectedly turned around and slapped
him. “Shut up!”

“Sandra, did you just slap me?” Miles covered his face with his hand and looked at her in
disbelief.Since we were kids, Sandra has never landed a finger on me! Yet, she slapped me today
because of an outsider?

She glared at him angrily and yelled, “I was holding back! Now, kneel!”

“Why?” He refused to accept it.“Just do as I say!” Sandra didn’t give him any chance to speak. The
next moment, she kicked him, and he kneeled in front of Jonathan.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’m sorry that my younger brother is ignorant and has offended you. I apologize on his
behalf!” Despite not knowing what had happened between Jonathan and Miles and why Jonathan
would hit Miles, she bowed and apologized to Jonathan without hesitation.However, she knew clearly
that Jonathan wasn’t an existence that her family could afford to mess with.

“There’s no need to apologize. I’ve already taught him a lesson for what happened.” Jonathan waved it
off, completely unfazed.To him, Miles was only a snob who wasn’t worthy of his time and energy.

Of course, if Miles didn’t appreciate his kindness and continued to provoke him, he wouldn’t mind
getting rid of Miles.In Jonathan’s eyes, the Haberly family and the heir meant nothing to him.

“Apologize to Mr. Goldstein!” Despite what Jonathan said, Sandra had no intention of letting it go until
Miles apologized.

However, when Miles heard what she said, he asked while looking displeased, “You want me to
apologize to him? Who does he think he is? He was the one who beat me up! Why do I have to
apologize to him? Besides, he should be the one to apologize to me!”

Sandra was infuriated the moment she heard what he said. “Hey, you brat! Are you trying to ruin my
life? I’m telling you, Miles Haberly, if you don’t apologize to Mr. Goldstein today, the Haberly family will
cut all ties with you!”

Miles had no intention of backing down even after how Sandra threatened him.
“I won’t apologize to him! What right do you have to kick me out of the Haberly family? Besides, you’re
not the head of the family! Who do you think you are? I’m telling Dad! Let’s see how he’ll deal with you
when he knows what happened today!”

Sandra’s eyes turned red out of anger. Then, she slapped him again. “Deal with me? You’d be lucky if
Dad doesn’t cripple you! I’ll ask you one last time, Miles. Are you going to apologize?”
“No!” Miles gritted his teeth. He had no intention of giving in at all, no matter what.

I’ll apologize if he’s a big shot who I can’t afford to mess with! But him? He’s just someone who could
play in the lobby! He doesn’t deserve my apology! What’s wrong with Sandra, anyway? Why is she
insisting on making me apologize to him?
Deep down, Miles looked down on Jonathan the entire time.

“All right, then. You’re not planning to apologize, are you? Miles, from now on, you have nothing to do
with the Haberly family anymore! The Haberly family has severed all ties with you!” Without hesitation,
Sandra had cut all ties with Miles.
After that, she looked at Jonathan and bowed.

“Mr. Goldstein, although I don’t know what my hopeless and undisciplined brother did to offend you, on
behalf of the Haberly family, I humbly apologize to you! As punishment, my family will sever all ties with
that black sheep and kick him out of the Haberly family. Therefore, you can deal with him however you
want in the future.

None of that would have anything to do with my family anymore. Now, I’ll leave him to you, and you can
do whatever you want with him.”
“Sandra, you—” Miles couldn’t believe what was happening as his face changed immediately when
Sandra actually severed ties with him and allowed Jonathan to deal with him.

Never in his dreams did he expect Sandra to be that ruthless.
“Stop calling my name! I’m not related to you, and the Haberly family doesn’t have a loser like you!” she
Jonathan frowned at the sight before him, and impatience flashed across his eyes.

“That’s enough, you two! I’m not interested in watching your act! Besides, I have no interest in your
brother or the Haberly family! Take your brother with you and get him out of my sight immediately!”

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