Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 441

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The Legendary Man

Here Comes Josiah
“Mr. Goldstein, I—”
Panic flashed across Sandra’s eyes when she heard what Jonathan said. She tried to explain, but
Jonathan cut her short immediately, “Get out!”
“Yes, sir!”

After Jonathan yelled at her, she was shocked and quickly tugged on Miles’ sleeve as she turned to
leave. However, Miles was still displeased.
Just as they were about to turn to leave, a flurry of hurried footsteps outside the private room was
The next moment, a middle-aged man wearing a black suit strode into the room.

Other than that, there were more than ten subordinates behind him.
Anyone with sharp eyes could tell the men behind the middle-aged man were sheriffs or police chiefs.

However, they trailed behind the middle-aged man with solemn expressions, not daring to breathe.
The moment Sandra saw Josiah right in front of her when she turned around, her face changed
immediately, and she shouted anxiously, “M-Mr. Zeimet! W-What brings you here?”

What’s happening today? Isn’t it just a little auction? Why are so many big shots gathered here? The
first-in-command, Commander Griffin, and the mysterious Mr. Goldstein had come. Now, even the
second-in-command, Mr. Zeimet, is here too!No matter how big of a fool she was, she had finally
realized that something big would happen that night.

“You’re Sandra from the Haberly family, aren’t you? Mr. Salonius is in your auction, right?” Josiah asked
as he stopped in his tracks when he recognized her.“Yes! He’s in Room 9! I’ll bring you there, Mr.
Zeimet!” she replied nervously.

“Okay!”He nodded and followed her into Room 9.

When he walked into the private room, he saw more than ten burly men in black lying on the ground
and Misalov kneeling without moving on the floor.“Mr. Zeimet!” Misalov yelled in a hurry when he saw

“What happened, Mr. Salonius?” Josiah furrowed his brows when he saw Misalov’s circumstance.After
all, Misalov was an investor whom he had invited.

Besides, Misalov represented Salonius Corporation of Jetroina.Isn’t this a direct slap to the face of
Salonius Corporation when Misalov is on his knees in front of so many people?

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, Misalov pointed to Jonathan and Logan. “Mr. Zeimet, those two
Chanaeans beat me up! You have to give me a good explanation for this! I’m a legitimate investor, yet I
received such humiliation in your city! If you don’t handle this well, Salonius Corporation won’t let this

In an instant, Josiah’s expression darkened. “Please calm down, Mr. Salonius! I’ll make sure to give
you a good explanation for this!”

If I don’t take good care of this matter, which foreign investor would dare to invest in Durbaine?“Help
Mr. Salonius up!” Josiah turned behind him and shot a glare at his subordinates. After that, his
subordinates quickly went to help Misalov to his feet.

However, a cold voice rang from the private room when Josiah’s subordinates were about to move.
“Stop right there! Did I say he could get up?”“What do you mean?” a few of Josiah’s subordinates
asked as their expression darkened when they heard Jonathan’s voice. They even wanted to snarl at
him. Meanwhile, when Josiah heard Jonathan’s voice, the former’s face turned pale, and his entire
body trembled.I know that voice all too well! I’ll never forget it my entire life!

“M-Mr. Goldstein…” Josiah trembled from top to bottom and abruptly turned to the source of the voice.
Who else could be sitting on the couch if it wasn’t Jonathan?All of a sudden, Josiah’s legs turned to
jelly, and he was about to kneel when Jonathan held him up.

“Mr. Goldstein, when did you r-reach Durbaine? W-Why didn’t you tell me?” Josiah was so nervous that
he stuttered, and he trembled a little when he spoke.

“A few days ago. I wasn’t planning on telling you at first. Surprisingly, we meet again!” Jonathan replied

“Mr. Goldstein, w-what’s going on?” Josiah’s face paled more when he realized that Jonathan was the
one who beat Misalov up.
Before Jonathan replied, Logan couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “What do you think? I was the one who
hit him. You got a problem with that?”

Josiah only noticed Logan then. “Logan? Why are you here too? I knew it! Logan, you’re mean! Did you
know about Mr. Goldstein’s arrival from the beginning, and did you purposely hide it from me?”
“So what?

What good would it do to tell you that Mr. Goldstein’s here? How would this b*stard use your name and
boast around the casino if I told you? I’m telling you, Josiah, I only spared his legs because of you.
Otherwise, I would’ve crippled him a long time ago!” Logan snorted.

“Logan, tell me! What actually happened?” Josiah asked anxiously.
“What else? This b*stard here kept using your name to bully others. In the end, he tried to bully us. I
wouldn’t even care about him if he only picked on the others. Who would’ve known that he’d try to bully
Mr. Goldstein? Isn’t he seeking death? Let’s not even talk about him using your name. Josiah, even if
you were fearless, would you dare to act arrogantly in front of Mr. Goldstein?” Josiah snorted.

“No, I wouldn’t dare!” Josiah hurriedly shook his head out of shock.
No matter what, he wouldn’t dare to behave arrogantly in front of Jonathan.
“That’s it. Stop spouting nonsense. I’ll leave it up to you to decide what you want to do with that b*stard.
Anyway, from today onward, I don’t want to see his face in Durbaine. Do you understand?” Logan
waved his hand impatiently.

“Yes!” Josiah replied.
The next moment, with a wave of his hand, Josiah commanded, “Throw Misalov out this instant and tell
Salonius Corporation that we’re canceling all their investments in Durbaine. From now on, nobody from
Salonius Corporation is allowed in Durbaine! If anyone from Salonius Corporation dares to set foot in
Durbaine, catch them and sentence them as smuggling! Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir!” Josiah’s subordinates trembled out of fear when they heard what Josiah said. Although they
didn’t know what was happening, it didn’t prevent them from carrying out Josiah’s orders.
Those helping Misalov up earlier spun on their heels and threw him out immediately.

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