Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 439

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The Legendary Man

Ask Him To Come
When Jonathan heard what Misalov said, he replied with a faint smile, “No. On the contrary, I’m just
curious about Josiah’s reaction if he finds out that you’re behaving arrogantly and bullying Chanaeans
in Durbaine. Will he look forward to turning you into ash, or will he pretend not to know about any of this
and let you do whatever you want in Durbaine?

Ah! Didn’t you say you wanted to call him? Go ahead. Ask him to come. I’m looking forward to seeing
how he will explain this!”
What? He wants Mr. Zeimet to explain to him?
Misalov couldn’t help but chuckle coldly when he heard that. “Who do you think you are? How dare you
ask him to give you an explana—”

Before Misalov managed to finish his sentence, Logan slapped him. In an instant, a fresh, red, five-
fingered mark appeared on his face.
“Just do as you’re told! Stop spouting nonsense! If another word of insult comes out of your mouth,
believe it or not, I’m going to tear your mouth apart!” Logan snapped at Misalov while looking at the
latter coldly.
“J-Just you wait!” Misalov’s eyes turned red out of anger after Logan slapped him.

He had never experienced such humiliation as the chief consultant of Salonius Corporation.
With that, Misalov took out his phone and dialed a number without hesitation. After some time, a
slightly old, husky voice was heard from the phone. “Hello?”

“Mr. Zeimet, It’s Misalov Salonius! Please save me!” Misalov yelled anxiously the moment Josiah
picked up.

Josiah’s voice changed slightly when he heard Misalov’s voice. “Mr. Salonius? What happened?
Please calm down and speak slowly.”
Misalov sounded more confident after Josiah picked up. “Mr. Zeimet, two Chanaeans are ganging up
on me at the auction! You’d better deal with this and make them pay, or Salonius Corporation won’t let
this slide! Besides, I’m going to report this to the embassy too! When the time comes, and if the matter
isn’t resolved well, it will become an international issue!”

“Please calm down, Mr. Salonius. Did you say two Chanaeans are ganging up on you? What happened
exactly? Please tell me in detail!” As expected of the governor, Josiah remained composed even when
Misalov wanted to turn the matter into an international issue.

“Wasn’t I being clear enough? Two Chanaeans suddenly beat me up without reason at the auction!
Besides, they had no intention of apologizing and even wanted me to call you! Then, they were like,
‘Who the hell is Josiah? How dare he wants us to apologize?’ Mr. Zeimet, is this how you Chanaeans
treat your guests? Is this the investment environment in Durbaine? If this is the case, I’ll take back what
I said before. There’s no way Salonius Corporation will invest here!”

In only a few sentences, Misalov had devised every threat he could think of that would work on Josiah.
Meanwhile, when the latter was threatened, Josiah’s voice turned a little cold instantly. “Mr. Salonius, I
will give you and Salonius Corporation a good explanation for this, but you don’t need to threaten me
with the investment! You’re not the only investor we have here! If it were really my people’s fault, I
would get them to compensate you and apologize. However, if you were the one who started it, don’t
blame me for being ruthless!”

Before Misalov had the chance to say anything else, Josiah hung up.

At the same time, Misalov let out a cold snort. “Just you wait, brats! Mr. Zeimet will be here soon! When
the time comes, you’ll get what you deserve!”

“Don’t worry about it. I have all day,” Jonathan replied as he lit a cigarette while relaxing on a couch.
Although the volume on Misalov’s phone was very low, Jonathan heard everything.

Josiah’s pretty good, and he didn’t let me down, at least! If he had taken Misalov’s side right after
answering the call and didn’t try to understand the whole situation, then I’m afraid his days as the
governor of Durbaine are over. We need a governor here instead of a Jetroinian-pleasing servant!

However, after Jonathan sat on the couch, a series of hasty footsteps were heard outside the room.
The next moment, someone pushed the door open from the outside.“Hello, Mr. Goldstein and
Commander Griffin!”Naturally, the person was the organizer of the auction, Sandra.

However, she let out a high-pitched scream after she greeted them. “Mr. Salonius? What are you doing
here on your knees? What happened?”

It was no wonder that she was surprised because she couldn’t see Misalov in Room 0 when she went
there earlier. She thought he had already left out of anger.

In the end, he’s kneeling in front of the entrance of Room 9? W-What happened here?

“What do you think? Can’t you see that these two Chanaeans beat me up?” Misalov snorted but didn’t
dare to get up from the ground.

If he got up, he knew the man behind Jonathan would definitely kick him again so that he would kneel.
It was better to stay on the ground than to let that happen.

“What happened, Mr. Goldstein?” Sandra asked in shock as she looked at Jonathan.

Before Jonathan said anything, Logan snapped coldly, “You should mind your own business! Do you
want to start meddling with Mr. Goldstein’s affairs?”

Sandra shuddered the moment she heard that. She hurriedly shook her head and replied, “No,
Commander Griffin! That’s not what I meant!”

“Then, shut up! Why are you here?” Logan asked, annoyed.
Sandra glanced at Jonathan nervously before she turned to Logan. “I-I only wanted to get Mr.
Goldstein’s feedback to see if there’s anything we can improve—”

“Logan, how many times do I need to tell you so that you’ll fix your bad temper?” Jonathan glared at
Logan, scaring the latter, and Logan stopped talking immediately. After that, Jonathan turned to
Sandra. “Just ignore him. He has a bad temper. He didn’t scare you, did he?”

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