Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 438

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The Legendary Man

Are You Afraid Now
“So what?”
Misalov looked at Jonathan with a condescending look. “Since you had the nerve to treat me like a fool,
you have to pay for it!”
He was looking down on Jonathan the entire time.
In other words, he looked down on all Chanaeans in Durbaine.

What’s the big deal about the four prominent families? So what if it’s the Haberly family? I have the
entire Salonius Corporation to back me up!
In Jetroina, Salonius Corporation was the top consortium, and it had massive influence around the

After hearing what Misalov said, Jonathan’s voice turned ice-cold to the extreme. “It seems you
Jetroinians haven’t learned your lesson from what happened a few years ago!”
Jonathan’s eyes were so frosty that even Logan, who had been following him for years, had never seen
that look in the former’s eyes before.
“Let’s not even talk about you for now. Why don’t you ask Claudius Sigour if he dares to act so
arrogantly in Chanaea?”

Claudius was the king of Jetroina.

A few years ago, Claudius sent his army to invade Chanaea by taking advantage of the chaos during
the greatest natural disaster in Chanaea. However, under the leadership of Jonathan and his Eight
Kings of War, Claudius didn’t even last six months before the latter’s army was wholly annihilated and

Before Claudius left Chanaea, Jonathan forced him to sign a surrender letter which stated he was not
allowed to be on Chanaean grounds for a hundred years.
If Claudius broke his word, Jonathan would see to it that the former would get punished even if he was
on the other side of the world.
Not even Claudius, the king of Jetroina, dares to set foot on Chanaean lands for a hundred years after I
beat him up, yet a mere Jetroinian dares to act this arrogantly in Chanaea?

“How dare you speak of His Majesty’s name? You have no right! You’re just a lowly Chanaean!”
Misalov’s face changed when he heard how Jonathan said Claudius’ name without respect.

“Break his legs and slap him a hundred times!”

“Yes, Boss!”

With that, more than ten burly men in black behind Misalov charged toward Jonathan instantly. On the
contrary, when the latter saw the scene before him, his gaze turned as cold as ice.“It’s all because of
ungrateful, lowlife b*stards like you that a tiny island like Jetroina dared to send troops to invade my
country! I didn’t expect you to forget when it has only been a few years since your country’s
defeat!”After that, Jonathan didn’t want to say anything else to Misalov anymore. Therefore, the former
looked straight at Logan and said, “You have ten minutes to shut these mad dogs up. Do you
understand?”Logan’s eyes turned cold the moment he heard Jonathan’s order. Not to mention
Jonathan, even Logan himself couldn’t wait to crush Misalov’s knees with a single kick when he saw
how arrogantly Misalov was behaving in Chanaea.

“Mr. Goldstein, I don’t need ten minutes to deal with them! I’ll make these b*stards kneel and beg for
mercy within three minutes!”

Right after he finished his sentence, Logan rushed forward and punched the face of one of the men in
a black suit with force.Before the burly man in black had the chance to cry out after the punch, he was

already kneeling in front of Logan with a thud.Immediately afterward, before the other men in black
suits had the time to react, Logan had already moved on to elbowing and kicking the stomach of
another underling.

It would be better for those burly men in black if they had picked on an ordinary man, but they
encountered a murderous god who killed countless people, such as Logan, instead.

They had no chance of fighting back.

Of course!

How could one become the commander-in-chief of Durbaine Special Force if he hadn’t gotten a lot of
blood on his hands?In less than three minutes, none of the burly men in black was standing.

On the contrary, Logan didn’t even look exhausted in the slightest.

It was as if he wasn’t the one who attacked those men.

“Mr. Goldstein, I finished them in less than three minutes, right?” Logan turned to look at Jonathan as if
he wanted to get a reward.“Yeah. You still have a few more seconds before the three minutes are up.
But if Hades was here, he should be able to finish them in one minute,” Jonathan replied plainly while
shaking his head.“Mr. Goldstein, you think too highly of me. How can I be compared to Hades?”
Logan’s face turned bitter when Jonathan mentioned Hades’ name.

Hades was the head of Eight Kings of War, the one above everyone else in Asura’s Office!

No one in Asura’s Office dared to mess with him except for Jonathan.

There was a saying in Asura’s Office that if one had provoked Jonathan, the latter might send them to
the borders or Mysonna. Worse come to worst, Jonathan would put a bullet through that person.

However, if one were to mess with Hades, the former should thank the latter for his kindness if the
latter didn’t start peeling off the former’s skin.

Everyone who wasn’t a member of Asura’s Office was terrified of Hades. Besides, the other seven
Kings of War in Asura’s Office would also tremble out of fear at the sound of Hades’ name.

“There’s one more. Finish him too,” Jonathan said after he glanced indifferently at the dumbfounded
Misalov standing at the door.

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein.” With Jonathan’s command, Logan walked toward Misalov.

Meanwhile, Misalov became nervous when he saw the scene before him. “W-What do you want? Stay
right there! Don’t come near me! I’m from Salonius Corporation, and I’m a foreigner! My people in
Jetroina won’t let this slide if you touch me!”

Disdain flashed across Logan’s eyes when he heard what Misalov said. “I don’t care about your f*cking
Salonius Corporation or you being a foreigner! You’re in Chanaea! When you’re here, you have to live
by our rules! Even if your precious king is here and dares to run wild in Chanaea, I’ll beat him up too!”

When he finished his sentence, he kicked Misalov’s stomach with a massive force. Misalov couldn’t
even react in time and fell to his knees in front of Logan.

“H-How dare you! Don’t you know who I am? I’m the chief consultant of Salonius Corporation! Your
governor, Mr. Zeimet, invited me here to invest in Durbaine, yet you dare to lay your hands on me?
Have you gotten tired of living?”

Even at that time, Misalov still wore a displeased expression.

How daring of these few Chanaeans to touch me? Prepare to die! When I call Mr. Zeimet, they are

“Josiah Zeimet?”

Jonathan frowned immediately when he heard Josiah’s name. “You mean Josiah invited you here?”

Misalov thought Jonathan had gotten scared at the sound of Josiah’s name. The next moment, he
chuckled coldly and replied disdainfully, “That’s right! Are you scared now? Unfortunately, it’s too late!”

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