Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 437

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The Legendary Man

Misalov Is Furious
“Why are you going there for?” Sandra frowned. She knew precisely how her younger brother was. He
was a playboy with bad intentions.

In other words, he did everything a prodigal person would do.
Won’t I be asking for trouble if I bring him to meet the clients in Rooms 0 and 9?
“Sandra, I’m just trying to broaden my horizons to see what the generous big shots look like,” Miles
said with a chuckle. He didn’t dare to act like a spoiled, rich brat in front of Sandra.

I know she doesn’t buy it. If I make her mad, it’s possible she’ll kick me out of the Haberly family.

The most precious person in the Haberly family at that moment was Sandra, the eldest daughter, not

“Don’t worry, Sandra. I’ll stay out of trouble! I promise! I’ll just meet them and say hi,” he said. Seeing
that she was obviously not buying it, he played the sentiment card immediately and continued, “Come
on, Sandra. Can you let me broaden my horizons? Doesn’t Dad always ask you to let me expand my
views? Please take me with you…”

Sandra’s heart obviously softened up when she saw him beg.
No matter what, he was her biological younger brother.
After hesitating for a few seconds, Sandra finally nodded. “Okay. You can meet them but remember to
watch what you say! You’d better not say or ask anything you’re not supposed to! Otherwise, I won’t be
able to save you if you pissed them off!”

“Don’t scare me, Sandra. Is there anyone in Durbaine who you don’t dare to mess with?” When he
heard what she said, he couldn’t believe it.

Are you kidding me? The Haberly family is the head of the four prominent families in Durbaine! Other
than the governor’s office and the legendary commander-in-chief of Durbaine Special Force, who else
do we need to be afraid of?

Sandra shot him a cold glare. “I’m not kidding! If you don’t want to die, you’d better watch what you say!
Otherwise, you’d better accept the consequences all on your own! Don’t drag our family into your
Having said that, she turned and walked away.
When Miles heard what she said, he was taken aback for a moment before he followed after her in a

However, when Sandra was walking up the stairs, a Jetroinian man with a little mustache, who was
wearing the traditional clothing of his country, slammed a table with an angry expression. “Dmn it! How
dare that bstard Chanaean trick me? Where is he? I want to see him!”

As the chief consultant of Salonius Corporation of Jetroina, he had never faced such humiliation in
Jetroina or Chanaea. When have I felt like a loser before? I can’t believe that Chanaean tricked me! I
even paid an extra nine hundred million for that! I’m not going to let it slide!

There was no way he could endure that frustration.

A middle-aged man, who was obviously an elite with his suit and tie, and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses,
saw how furious the Jetroinian man was. “Mr. Salonius, please calm down! There are no poor people
here at today’s auction. All of them are either the rich or elites with prestigious statuses. No one in the
VIP rooms on the second floor is to be messed with! It’s very irrational for you to provoke them so

The middle-aged man continued to advise the Jetroinian man in a low voice, “Besides, you may
provoke the Haberly family if you cause any trouble here rashly! Mr. Salonius, this is Chanaea, not

Jetroina. Please don’t act impulsively!”“Get out of my way!”

However, the middle-aged man’s advice had no effect on the angry Jetroinian.

All the latter could think about was beating up the Chanaean man and getting the latter to kneel and

“Mr. Salonius—”

Just as the middle-aged man was about to say something else, Misalov Salonius had already kicked
the door of Room 0 open and was approaching Room 9 menacingly.Meanwhile, in Room 9, Jonathan
had just swiped his bank card as payment for the hundreds of millions of deposits and had gotten his
hands on the blood-red dragon-patterned jade pendant.The dragon-patterned jade pendant was kept
inside a dark brown sandalwood box with a faint fragrance.

Just as Jonathan was about to open the box, he heard a series of rapid footsteps before the door of
Room 9 was kicked open from the outside with a loud bang.

“The Chanaean man in the room! Get out here right now!”

Misalov was quivering with anger.

He had never felt such humiliation in his life before.

“How impudent!”

The moment the door was kicked open, Logan’s expression changed. Instinctively, he was about to
draw his gun. As a soldier, he had had a habit of bringing his gun with him wherever he went.

However, just before Logan drew out his gun, Jonathan stopped the former in a soft voice. “Put it
back.”“Yes, Mr. Goldstein.”When Logan heard Jonathan’s command, he put the gun back in the holster

without hesitation. The next moment, Jonathan looked in the direction of the door indifferently. “What
do you want?”

“You’re the one who tricked me earlier, aren’t you?” Misalov recognized Jonathan’s voice in an instant.

Jonathan glanced at him coldly. “So what? Aren’t you humiliated enough from just now? Do you want
me to humiliate you even more?”

Misalov exploded in anger the moment he heard what Jonathan said. “F*ck you! Tie him up! I want him
to grovel at my feet and beg for mercy! I’ll let him know there are people he can’t afford to mess with
his entire life!”

Initially, based on Misalov’s usual personality, there was no way he would behave impulsively.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have become the chief consultant of Salonius Corporation at such a young age!

However, what happened earlier was too humiliating for him.
As the chief consultant of Salonius Corporation, no one dared to trick him before.

There was no way his anger could subside.

“Yes, Mr. Salonius!” After hearing Misalov’s command, the few burly men in black suits behind him
charged toward Jonathan without hesitation.

They didn’t care if Jonathan was Chanaean or if they were helping a foreigner bully a Chanaean.

All they knew was that Misalov was their boss, and they should do whatever Misalov asked them to do
since they worked for him.

Jonathan’s gaze turned icy when he heard Misalov’s command. “You’re from Jetroina. Are you sure
you want to attack me in my territory?”

In an instant, the entire room was cold with murderous intent.

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