Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 436

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The Legendary Man

Pay The Price

It was a blatant provocation.

Even the audience who sat in the hall could sense the provocation coming from Room 9.

At that moment, an enraged voice rang out from Room 0. “I’ll offer two hundred million! Go ahead and
add on if you’re capable enough. Let’s see how much you can raise for this piece of meteorite!”

“Since you said so, then I won’t disappoint you!” Jonathan smiled faintly. “Two hundred million? I’ll offer
three hundred million!”

Just like that, the price was increased by one hundred million.

At once, almost everyone present shifted their attention to Room 0.

The guest in Room 9 has made his move. I wonder if the guest in Room 0 would offer a higher price.

“Four hundred million!”

Jonathan roared instantaneously, “Five hundred million!”

“Six hundred million!”

“Seven hundred million!”

Soon, the price of that meteorite reached seven hundred million.

The crowd went into a frenzy as soon as Jonathan offered the price of seven hundred million.

No one had imagined that an ordinary stone would reach the value of seven hundred million.

Seven hundred million? It’s neither seven hundred nor seven million! Now, it’s worth seven hundred
million! With seven hundred million, one could easily afford to spend it on famous female celebrities
and pretty models. Not only that, but he could also purchase several villas and even yachts with it! Why
would someone use that large amount of money on a stone?!

“Our guest from Room 9 bids seven hundred million! Is there anyone else who wants to offer a higher
price?” Meanwhile, on the stage, Sandra could barely control her emotions.

Seven hundred million! That’s the first for me! I’ve organized many auctions, but I’ve never seen any
item being offered for more than five hundred million!

The excessive offer on that stone had given her a whole new perspective on her career.

“It seems that you’re challenging me tonight, young man. If you insist, then I’ll play along with you all
night!” the guest from Room 0 yelled furiously upon hearing the latest price offered by Jonathan. “Eight
hundred million! Let’s see how much more you can offer tonight! I’ll get my hands on that meteorite
today regardless of how much you can offer!”

“Is it?” Jonathan chuckled at his words. “I’ll bid nine hundred million, then.”

“One billion!” The guest in Room 0 refused to give up and called out a higher bid. It was as if he had
lost his rationality.

One billion?

Sandra was startled the moment she heard that number.

Before the auction, she had never expected the meteorite’s value to reach one billion.

“One billion from Room 0! Is there anything higher?”

Sandra gazed at Room 9 subconsciously as thoughts began to occur to her. Now, only the mysterious
Mr. Goldstein from Room 9 can fight him.

Below the stage, there was nothing but silence.

Everyone was waiting for Jonathan to raise the bid.

Nevertheless, Jonathan merely kept mum. He looked as though he had no intention of making another
offer anymore.

“One billion is nice enough. Since you want that piece of meteorite that desperately, then it’s all yours

What? Room 9 gave up?

Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, the crowd gasped in shock. Concurrently, a hint of disappointment
flashed across some of their eyes.

They had thought that the show would go on. Yet little did they expect Jonathan to give up that easily.

“Since no one wants to raise the price, then the guest in Room 0 will take possession of the meteorite!”
Sandra declared without hesitation, fearing that the guest from Room 0 would go back on his words.

She raised the gavel, closing the bid. With that, the guest in Room 0 officially took ownership of the

The guest in Room 0 snorted. “Hmph! There’s no way you can win against me. You’re way too young!”

Although his voice was not loud, his words were crystal clear. Everyone there could hear what he just

“I never mentioned that I want to win against you.” Jonathan was not triggered by his words. Instead,
he let out a chuckled and responded, “It was not my intention to win the meteorite since the very
beginning. As a matter of fact, I purposely raised the bid price to nine hundred million so that you will
spend more money on it.”

He continued, “Buying the meteorite with only one hundred million? How can I let you have the
meteorite that easily? The extra nine hundred million you paid for is the price you pay for disrespecting

Instantly, his words caused an uproar among the crowd.

Who would have thought that Jonathan had been playing tricks on the guest in Room 0 a while ago?

It proved that Jonathan’s tricks had worked, as the latter had been successfully fooled by him.



The guest in Room 0 was so furious that he slapped the table hard. Everyone heard him yelling in his
Jetroinian accent and knew his identity instantly.

A Jetroinian?

Jonathan furrowed his brows. It did not occur to him that his opponent was a Jetroinian.

Sensing that a conflict would happen anytime soon, Sandra swiftly announced, “Time really flies! The
auction tonight is officially over! To our successful bidders, kindly wait for a short while. Our staff will
hand over your items to you. Meanwhile, to the other bidders, we always welcome you to bid in our
future auctions!”

Sandra’s announcement marked the end of the auction. Everyone was reluctant to leave but was left
with no choice, nonetheless.

After the event, Sandra briskly made her way down the stage. She wanted to head to Room 0 to
comfort the guest.

When she was about to stand up, she was interrupted by a young man. He walked behind her and
voiced, “Sandra!”

“What are you doing here?”

Seeing him, Sandra frowned deeply.

“Sandra, who are the guests from Room 0 and Room 9?” the young man questioned casually.

“Don’t be a busybody!” Sandra did not answer him and changed the topic. “Do you need something?”

“Are you going to see them?” The young man was not a tad bit annoyed by her reply. Instead, he asked
mischievously, “If so, can you bring me along too?”

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