Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 435

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The Legendary Man

Just Terrible

The beautiful woman in blue was none other than Sandra Haberly, the eldest daughter of the Haberly

She could sense that the tension between Room 0 and Room 9 was like a ticking time bomb. This was
the first time she had gone on stage.

But with a few words, she had smoothed over this simmering conflict.

Since she could not offend both parties, she had to use this method to ensure that a fight did not break

The guest in Room 0 was the first to break the silence. “Since Room 9 wants the pendant so badly, I’m
willing to let him have it.”

This only served to make Logan angry. He slammed a fist onto the table and said, “Who the hell does
he think he is? He’ll let us have it? Do we need him to let us have it? We’re fighting for it fair and
square because we have the means to. We’re not a goddamned charity case!”

“All right, calm down. There’s no need for a temper right now.” After hearing Logan’s tirade, Jonathan
could feel an ache in his temples. “Logan, when can you get rid of this horrible temper? You can’t get
riled up at every little thing! It has been years and you’ve not even changed!”

“Mr. Goldstein, I—” After hearing Jonathan chiding him, Logan went red in the face and tried to explain.

However, Jonathan cut him off, “That’s enough. Just drop it. As long as I get the pendant, that’s all that

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein,” replied Logan through clenched teeth. He was unwilling to even look at the

When Sandra heard what the man in Room 0 said, she hurriedly declared, “Since it has come to this,
then the dragon-patterned jade pendant is now sold to the guest in Room 9!”

Without wasting any time, Sandra immediately brought out the next item. “Our next lot is the star of the
show, ladies and gentlemen! A meteorite from outer space! Nobody knows where it came from and
what it does. The only thing we can be certain of is that this is the chunk of a meteorite that has been
unofficially preserved.

“The starting price of this meteorite is ten million. Each subsequent bid cannot be lower than one
million. With that, I declare this lot open for bidding!”

Sandra dared not stay on the topic of the dragon-patterned jade pendant. She knew very well that
dwelling on the subject was more likely to stir the pot and start a fight if she were not careful.

If that erupted, it would be a fight that the auction house could not afford to have.

“Twenty million!”

Just as Sandra finished speaking, the man with the hoarse voice from Room 0 spoke again.

“Twenty million! The guest in Room 0 has bid twenty million. Do I hear offers for more?”

Sandra held onto the microphone and looked at the audience. Compared to the previous auctioneer,
Sandra seemed to be in her element.

“Thirty million!”

Jonathan’s voice could then be heard calling out a greater figure from Room 9. The audience was
stunned, and so was Sandra.

It seemed that another showdown was about to happen.

The audience thought that the guests in Room 0 and Room 9 had something against each other.

“The guests in Room 9 bid thirty million. Is there a bid higher than thirty million?” When Jonathan made
his bid, Sandra was taken aback as well.

She never thought that Jonathan would confront the guest in Room 0 again.

“Fifty million!”

As soon as the guest in Room 0 opened their mouth, they offered fifty million as though it was chump
change to them.

“We have a bid for fifty million!” Sandra could feel goosebumps and a cold sweat forming. Throughout
the bidding, she only had one thing in mind.

I’m begging you… Stop fighting over this. I’d rather not handle this transaction. I also don’t want you
two to fight in here!

“Eighty million!”

Before Sandra could say anything else, Jonathan had raised the price to eighty million.

Immediately, her facial expression changed. There was nothing she could do to stop the gradual
malaise that crept into her.

Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no. As expected, this is just terrible.

However, it was clear that neither party was done. The man from Room 0 then countered with, “I’m
offering a hundred million!”

“Mr. Goldstein, why are you spending eighty million on a dumb rock?” Logan was perplexed and unable
to understand what Jonathan was up to.

He could have melted his brain trying to comprehend this and be unable to reach a solution still.

Why does he need to spend a whopping eighty million to fight for a space rock? Meteorites like this are
in abundance at Asura’s Office. As long as a meteor shower occurs each year, or if meteors crash into
the ozone, we can collect a few hundred pieces of meteorites with ease. If he really wants it, he can
easily procure some from Asura’s Office. Why does he need to spend millions just to get this?

“Who said I was going to buy it?” Jonathan smiled and lit a cigarette calmly.

“You’re not going to buy it?”

Hearing Jonathan’s words, Logan was stunned.

“I just offered a price,” said Jonathan sardonically. “Why would I want to buy this silly piece of rock?
Besides, don’t you think one hundred million for the rock is much too low?”

“This stone has to be worth at least a few hundred million, I guess?”

Jonathan gave Logan a cursory glance. “Three hundred million. What do you think?”

“That’s too low!” Logan finally caught on to what Jonathan was aiming for.

You’re awful, Mr. Goldstein!

“Hmm, I reckon that the meteorite should be worth more than the pendant. About six hundred million,

“But then six hundred million is too high!” Jonathan frowned. “What if he refuses to buy it for six
hundred million?”

“How about five hundred million?” Logan asked tentatively.

“I think we can manage.”

Jonathan smiled and shouted casually, “Two hundred million!”

The crowd could barely hold their breath as soon as Jonathan said this.

The newly sold jade pendant had broadened their horizons. Could this meteorite actually be sold for
that much?

“Good sir, I think you are clear about your intentions. You want to go against me?” came the guest in
Room 0 quite unkindly.

He could have bought this within the ten million range, yet Jonathan had forced it up to two hundred

“How so? This is an auction, after all. The person who bids the highest is the one who gets the goods.
If you can’t afford this, may I suggest that you return to your country?” Jonathan tutted. “In Chanaea,
you do as we do.”

“Two hundred million is my offer. Are you going to counter this? If you don’t, then this meteorite will be

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