Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 434

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The Legendary Man

A Kind Reminder

Besides me, there’s someone else willing to spend more than a hundred million on the pendant?

The reason why he wanted the pendant was that the dragon pattern was an exact match to the
engraving on the Heaven Sword.

Otherwise, he would not have flown all the way from Jazona for an ordinary pendant.

“The guest in Room 0 has made an offer of a hundred million. Is there a bid higher than this?”

Upon hearing the opening bid, the auctioneer decided to proceed. The crowd was suddenly acutely
aware that the auction was underway and erupted in a frenzy.

Every single person had their eyes glued to the stage, not daring to believe their ears.

Just a minute ago, they were speculating that only an idiot was going to spend a hundred million to buy
the pendant. However, it did not take long for someone to call in an opening bid for a ridiculously priced
jade pendant.

“A hundred million going once!”

“A hundred million going twice!”

“A hundred million—”

Just before the auctioneer was about to conclude the transaction, Jonathan’s voice rang out loud and
clear from Room 9. “Two hundred million!”

“Two hundred million from the guest in Room 9!”

“Is anyone going to counter this offer?”

The auctioneer seemed to be more enthusiastic the moment Jonathan called out a counter-offer.

Before the guest in Room 0 made his bid, the female auctioneer had been convinced that the pendant
was going to be unsold.

Yet little did she expect that the price of the pendant would skyrocket so abruptly.

“I’ll pay three hundred million!” came the guest in Room 0 just barely after the auctioneer finished

Once again, the crowd erupted in a frenzy.

Nobody had anticipated such an outrageous price for the dragon-patterned jade pendant.

“Four hundred million!”

Jonathan did not lose any momentum. Immediately, he decided to counter-bid.

“Five hundred million!” said the guest in Room 0.

“Six hundred million!”

Jonathan did not hesitate this time. He was dead-set on acquiring the dragon-patterned jade pendant.
He did not care if the price reached a billion.

“The guest in Room 9 has offered six hundred million!” This time, it was not just the audience who
started to get nervous. The auctioneer was quite concerned as well.

The female auctioneer had presided over a lot of auctions and had seen plenty of people with a lot of
money. However, this was a first in her career. So far, nobody had raised this much for a jade pendant.

It’s six hundred million! Not six million!

Six hundred million is not a small amount of money in Durbaine. The possibilities are near-endless.
One could buy a villa, a helicopter, or even a yacht. The amount could also pay for ten models and two
A-list celebrities with money left to spare.

Yet, this guest is willing to spend six hundred million on a jade pendant?

“Are there any offers higher than six hundred million?” asked the female auctioneer after picking up the
microphone again, under the guise of addressing the crowd. However, to the discerning eye, it was
quite obviously directed at the guest in Room 0.

“I really didn’t expect that someone would pay six hundred million to take this dragon-patterned jade
pendant from me!” Suddenly, a hoarse voice came from Room 0. “Seriously, if I did not know the true
purpose of the pendant, I would not even pay a million for this. That being said, I am curious. Why are
you buying this pendant, Room 9?

“Is it because the pendant is pretty? Or do you think the jade is of good quality? If you don’t know what
the pendant is for, I doubt you’ll even want to pay six hundred million for it.”

The guest from Room 0 had decided to break the silence. Instead of calling for another bid, he chose to
address the person occupying Room 9.

Immediately, everyone’s ears were pricked as they waited for the response from Room 9.

“Why does it matter if I know its purpose or not?” retorted Jonathan mildly. “Spending six hundred
million on a gorgeous jade pendant and bringing it home to be displayed, is that bad?”

Everyone was stunned.

Am I hearing it right? He’s spending six hundred million on a display piece for his home?

The crowd burst into excited chattering once more.

“Room 9, are you determined to fight till the bitter end for this piece?” The voice from Room 0 suddenly
turned cold. “However, I’d like to give you a kind warning. Even if you have something in your grasp, it
doesn’t mean you can keep it! Besides, don’t the Chanaeans have a saying? A man’s wealth brings
about his own ruin? I’d suggest reconsidering this with utmost caution. If you can’t keep this in your
possession and end up losing your life, then is it truly worth it?”

This was nothing short of a thinly veiled threat.

Practically everyone in attendance knew that the man in Room 0 was threatening the guest in Room 9.

Jonathan, however, calmly lit a cigarette and took a drag. “Are you threatening me?”

“Of course not! It was merely some friendly advice! A reminder, even!” The voice from Room 0 sounded
almost amiable. “Out of the kindness of my own heart!”

“You don’t need to remind me!” Jonathan replied. “If it were a threat, the Chanaeans also have a
saying. We believe not in evil and therefore do not fear threats. I personally despise idle threats the
most. Of course, we have another saying. When friends are here, we serve meat. If jackals arrive, we
hunt. If you want to take this pendant from me, you’re more than welcome to try.”

Jonathan took another drag, idly blowing smoke into the air. “However, I also have a word of caution to
offer you. Don’t throw your life away for this.”

With that, both parties now stood at an impasse, having exchanged blows of equal measure. Neither of
them was willing to give in to the other.

Even the ones sitting near the stage could feel the tangible tension crackling in the air.

The auctioneer stood on the stage, dumbfounded. She did not know how to conclude this transaction.

After all, anyone who could afford to sit in a private room was undoubtedly powerful in their own right,
and Room 0, especially, was the most expensive room in the auction house.

They were both guests she could not afford to offend under any circumstances.

“We apologize for the brief interruption.” Suddenly, a sensual-looking woman in a blue gown sashayed
onto the stage quietly. Having noticed that the auctioneer did not know how to proceed, she decided to
take matters into her own hands. “I did not expect that the guests from Room 0 and Room 9 would
have a chat!”

She let out a giggle and continued, “But that’s well and good. An auction isn’t just an auction. Some will
rub shoulders and form new bonds! But, of course, let’s get back to business and continue where we
left off. Room 9, I believe your offer was for six hundred million? Do we have a higher offer?”

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