Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 432

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The Legendary Man

One Hundred Million

It was undeniable that the sultry young lady was impeccable in terms of her looks, speech, and way of
handling matters.

She was the eldest daughter of the Haberly family. The last sentence she had spoken a moment ago
sounded inviting to any man’s ear.

On top of that, she was hot and attractive.

Jonathan took a sip of the wine and rejected her in a casual tone, “No, thanks. You can attend to your
matter. I’ll be fine here.”

I’m here in Durbaine for the jade pendant, not to meet the heiress of the Haberly family. Even though
she’s hot, it has nothing to do with me. I, Jonathan Goldstein, am not a man who forgets how to walk
upon seeing a pretty lady. And I certainly would not want to do the deed with whichever pretty lady I

“That won’t do.” The sultry young lady beamed. “What if you and Commander Griffin have some needs
that need to be fulfilled?”

Her words were ambiguous. One could misunderstand what she was implying.

However, Jonathan acted as though he didn’t catch on to what she was secretly suggesting. He merely
waved his hand in dismissal and said, “I’ll let the server know if we need you.”

The sultry young lady was about to say something when Logan cut her off, “Do what Mr. Goldstein

“Sure. I’ll take my leave, then. If both of you need anything, you can ask for me.” There was no trace of
embarrassment on her face as she left. She even winked at Logan before she went out of the room,
but the moment she stepped out, the look in her eyes changed drastically.

She felt dejected and somewhat aggrieved.

As the eldest daughter of the Haberly family, she had never offered herself to other men.

There are countless men pursuing me, and yet, I was chased out of the room by Mr. Goldstein.

If it wasn’t for the happening just now, she wouldn’t have believed that she, Sandra Haberly, would get
kicked out of a room.

“Ms. Haberly!” Just as her gaze turned cold, a server came over to her and said in a hushed tone, “Ms.
Haberly, your brother is here.”

“Ask him to behave well and don’t make any trouble. If he does, I’ll make him a cripple!” When Sandra
heard the server mentioning her younger brother, her face became frosty.

My brother is absolutely useless! Other than causing trouble, the only thing he’s good at is being a
playboy! If it weren’t for the fact that we are related by blood, I’d have kicked this prodigal out of the
family long ago. The Haberly family doesn’t need a loser.

“Yes, Ms. Haberly,” the server replied. He was ready to leave, but when he was about to turn around,
Sandra stopped him. “Wait! Tonight, you’ll stand guard at the door to Room 9, and you’re not allowed to
go anywhere else. Also, call over a few good-looking waitresses as well. No matter what the guests in
Room 9 ask for, you and the waitresses have to cater to their needs. If they’re dissatisfied, you’ll be
fired by the Haberly family. Do you hear me?”

Sandra’s tone turned frighteningly cold when she uttered the last few words.

“Y-Yes, Ms. Haberly.” After getting yelled at by Sandra, the server wheeled around and left.

After the server was gone, the cold look on Sandra’s face subsided as she put on a smile and headed
toward Room 0.

Room 0 had a guest who had a status second only to Logan’s.

Half an hour later, most of the guests had arrived at the venue, and the auction would soon begin.

In the hall, countless people began to take their seats. Except for some people with higher status who
could stay in the private rooms, the rest could only be in the hall. But even if they were arranged to sit
in the hall, the net worth of each of the guests there was at least one hundred million.

A net worth of one hundred million was just the minimum requirement to participate in this auction.

Sitting on the couch, Jonathan lit a cigarette and watched the screen in Room 9.

On the screen, an attractive auctioneer, who was scantily clad, could be seen walking onto the stage
with a microphone in her hand. Under the dazzling lights, her voluptuous figure was even more
apparent, and her leopard print swing dress caused a stir among the crowd.

“Welcome, everyone. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to attend the auction
organized by the Haberly family in Durbaine. I’m your host, Wendy! I heard that there are plenty of
guests who came from abroad for the auction tonight. Our boss has told me that I must not disappoint
anyone tonight! Otherwise, I’ll be put up for auction.”

With just a few sentences, she instantly created a lively atmosphere in the hall. She continued, “For all
the items sold tonight, we will donate one percent of the money to children in poverty-stricken
mountainous areas. Without further ado, let us enjoy the first item for tonight. It’s The King’s Portrait by

Drake Walde! The opening bid for this item is fifty million, and the minimum bid increment must not be
less than ten million!”

The first item for the auction was The King’s Portrait, which was a famous painting by a renowned
ancient painter, Drake Walde. It was said that the price of this painting on the black market was about
one hundred million. Although people had named their prices to buy the painting, no one had gotten it
yet, which meant that being loaded did not guarantee that one could get to own the painting.

As expected, once the bidding price was announced, someone shouted, “Sixty million!”

“Seventy million!”

Within a few seconds, the price of The King’s Portrait had soared to seventy million, and it was just the
beginning of the competitive bidding, for the ones who had placed a bid just now were the people
sitting in the hall, not the ones in the private rooms.

It was obvious that their purpose that night was not to buy paintings.

In other words, the paintings were not worthy enough for them to place a bid.

Even if it was a real painting of the famous ancient painter, Drake, it failed to attract their attention.

“One hundred million!” After someone placed a bid of seventy million, another person bid one hundred
million in a heartbeat.

Immediately afterward, an individual shouted, “One hundred and thirty million!”

“One hundred and fifty million!”

“Two hundred million!”

In less than ten minutes, the bid for The King’s Portrait increased to two hundred million, and when that
bid was placed, the entire hall fell silent.

Although the painting was indeed popular, two hundred million was a cost that almost reached the
maximum price for this painting.

One would suffer a loss if one increased the bid again.

“This gentleman’s bid two hundred million. Is there a higher bid than two hundred million?” Wendy held
the microphone and looked around at the guests in the hall.

Obviously, the thought of having the first item sold at two hundred million ignited her enthusiasm.

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