Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 429

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The Legendary Man

Did I Say You Can Go
“Did Mr. Goldstein really say that?” Wesley knitted his brows, apparently not believing what the
attractive dealer had just told him.
Why would someone like Jonathan concern himself with the life or death of a puny dealer?

“It’s true! Why would I go around spreading false rumors about Mr. Goldstein?” The dealer was so
flustered that she was on the verge of bursting into tears when Wesley doubted her.
“Release him!”

After a moment’s hesitation, Wesley waved his hand. Only then did the men in black quickly let go of
the hands of the dealer who rolled the dice.
Once he was released, his legs gave way as he slumped to the ground in front of Wesley with a thud.
“Thank you, Boss!”

“Don’t thank me. Thank Mr. Goldstein!” Wesley snorted. “From now on, I don’t want to see you in the
casino ever again! Otherwise, you can say goodbye to your leg!”
“Yes, Boss!” The dealer nodded hurriedly.

“Now scram!” Wesley waved his hand again.
The dealer quickly ran out of the office.
“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and serve Mr. Goldstein!” Wesley glared at the attractive dealer,
who then quickly left in fear.
When she returned to the casino, Jonathan’s chips had gone from one million to five million!

He had won four million within a few short minutes!
“Mr. Goldstein, you’re amazing!” the attractive dealer exclaimed in astonishment when she saw the

chips in Jonathan’s possession.
How long has it been? He’s already won four million!

“I’m just trying my luck!” Jonathan chuckled. Then, he took out one million worth of chips from his lot
and gave the bundle to her. “Take this. Consider it payment for your hard work!”“Oh!

No, I can’t possibly accept this!”This is one million here! I won’t be able to earn that much even if I work
hard for several years! Now, Mr. Goldstein wants to give me one million just like that? I can’t possibly
take it!

“It’s okay. Just take it!” Jonathan didn’t give her a chance to reject his goodwill. “I’m not interested in
you in that way, and I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to!”“Mr. Goldstein, that’s not what I

“All right, it’s almost time. I should get going!” Jonathan then casually passed the remaining chips to
Logan. “These chips are yours. The next time you visit this place, you don’t have to exchange for
them!”“How should I return it?” Logan stared at Jonathan blankly.

“You don’t have to!” Jonathan glared at Logan and kicked his behind. “For crying out loud, you’re the
highest-ranking official in Durbaine! The chips are worth nothing more than a few million. Where’s your

“What’s pride got to do with it?” Logan pursed his lips. “Do you know how much the military spends in a
year? I can feed a lot more soldiers with this money!”“Are you saying that the military budget I gave you
isn’t enough?” Jonathan’s eyes widened.

Logan hurriedly shook his head. “Mr. Goldstein, that’s not what I meant…”“All right. Enough nonsense!
Let’s go!” Jonathan didn’t want to continue the conversation.The soldiers under Logan were nothing
more than gummy candy. They were annoying, clingy, and most importantly, they could take hits!

When the attractive dealer behind Jonathan got wind that Logan was the highest-ranking official in
Durbaine, she got so shocked that her whole body was practically trembling.She nearly stumbled to her

T-The highest-ranking official in Durbaine? That guy, who looks so much like Mr. Goldstein’s
subordinate, is actually the highest-ranking official in Durbaine?

In an instant, she quickly understood why her boss had acted like a scaredy-cat when he came face to
face with the two of them. She completely empathized with him.In the eyes of other people, he was the
one who controlled the entire casino!However, from Jonathan and Logan’s perspective, owning a
casino was considered insignificant.

Perhaps with just a single glance, their casino might be gone the next day.Just then, as the attractive
dealer’s thoughts were running wild, an angry-looking young man came down from the third
floor.Several underlings were following behind him.It was obvious that the man came from a wealthy

However, his expression did not look so good. There was a hint of anger on his face.“D*mn it! I lost to
those idiots again!” the young man cursed as he made his way downstairs. However, he was so
occupied with his anger that he did not watch where he was going and slammed right into Jonathan.

The young man completely lost it and vented his anger on Jonathan. “Hey, watch where you’re going!
Are you blind?” I just lost a lot of money, and now someone is getting in my way! Goddammit!

“You bumped into me!” Jonathan furrowed his brows slightly.
“I bumped into you? Did anybody see that?” The young man snorted.
“I did!” Logan, who was behind Jonathan, came forward. “Not only did I see you bump into him, but I’d
also like to remind you to watch your mouth! If you can’t do that, then you might as well have no need
for it!”

“Who the f*ck do you think you’re scaring?” The young man could no longer contain his fury when he
heard Logan’s warning. “Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you know whose turf this is? If you have the
audacity to talk to me like that, you must have a death wish!”
“I don’t care who you are! You’d better watch your mouth! Believe it or not, I can send you to meet your
maker right now!” Logan’s eyes turned cold as they instantly flashed with murder intent.

Everybody else could call him whatever they wanted, but he would not allow anyone to slander
Among the soldiers, Jonathan’s presence was equivalent to that of a god.

“So what if I was rude to him? I don’t think you have what it takes to lay a finger on me!” The young
man snickered, looking rather indignant.
“D*mn it!”
Logan did not want to waste his time bickering with the man. To him, if a problem could be solved with
a fight, he surely would not remain civil.

At that moment, Logan lifted his hand and was about to smack the young man’s face when Jonathan
suddenly stopped him. “That’s enough. You’re a grown man. Why bother arguing with a child? Let’s
“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

At Jonathan’s order, Logan forcefully suppressed his rage.
The young man, however, assumed that Jonathan was afraid of him and had deliberately put up a
pretense here.

“Stop pretending. You guys are just two penniless bums fooling around in the hall.” The young man
glanced at the two men disdainfully. “Drop the act! Otherwise, people who don’t know better would
think you two are among Durbaine’s Big Four! I can tell you are fakers!

Move along! Don’t stand in my way!”
The young man snorted and pushed Logan aside, then marched furiously toward the exit of the casino.
He had barely taken a few steps when Jonathan’s chilly voice sounded behind him. “Hold it right there!
Did I say you can go?”

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