Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 428

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The Legendary Man

Not Planning To Take His Life
The numbers revealed on the dice were none other than three sixes!
Jonathan was spot on!

“H-How is this possible?” the dealer stuttered, a look of disbelief on his face. I tampered with the
numbers of the dice! How could it show three sixes? This is impossible! Utterly impossible!
The dealer was devastated when he lifted his head to meet Jonathan’s gaze. However, the latter was
already staring at him. “What’s the matter? From your expression, it seems that you knew what the
numbers would be on the dice.”
“W-What? That’s impossible,” the dealer stammered. “How in the world would I know the numbers on
the dice?”

“Really?” Jonathan asked. He chose not to press on the topic and instead smiled lightly. “I recall that
the payout for betting on any triple is ten times, right?”
With a bitter look on his face, the dealer nodded. “You’re right.”
He gritted his teeth as he gave Jonathan three million worth of chips.

“Here’s two million for you,” Jonathan said as he handed the chips to Logan, leaving himself with one
million. “Remember not to be so rash next time.”
Logan disregarded niceties and accepted Jonathan’s two million worth of chips. Eagerly, he asked,
”How did you do that, Mr. Goldstein?”
Logan knew that the dealer had blatantly tampered with the dice even though he had no knowledge of
the rules.

“It was just a trick,” Jonathan replied.He said nothing more. It wasn’t a secret to the general public that
casino employees, the dealers, per se, who dealt the cards and rolled the dice, frequently tampered

with the results.

In a big casino as such, especially, there were probably thousands of guests coming in and out each
day, and among these guests could include many professional cheaters.

Thus, had the dealers not used any tricks, the casino would have gone out of business.“Should we
continue playing, Mr. Goldstein?” Logan asked. After hearing Jonathan’s words earlier, Logan instantly
understood that Jonathan intended to let the matter pass.

“Nope,” Jonathan replied with a shake of his head. He took the chips and set off to another table. “Let’s
change to a different table and play something else!”“Okay, Mr. Goldstein!”With that, Logan hurriedly
followed after Jonathan.

The attractive dealer who had been behind Jonathan had sneaked over to the dealer who had been
rolling the dice after Jonathan left. She kicked the dealer while muttering, “Are you trying to kill
yourself? How dare you tamper with the game those two are playing? Do you have a death wish?”

“What’s the matter?” asked the dealer who rolled the dice after hearing the attractive dealer’s words.
“Those two are just one-off guests, right? What’s the harm in tampering with their game? They would
have taken a few tens of millions off my table if I hadn’t intervened!”

“You’re really trying to get yourself killed!” spat the attractive dealer. “Do you have any idea who they
are? They are the distinguished guests Boss personally served! Even Boss cannot afford to offend
these people. How dare you tamper with their game? Are you a cat? Do you have nine lives to spare?”

“Huh? W-What should I do, then?” A flash of anxiety appeared on his face when the attractive dealer
inform him about how Jonathan and Logan were guests whom even their boss could not afford to
offend. He thought the two were merely one-off guests with a few tricks up their sleeves.He did not
expect them to have such a distinguished background.

“What should you do? The only thing you can do is wait for your death. I can’t do anything to help you!”
The attractive dealer shot him a glare before turning around and leaving.Immediately after, a few burly
men in black strode toward the dealer who rolled the dice and took him out of the casino.

How could Wesley let him go after he tampered with Jonathan and Logan’s game?

Wesley did not follow Jonathan and Logan around. However, his undivided attention was constantly on
the two of them.

Meanwhile, the attractive dealer was once again standing behind Jonathan. She pleaded, “M-Mr.
Goldstein, the dealer who rolled the dice earlier… H-He didn’t tamper with the game on purpose. He
didn’t know your identity. He had a moment of folly and made such a big mistake. C-Could you forgive
him and spare his life?”

“I wasn’t planning to take his life from the start, though,” Jonathan replied. He could not help but feel
troubled after hearing the attractive dealer’s words.It was merely a game of chuck-a-luck! And it’s not
like I lost any money. Why would I take someone’s life?“Y-You’re not planning on taking his life?” asked
the attractive dealer, her eyes widening in shock.

She had always believed that wealthy and influential individuals would never show dealers like them
any respect.In fact, some wealthy people even disregarded them as humans!To the wealthy, lowly
attendants and dealers were viewed as nothing more than tools or even ant-like in their insignificance.

The wealthy could simply stomp on them to end their lives if people like attendants and dealers had
somehow offended them.Why would they be bothered by the feelings of a mere ant?

“It’s not like I’m a psychotic killer. It was just a game of chuck-a-luck. Why would I kill someone just
because of losing?” Jonathan asked exasperatedly. With a shake of his head, he continued, “Or do you
think I am someone who can’t afford to lose?”

“N-No. That wasn’t what I meant!” The attractive dealer was about to tear up out of nervousness after
hearing Jonathan’s words.

“All right, run along and tell your boss not to meddle with anything I do in the casino. And tell him not to
be a busybody!” Jonathan said with a wave of his hand.

Instantaneously, the attractive dealer felt an immense rush of relief.
Without regard for her appearance, she spun around on her heels and dashed for Wesley’s office.

Seeing how anxious the attractive dealer was, Jonathan could not help but turn to Logan helplessly
before asking, “Logan, do I really look like a psychotic killer?”
“No. Not at all!” Logan exclaimed with a shake of his head. “You are one!”
“You’re asking for a beating,” Jonathan yelled angrily before kicking Logan in the butt.

In Wesley’s office, the dealer who rolled the dice was trembling in fear on his knees, not daring to
breathe for a moment.
Wesley was seated at his rather large office desk. He ordered sternly, “Break his limbs and feed them
to the fishes in the Goda River!”

With a wave of his hand, a few burly men in black immediately picked up steel pipes and were about to
strike the legs of the dealer when the attractive dealer pushed open the door.
“Boss, wait a minute!”
She was panting as she had gathered all her might and sprinted as fast as she could. It was fortunate
that she had made it in time.

“What? Are you trying to be a busybody now?” Wesley questioned while giving the attractive dealer a
cold glare. The attractive dealer’s expression immediately changed as she rapidly explained, “No,

Mr. Goldstein has something to tell you!”
“Oh? What is it?” Wesley promptly got up from his seat upon learning that Jonathan had things to tell
Even if Jonathan was not present, Wesley dared not be seated while listening to Jonathan’s words.

“Mr. Goldstein told you not to meddle with anything he does in the casino! And don’t be a busybody!”

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