Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 427

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The Legendary Man

Placing Bets
“Yes, Boss!” the attractive dealer said. She stuck her tongue out, turned around, and immediately
chased after Jonathan and Logan.
However, by the time she got to Jonathan, he had already started heading for a gambling table while
clutching a stack of chips worth five hundred thousand. The table he was walking toward was a chuck-
a-luck table.

Chuck-a-luck was by far the simplest game in the entire casino to learn and play.
“Going for a game of chuck-a-luck, Mr. Goldstein?” asked Logan, who was standing behind Jonathan.
Jonathan nodded. “Yeah, let’s go for this.”
He then took one hundred thousand worth of chips and gambled them all on the number three. “One
hundred thousand on three!”
“Follow!” Logan called out without hesitation after seeing Jonathan placing his bet.

He took all of his chips and placed them on the table. “Five hundred thousand on three!”

After seeing Logan place all his chips, Jonathan could not help but turn around and stare at him in
shock. “Are you sure you want to bet that much? Aren’t you worried about losing?”

“That will depend on fate, I guess. In any case, I have no idea how to play this.” Logan shrugged.
“Besides, Mr. Goldstein, how can I possibly lose after following your bet?”

Jonathan sighed helplessly. “It’s not like I’m a pro-gambler!”

Meanwhile, the dealer, who was in charge of rolling the dice, had already begun doing so.

The dealer revealed the dice with a loud slap on the table. And as anticipated, one of the dice yielded
the number three.
Logan couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw the number on the dice. “I knew it! Following your bet will
never go wrong, Mr. Goldstein!”
“Jeez…” Jonathan muttered. He couldn’t think of anything to say. Thus, he shook his head and placed
his next bet.

“What number should we bet on this time, Mr. Goldstein?” Logan, having tasted sweet victory,
shamelessly questioned Jonathan about his bet once more.
The chips Logan started with, which were worth five hundred thousand, had been doubled to one
million after the last bet.
“I’ll go for five!” Jonathan exclaimed as he placed a two hundred thousand bet.

Logan, as usual, threw everything he had on the table. “One million for the number five!” And much to
his favor, when the dealer revealed the dice, one of them indeed had the number five on it.

His one million instantly turned into two million!

“And you’re telling me you’re not a pro-gambler, Mr. Goldstein?” Logan remarked. But since it was only
a dice-based guessing game, he wasn’t really all that astonished by the outcome.

He thought back to the time when Jonathan had led them to conquer the lands and devised unfailing
schemes—they were victorious in each battle.Thus, as compared to an actual battle, chuck-a-luck was

“Luck is on my side,” Jonathan responded, laughing. He placed his four hundred thousand worth of
chips on the dealing table. “I’ll bet on two this time.”

Logan promptly placed his two million worth of chips on the table and replied, “Same here.”The dealer
revealed the dice after a few seconds. And as expected, the number two appeared on one of the

dice!In just the blink of an eye, Jonathan’s four hundred thousand doubled into eight hundred thousand,
and Logan’s two million became four million!

“Your luck is insane, Mr. Goldstein!” the attractive dealer behind Jonathan exclaimed.

She had met a few other lucky players, but none could be compared to Jonathan, who was currently on
a roll.It was the first time she had ever seen someone place three bets and win them all.

“I suppose so,” Jonathan replied with a chuckle. Since he was just there to have fun, his winning streak
really didn’t matter much to him. Nevertheless, he managed to catch the attention of the people around

The people instantly followed Jonathan’s call as soon as he placed his next bet.“Eight hundred
thousand on six,” Jonathan called out.“One million on six!”

“Same here!”

“And here!”

After the others followed Jonathan’s bet, the table, which had previously only contained a few million
worth of chips, was suddenly filled with ten to twenty million worth of chips. Immediately, the dealer’s
face took on a bitter look.If the dealer lost this round, he would have to compensate up to tens of
millions worth of chips!

The dealer hesitated at that thought. After everyone placed their bets, he stealthily stepped on a pedal
underneath the dealing table.

This pedal was used by casino dealers to specifically target those who had unknown tricks up their
sleeves and managed to cheat and gain more than a certain amount at the casino.

And at that moment, the dealer immediately perceived Jonathan and Logan as cheaters.A rattling
sound was heard, and the dice were revealed.The numbers revealed were different from what
Jonathan had placed his bet on.

“The numbers are two, three, and four! I’m terribly sorry, but you gentlemen have lost this round,” said
the dealer as he smiled and cradled the chips to his chest.

Logan’s expression darkened at the sight. “How could this be, Mr. Goldstein? Did this punk do

It wasn’t that he was a sore loser.

It was merely a few million. To Logan, those few million were merely a drop in the ocean.If he wanted
to, he could waste tens of millions without batting an eyelash.

There were many people who wanted to offer him money in Durbaine.The only thing was that he
refused to believe that Jonathan would lose the bet.

“Did you see anything?” Jonathan asked indifferently.

“No,” Logan replied with a shake of his head.

He was just about to say something when Jonathan interjected, “Then let’s assume that nothing
“But Mr. Goldstein—”

“I said forget it!” Jonathan replied adamantly, a frown on his face.

Logan swallowed the rest of his words and remained quiet.

Meanwhile, buckets of cold sweat were rolling down the skin of the attractive dealer who was standing
behind Jonathan as she witnessed the scene before her.

They’re the distinguished guests that Boss has personally asked me to serve well! How dare that
dealer tamper with the game when the distinguished guests are playing! Is he sick of living?
“I’ll go for another round, and don’t follow my bet this time!” Jonathan turned around to give Logan a
look before throwing his remaining three hundred thousand worth of chips on the table. “This time, I’m
betting on any triple!”

The likelihood of the same number appearing on all dice was typically low. It might not even occur on a
daily basis.

The expression of the other gamblers who followed Jonathan’s bet earlier darkened when they saw
Jonathan using up all of his chips to bet on the same number.

They could not help but sneer at him. “And here I thought this guy is a pro!”

“Who knows that it was pure luck? Just a fluke!”
“I wouldn’t have followed his bet earlier if I’d known about this!”
“Same here. I wasted my one million on him!”
Right when the gamblers were making snide remarks about Jonathan, the dealer lightly knocked on the
table as he said, “Place your bets and hands off the table!”

After saying that, he started rolling the dice once more.

However, he did not hastily reveal the dice after rolling. Instead, he stealthily used his right foot to step
on the pedal beneath the table once again.

Even though Jonathan had only bet a small amount at that moment, it did not preclude the dealer from
tampering with the game.

I’ve already decided on teaching that guy a lesson. Thus, I should tamper with the game until the very
end and let him leave empty-handed!

The dealer sneered at the thought. However, his expression shifted just as he was about to call out the
The look on his face was as if he had choked on a fly.
He looked as if he was suffering but could not bring himself to say anything.

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