Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 426

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The Legendary Man

One Million
Intimidated by that threat, Wesley did not dare utter another word.
Casinos were the best place to witness the true nature of people.

That was what Jonathan believed.
There was no regard for things like familial bonds or love here, only a group of gamblers. They either
dreamt of becoming rich overnight or had lost too many games and hoped to turn the tables.

Among the two groups, the latter was the worst.
They would do anything to change their fate, even if it meant selling out their wives and children or
even offering their blood as payment in a gamble.

There was nothing those vile gamblers would not sacrifice.
“Would you like me to exchange some casino tokens for you, Mr. Goldstein? What do you say?”
Wesley politely asked while cautiously inching closer to Jonathan.

“Since we’re here, we might as well try our hands at a few rounds.” Jonathan nodded while taking out
his card.

As soon as Wesley saw the black card in Jonathan’s palm, he instantly waved his hands frantically. “It’s
an honor and blessing to have you in my casino, Mr. Goldstein. How can I allow you to purchase casino
tokens? How about this? I’ll personally gift you ten million tokens. Do have a good time, and I’ll deliver
more should you use them up.”

Wesley would never dare to accept Jonathan’s card.

It did not matter if Jonathan wanted to play for free in the casino. Given his identity, Wesley would
willingly gift him ten percent of the casino’s shares.

However, it would be a joke to assume Jonathan, someone that Durbaine’s highest-ranking
commander treated with such respect, would care about a mere casino like this.

“That won’t be necessary. Since I’m here to have fun, I plan to enjoy the experience to its fullest. It
wouldn’t feel as thrilling if I gambled using your tokens.” Jonathan handed his card to Wesley.

Still, the latter did not dare to accept and immediately waved in refusal.

Logan instantly shot a glare at Wesley. He barked, “Take the card if he wants you to! Do you seriously
think Mr. Goldstein cares about getting free casino tokens?”

“O-Okay!” Wesley jolted in fear and immediately took the card from Jonathan.

Upon seeing that, Jonathan glared at Logan as he lectured, “Don’t startle the man. Be more civil when

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein!” Logan nodded at once.

“Mr. Goldstein, how many tokens would you like?” asked a nervous-looking Wesley. His trembling
fingers clutched the card as his heart pounded fervently. At the same time, he gestured at a scantily
clad female dealer, sending her to fetch the tokens.

“Let’s do one million for now,” Jonathan casually replied.

He was not interested in gambling, nor did he care about winning or losing. However, he figured it was
only fair to experience the fun of gambling since he was already there.

“You. Get over here!” After receiving the former’s response, Wesley immediately rushed to the dealer
and ordered, “Exchange one million tokens with this card. After that, you don’t have to do anything else
but accompany these two gentlemen, got it?”

“Yes, Boss!” The scantily-dressed dealer nodded.“Allow me to show you around, Mr. Goldstein,”
Wesley offered. After all, he was the casino’s owner, so he wanted to make Jonathan feel
welcome.“Sure.”With Jonathan’s approval, Wesley personally showed the men around like he was a
staff member. “This is the main hall, Mr. Goldstein.

Regular tourists often hang around here, so we call it the scattered area. It has cheaper games for
people who aren’t affluent but want to try out the overall casino experience.“The second floor is our VIP
casino. Usually, only guests with over ten million net worth can enter. They also need to verify their
assets and exchange tokens worth a minimum of ten million before entering.

“The third floor is our special VIP suite, commonly reserved for billionaires. One’s net worth must be
more than a hundred million, and they need a guarantor to go up there. It’s because the stakes are
much higher. People who gamble there aren’t short of money, so the losses often reach hundreds of
millions. There was even a guest that lost three billion in one night!“However, Mr. Goldstein, your
identity is enough to grant you access to the third floor. You don’t have to verify your assets. Feel free
to enjoy yourself to the fullest!”

That final sentence was the key message Wesley wanted to deliver.He felt that holding Jonathan to the
ten million net worth entry requirement was unnecessary.

Even if Jonathan did not spend any money that night, and Wesley needed to pay ten million out of his
own pocket, he was still determined to let the former have a great time.Not to mention, Jonathan’s
black card alone already had a credit limit of at least several billion.

It was even possible for the limit to go over ten billion.

As the owner of the casino, how could Wesley not recognize the black card in Jonathan’s hand?

“I’ll just toy around on the first floor,” Jonathan casually stated.

He was not at all interested in joining a gamble worth billions.After all, if he wanted to get more money,
he could easily receive billions just by asking for it.“I got the tokens, Boss!” Just then, the scantily clad
dealer returned. Although one million seemed like a massive sum, it only amounted to about twenty

“Mr. Goldstein, here you go!” Wesley quickly picked up the tokens and handed them to Jonathan.


Jonathan accepted the tokens and split them into two piles, handing one pile to Logan. “Let’s split this
one million, so we each get half a million. That way, it’ll be fair and square.”

“I probably shouldn’t gamble.” Logan shook his head before explaining, “I’m not at all interested in
gambling. You’re better off asking me to shoot someone alive.”

“Jeez! Why are you so obsessed with killing others? Quit wasting time. Here’s half a million for you and
me each. Remember to pay me back once you lose everything!” Jonathan could not help frowning after
hearing that.
“Doesn’t that mean you’re forcing me into a losing situation, Mr. Goldstein?”

Logan instantly paled after learning he had to repay the money later.
Seriously? It’s fine that he’s insisting that I gamble, but how can he force me to repay the money?
“You’ve got something to say about it?” Jonathan glanced at Logan, who instantly shook his head and
said, “N-Nope. I wouldn’t dare.”

“Let’s go then!” Jonathan urged before heading toward a table where people played bar dice.

Subsequently, Wesley frowned at the skimpily-dressed dealer behind him and snapped, “Why are you
still standing here? Hurry up and follow him! I’m telling you, if anything goes wrong tonight, you’ll be fed
to the fishes in Goda River!”

“I understand, Boss!” the dealer squeaked.

She turned on her heels to join the two men, but she stopped after taking two steps. Her gaze
cautiously met Wesley’s. “Boss, who are these guys? You should tell me about their backgrounds so
that I can mentally prepare myself.”

“Don’t ask unnecessary questions!” Wesley’s nose scrunched up into a sneer. He repeated the exact
words Logan used against him earlier, his tone more menacing. “Curiosity kills. You might lose your life
for wanting to know more.”

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