Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 425

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The Legendary Man

Beg For Mercy
“Our boss?” The leader of the men in black frowned upon hearing the former’s words. He questioned,
“You know our boss?”
“Get him over here to talk to me.” Logan could not be bothered to talk to them. He curtly added, “Tell
your boss that someone named Logan wants to see him!”

Following that, the leader froze in hesitance. He then scrutinized Logan’s imposing presence, feeling
the latter was not an ordinary person. Hence, without saying a word, he whipped out his phone to dial
his boss’ number.

Minutes later, Wesley Lambert’s elderly voice spoke on the other end of the call. “Yes?”
“Boss, there’s a man named Logan outside the casino. He says he wants to see you,” the men in
black’s leader uttered. His tone was full of caution for fear of upsetting his boss.

“Who? Come again. Who was it?” Wesley’s tone took on a sense of urgency.

“H-He said his name was Logan.”

“Give him the phone at once!”

“Yes, Boss!”
Upon receiving that order, the men in black’s leader frantically handed the phone to Logan, whose
frosty tone now had more of a bite. “Gosh, it’s difficult to meet up with you, Wesley. What’s up with
that? Do I have to make an appointment like everyone else just to see you?”
“No, Commander Griffin, there’s no such thing. If you want to see me, all you need to do is ask.” It was
evident that Wesley was buttering up to Logan.

He added, “Why have you graced my casino with your presence today, Commander Griffin? You
could’ve told me about it, and I would’ve gone over to welcome you in person!”
“I wanted to drop by for some fun, but your subordinates stopped me at the door. Mr. Lambert, I think
you owe me an explanation. If you can’t give me a good reason why this happened, you can forget
about running this casino! I’ll have it shut down!” Logan thundered at the top of his lungs.

Those punks stopped you at the door? Who was it? I’ll end his worthless life right away! Wait right
there, Commander Griffin. I’ll be right over!” Wesley uttered.
His eyes reddened with rage upon learning that his subordinates had prevented Logan from entering
the casino.
Shortly after hanging up, a man with a head full of white hair rushed out of the casino.

As soon as he arrived, the group of men in black frantically greeted him, “Boss!”“Shut up, all of
you!”Wesley ignored them and focused on Logan instead.

He walked over to the latter, asking, “What exactly happened, Commander Griffin?”“It’s not a big deal.
Your subordinates merely stopped me from going in, had an argument with my distinguished guest,
and threatened me!” Logan’s head whipped around as he glowered at the kneeling Lennox.

As Lennox met Logan’s gaze, all color drained from his face and he began trembling uncontrollably.

I’m doomed!That was the only thought in Lennox’s mind at that moment.

After all, the elderly man that arrived was none other than the casino’s owner, Wesley Lambert.

“He did it?” Wesley glanced downward at the kneeling Lennox. In seconds, he charged ahead, and his
palm struck the latter’s face.

That slap instantly made blood splatter from Lennox’s lips.“Take him away and feed him to the fishes in
Goda River!” Wesley ordered while wiping his hands. Following that, the men in black hurriedly
grabbed Lennox, wanting to throw him out. The latter’s legs turned to jelly as panic filled his voice. “P-
Please spare me, M-Mr. Lambert! I’m begging you!”“Hold on!” Wesley yelled all of a sudden.Hearing
that, the men in black froze in their tracks.“M-Mr. Lambert…” Lennox muttered with relief, thinking that
Wesley had forgiven him. However, the next second, Wesley mercilessly kicked Lennox’s knee, forcing
the latter into a kneeling position.“Don’t you know who you just offended?” Wesley bellowed, his eyes
piercing into Lennox like daggers.“N-No, I don’t…” Lennox instinctively lowered his head.

“His name’s Logan. He’s the highest-ranking commander here in Durbaine. Even the governor of
Durbaine has to show him respect! How dare you offend him? Do you think you have nine lives like a
cat and can get away with crossing this god-like killer?” Wesley sneered at Lennox before adding, “Get
on your knees! I want you to give three bows before them! I’ll spare your family if you do so.

Wesley did not finish his words, but the implied threat in his words was evident. It was so much so that
Lennox turned a hideous shade of green from fear.Durbaine’s highest-ranking commander?

Doesn’t that make him the true powerhouse behind Durbaine? Dang it! I can’t believe I offended him!

Fear engulfed Lennox’s senses, causing him to pee his pants and kneel while begging for mercy, “I’ve
made a grave mistake! I understand that now. Please! I beg of you to spare my worthless life! Think of
me as nothing more than a fart, and let me go. Please!”

“I’ve already given you a chance earlier. Since you didn’t cherish it while it lasted, don’t blame me for
what I’m about to do!” Logan waved dismissively, a flash of irritation appearing in his eyes.

He had never been one to show mercy, especially not to anyone who dared to affront Jonathan.

“Take him away!” Wesley waved dismissively, and his subordinates instantly escorted Lennox out. After
that, the former spoke once more. “As for these few, throw them out too!”

He pointed at the group of men in black that had physically assaulted Logan earlier.

Immediately after, the men in black got kicked out of the casino before they could even beg for mercy.

In that instant, the once rowdy area outside the casino’s doors fell into a tense silence.
That was also when Wesley rushed up to Logan and asked, “Commander Griffin, what brings you to
my casino today?”
“I’m just here to have some fun,” Logan curtly replied, not wanting to waste his breath on the former.

He then turned toward Jonathan and said, “Mr. Goldstein, now that the troublesome pests have been
exterminated, shall we enter the casino?”
“Sure.” Jonathan nodded before striding into the casino.
The sight of that was enough to make Wesley’s eyes pop out of their sockets.

He could not believe that the powerhouse of Durbaine would behave with such respect toward a
twenty-something-year-old youth.

Wesley would have never believed it if he had not witnessed the scene with his own eyes.

Inside the casino, numerous people swarmed every corner.

Some gamblers’ lips twisted into a deep sneer. They clutched onto their cards like it was their last
chance to win.

At the same time, some tycoons made massive bets worth hundreds of thousands.

Some lackeys wandered back and forth between tables, hoping to seize the chance at earning a quick

All sorts of people were present in the casino.

It was then that Wesley snuck over to Logan’s side and whispered, “Commander Griffin, who’s that

“Don’t ask unnecessary questions.” A frosty look shrouded Logan’s face as he snapped, “Curiosity kills.
You might lose your life for wanting to know more.”

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