Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 424

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The Legendary Man

“What are you doing, Lennox?”
Seth’s face instantly darkened.

“Seth, you should know your place. Who do you think you are that you can serve these two
distinguished guests? Get lost. Stop being an eyesore here!” Lennox pushed Seth away with an
impatient look on his face.

“Lennox, you…”

Livid, Seth was about to fight back when two burly men in black who were standing beside Lennox
restrained him.

Walking up to him, Lennox looked at him condescendingly and said, “Seth, go look at yourself in the
mirror. Who do you think you are that you can fight me? Get out of here. Stay out of my sight. How dare
you make a scene here? You should know the rules of the casino, don’t you?”


Seth, who was originally angry, turned pale the moment he heard Lennox’s words.

There was even a hint of terror in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, Lennox. It’s my fault. I’ll leave now.”

Seth was truly afraid.

He was very clear about the rules of the casino. Whoever started a fight there would have one of their
hands maimed.

“Now you know that you’re wrong? It’s too late!”

Lennox glanced at him coldly before giving the two burly men in black a look.

“Take him away. Do it by the book.”


The two burly men immediately grabbed Seth by the collar and left.

Overtaken by terror, Seth shouted at Logan, “Commander Griffin, save me! They’ll kill me!”

Logan frowned. He did not want to interfere, but to his surprise, Jonathan calmly said, “Let go of him.”

Lennox knitted his brows as he did not expect Jonathan to intervene.“Sir, this is an internal affair of our
casino. I think you should stay out of it. Besides, he’s just a junket operator. Why care about him?”“I
said let him go. Don’t you understand?”The look on Jonathan’s face spoke of indifference, while his
tone of voice was filled with unquestionable authority.Lennox’s face instantly became gloomy.“Sir, are
you sure you want to intervene? He’s just a junket operator. If you do so, you may lose me as a
friend.”Friend?The word brought a sneer to Jonathan’s face.Friends carried a lot of weight in his
life.Over the years, there had been only a handful of people who could qualify as his friends.It was hard
to imagine that Lennox, who was a mere thug at a casino, could qualify as his friend.

At the same time, Logan’s lips twitched when he heard Lennox say the word “friend.”

Who do you think you are that you’re worthy of being Jonathan Goldstein’s friend? Even I, the
commander-in-chief of Durbaine Special Force and the governor of Durbaine, don’t dare to claim to be
his friend. I can’t believe a thug actually dares to use the word “friend” to threaten Mr. Goldstein. How

“You may have overestimated yourself. You are not qualified to be my friend.”

Lennox’s face instantly clouded over. “What did you say? It seems that you’re determined to go against
me for this junket operator, huh?”

Jonathan shook his head.

“No. You still don’t get it. I mean, you aren’t even in a position that’s worthy of another glance from me.
What makes you think you can make me go against you?”

What? I’m not even in a position that’s worthy of another glance from him?

Jonathan’s words made Lennox fly into a rage.

No one had ever dared to speak to him like that throughout the years he was in the underworld.

“Brat, you came here on purpose to cause trouble, didn’t you?” Lennox then looked at the burly men in
black and instructed, “Guys, catch the two of them!”

“Yes, sir!”

The burly men immediately charged at Jonathan and Logan.

However, Jonathan looked at Logan without sparing them a single glance. “Ill leave it to you.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Logan’s face turned cold at once as he looked at Lennox as if looking at a dead man, saying, “You
have one minute to get down on your knees, apologize, slap yourself ten times on the face, and get out
of my sight. I’ll spare your life if you do as I say. Otherwise, death awaits!”

“Are you threatening me? Is that supposed to scare me? How dare you ask me to get on my knees?
I’m telling you, no one in Durbaine can make me kneel!” Lennox did not take Logan’s threat seriously.

What an idiot!

Upon hearing Lennox’s words, Seth looked at him as if the former was an idiot.

No one can make you kneel in Durbaine? Do you even know who is standing before you? Even the
boss of the casino has to greet Logan respectfully, let alone you, an insignificant thug. After all,
Commander Griffin is someone who can tear down our casino with just one phone call!

“It seems that you’re seeking death. If that’s the case, I will fulfill your wish!” With that, Logan strode
forward and slapped Lennox hard in the face before kicking the latter in the knees, making him kneel
with a thud.

“How dare you hit me?” Lennox touched his face, his eyes turning bloodshot.

How dare he hit me in my territory? Does he have a death wish?

“What are you waiting for? Get them now!” Lennox roared, and the burly men swiftly rushed over.
However, before they could do anything, Logan brought them to their knees in a single move. They
were no match for Logan at all, who had killed at least thousands all these years.

To get to where he was—the commander-in-chief of Durbaine, one would inevitably have to get a lot of
blood on their hands.

In the blink of an eye, all the burly men collapsed, while Lennox was kneeling before Logan, unable to
get up.

Soon, the fight outside the casino caught the attention of those inside the casino.

After a few minutes, the door of the casino was opened, and dozens of sturdy men in black rushed out
in an instant to surround Jonathan and Logan.

“What’s going on? Who’s making trouble here?” A sturdy man in black who was leading the group
strode toward them.

Seeing the sturdy man in lead, Lennox immediately shouted, “Save me!”

The moment he opened his mouth, however, Logan kicked him to the ground and shut him up. “Get
your boss to see me!”

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