Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 423

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The Legendary Man

Jonathan raised his eyebrows at the word.
Durbaine was famous for its gambling culture.
“Should we go have a look, Commander?” Logan asked in a low voice.

“Sure. We’re already here, anyway,” Jonathan replied.
We can’t come all this way to Durbaine and not see the casino, can we?
“Yes, Commander. Allow me to show you the way!”
Logan stepped forward to lead the way, but before he could walk far, Jonathan stopped him. “Wait a

“What’s wrong, Commander?” Logan stopped in his tracks with a puzzled look on his face.

“Just call me Mr. Goldstein,” reminded Jonathan.

“Yes, Commander.” Logan hurriedly nodded.

“What?” Jonathan frowned, and Logan immediately corrected himself, “Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”
After they continued walking for a while, Logan suddenly stopped and asked, “By the way, Mr.
Goldstein, do you want to get some rest after such a long flight?”

“No need!” Jonathan shook his head. “Go and get changed. I’ll be waiting for you in the room.”
“Yes, sir.”
Logan then left.
After a while, Jonathan arrived at the presidential suite on the top floor.
Through the window of the hotel, Durbaine looked vibrant and thriving.
The nightlife in Durbaine was even more buzzing than that of Gronga probably because it was mostly

populated by tourists and foreigners.
Not long after, the doorbell rang.
It was Logan, who had taken off his army green camouflage uniform and put on a decent gray suit.
However, he still had the imposing presence he carried with him from the army.
“Let’s go!”
Jonathan walked out of the room.

The underground casino was on the third basement floor of the hotel.

As soon as they left the elevator, a middle-aged man went up to them.

“It’s your first time here, isn’t it? Would you like me to show you around?” the man asked.

“It’s okay.”

When Jonathan was about to turn the man down, Logan whispered in his ear, “Mr. Goldstein, he’s Seth
Hall, the junket operator of this casino. He used to be a thug around this area, but he somehow got into
this casino.”

“You know him?” Jonathan knitted his brows.

Why would Logan, a commander-in-chief, know a thug so well?

“Not really. I arrested him before.” With that, Logan slapped his palm on Seth’s shoulder. “Don’t you
recognize me, Seth Hall?”

“Who are you?”

Seth was stunned for a moment before the answer to his question dawned on him, and the look on his
face changed. His lips even began to tremble. “C-Commander Griffin, why are you here?”

Before Logan could answer, Seth immediately turned and ran away.

“Stop right there!” Seeing that Seth was about to run off, Logan swiftly grabbed him. “Why are you
running away?”

“Commander Griffin, I-I’ve stopped swindling people. Since you taught me a lesson the other day, I’ve
been working here and have never done anything wrong again. P-Please leave me alone!” Seth
pleaded with a pitiful face.

He felt like crying. There was a big game in the casino that night. Initially, he wanted to take advantage
of that opportunity to lure in more players so that he could earn a big commission.

To his dismay, he bumped into Logan even before he could bring in any players.

A few months ago, he had set a trap and managed to lure in several high rollers.

Unexpectedly, one of the high rollers actually knew Logan.

With a phone call, Logan almost destroyed their casino.

Since then, the mere mention of Logan’s name would make Seth want to turn around and flee.

Seeing how terrified Seth was, Logan frowned. “I’m not here to bother myself with your nonsense. I just
want to play today. You’ve been in this casino for so long, so you should be very familiar with it, right? I
happen to have a friend who wants to come here to play. Help me entertain him!”

Entertain him? How can I? I’m just a junket operator who only lures in high rollers. With Logan here, I
won’t dare to target his friend!

“Commander Griffin, please spare me. I don’t know how to entertain others. As you know, I’m just a
junket operator who brings in high rollers! What if I’m being a lousy host, and you shoot me dead?”

Logan did not have the mood and the time to listen to his nonsense and excuses. “Don’t give me
nonsense! If you do a job entertaining him, I’ll turn a blind eye to what you’re doing, but if you don’t,
you’ll come to the army with me! You’re very clear about what you’re going to get there, aren’t you?”

He did not elaborate further, but the threat in his words was obvious. Upon hearing his words, Seth did
not even dare to refuse as he hurriedly replied, “You’re the boss, Commander Griffin. I’ll do as you say.”

“Lead the way!” Logan did not bother to waste any more time talking to him.

“Yes, sir. Come with me.”

Without another word, Seth led Jonathan and Logan to the casino. Before they could walk further, a
red-haired thug stopped them at the door. “Hey, isn’t this Seth? Why did you come inside instead of
serving the customers outside?”

Seth saw the man blocking his way, and his expression changed.

He knew the man, whose name was Lennox Ward, one of the team leaders at the casino. Many called
him Lex.

In the beginning, Lennox was not a team leader. Instead, he was a junket operator like Seth.

However, Lennox had better luck than Seth did.

Lennox was acquainted with a member of the casino management by chance and saved his life in a

Since then, Lennox was promoted to the role of team leader in the casino.

Meanwhile, Seth remained as a junket operator.

However, Lennox frequently gave Seth a hard time after becoming the team leader as the latter stole a
lot of the former’s customers.

“Lex, these two are my friends. Do you mind?” Seth skillfully took out a pack of cigarettes from his
pocket and directly stuffed the whole pack in Lennox’s hand.

Looking at the cigarettes, Lennox sneered. “What a surprise. How can a stingy man be so generous all
of a sudden?”


Seth was embarrassed by Lennox’s words. Just as he was about to say something, Lennox ignored
him and looked at Logan and Jonathan. “I wonder what games the two of you want to play tonight.”

“We’re just here to have some fun,” Jonathan replied casually.

To have some fun?

It was obvious that Jonathan and Logan was rich. Judging from Seth’s attitude earlier, Lennox was
even more convinced that the two of them were high rollers.

Hence, Lennox said, “Gentlemen, Seth doesn’t know anything about what’s in the casino. Why don’t
you let me be your tour guide instead?”

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