Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 422

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The Legendary Man

The night passed by in the blink of an eye.
Under Josephine’s affectionate gaze, Jonathan boarded the plane departing Jazona.
A few hours later, the flight touched down at Durbaine Airport.

The usually crowded airport was surprisingly empty that day.
Dozens of uniformed soldiers stood by one of the airplane parking bays.
They were all armed, and from the stern look in their eyes, one could tell that they were experienced
soldiers who had experienced hundreds of battles.

At the entrance of the VIP lane, six soldiers stood guard with solemn faces. There was even a no entry
sign placed in front of them.

Behind them, hundreds of soldiers surrounded the airport.


The huge aircraft landed on the ground with a loud rumble.

After it came to a stop, the doors were opened, and passengers started to alight the plane orderly.

When they saw the scene in front of them, they widened their eyes in shock.

“What’s going on? I just came to Durbaine to have some fun. Is there a need to create such a big

“Wow, look at this grand scene. Are they doing this to welcome me?”

“Could there be a terrorist here? It seems like they’re here to capture an internationally wanted

The passengers chattered on, making guesses about the situation.

“Make way!”

Just then, a man dressed in an army green combat uniform barged through the crowd. Judging from
the epaulets on his shoulders, he was the leader of the soldiers.

As everyone trained their gazes on him, he approached a young man.

The young man was none other than Jonathan.

The next second, the leader fell to his knees with a thud.

“Hail to Commander! Durbaine Special Force’s commander-in-chief, Logan Griffin, at your service!”

Commander? That young lad in his twenties is the commander of this man, who is the commander-in-
chief of Durbaine Special Force?

The passengers were all astonished.

Wait, does that mean they closed off the entire airport and created such a huge spectacle just for this
young man?Just as everyone was guessing and wondering about Jonathan’s identity, the latter’s face
was getting gloomier.He despised formalities like this to the bone.Why would they close off the airport
and make such a big fuss? Do they want everyone to find out who I am?“Who gave you this idea? Who
told you to do this?” he questioned frostily.Logan was visibly surprised by his question.He was about to
say something, but when he saw the coldness in Jonathan’s eyes, he swallowed the words he had
composed in his mind.“Commander, I—”Before Logan could go on, Jonathan cut him off sharply.

“Answer me. Who gave you the right to make such a big commotion? Do you know what you’re doing?
You’re being a nuisance to other people!”

“I’m sorry, Commander! It was all my fault. It was rash of me to welcome you at the airport. I’ll gladly
accept your punishment!”

Logan did not even try to explain or defend himself. As a subordinate and the commander-in-chief
Jonathan had personally appointed, he knew very well that making excuses in front of Jonathan was
equivalent to asking for death.

“You shall be grounded for one month. If you do something like this again, you will be exiled to
Mysonna!” Jonathan couldn’t be bothered to waste any more time with Logan. After he spoke, he stood
up and left the airplane.

With so many people around them, he still had to save some face for Logan.

“Got it, Commander!”

When Jonathan walked out of the plane, the battalion of armed soldiers was still standing outside

A hint of respect shone through their eyes as they looked at Jonathan.

To them, he was their god and their faith.

“That’s enough. Tell them to leave,” instructed Jonathan as he waved his hand. Logan immediately
stepped forward and executed the order. It was only when the soldiers cleared the place that Jonathan
turned to Logan and asked, “Have you prepared what I’ve asked you to?”

“Yes! The hotel I booked is not far away from the airport. I have also gotten the ticket to the auction,”
answered Logan eagerly.

Then, he took out the ticket and handed it to Jonathan with reverence.

“There must be many people attending the auction this time, am I right?” Jonathan questioned while
getting into a black car parked before him.

It was a bulletproof car for intelligence officials, so even its plate number was special.

“Yes, Commander. I’ve asked someone to look into it. Aside from Durbaine’s distinguished figures and
tycoons, there are also some magnates from other countries. I heard that many people traveled from
Lusterg just to join this auction.”

Logan looked at Jonathan, asking, “Commander, are you perhaps interested in a certain auction item?
Should I just talk to the organizer and have them sell it to you directly? That way, you won’t have to
trouble yourself.”

Jonathan shook his head calmly. “No need. I actually want to see what other interesting items will be
offered at the auction.”

The dragon-patterned jade pendant was only a trigger for him to come to Durbaine.

He was more curious about where they found the jade pendant and who put it up for sale at the

Currently, he had no idea about the history of the dragon-patterned jade pendant and the Heaven
Sword on him.

The reason he insisted on coming to Durbaine this time was to find out if there was any hidden secret
behind these two items.

Moreover, he wanted to know if the hidden secret was related to the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.
That was the real goal behind his visit to Durbaine.

About an hour later, the black car stopped in front of an extravagant hotel.

Durbaine International Hotel was the only six-star hotel in Durbaine, making it the most high-end hotel
in the city.

The guests here were either influential figures, top international stars, or wealthy tycoons with hundreds
of millions of net worth.

Right after the car came to a halt, a group of servers hurried over to welcome them.

Walking alongside Jonathan, Logan introduced the place to him. “Commander, this is the best hotel in
Durbaine. Aside from that, it houses the biggest casino in this city!”

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