Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 420

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The Legendary Man

You Are The Burden
“I’m not going.” Josephine shook her head with a look of resignation on her face. “The company is in a
mess right now. I need to deal with it. I really can’t afford to leave right now, so how about this, let
Emmeline go with you instead. She did recently tell me that she wanted to go to Durbaine.”

“Emmeline?” Jonathan instantly shook his head. “Why would I bring her there? It’ll only be the two of
us. It’s going to be weird.”
“How weird could it be?” Josephine looked at Jonathan weirdly. “Are you having some lewd thoughts
about my sister? I’m warning you, Jonathan. If you ever dare to do anything to her, I’ll—”

“What would you do?” Jonathan could not help but laugh.
To him, Emmeline was not exactly blessed with a nice figure. She looked like she had not reached
puberty yet. There was no way Jonathan would want to do anything to her at all.
“I don’t care. You are not allowed to have any ill intentions toward her!” Josephine glared at Jonathan.
“If you do, I’ll… I’ll move out!”

“What if she has ill intentions toward me instead?” Jonathan asked in exasperation.
“In your dreams!” Josephine scoffed. “You’re not Emmeline’s type at all. Those young men in dramas
are more appealing to her. There’s no way she’d like an old man like you.”

“You can’t be too sure about that.” Jonathan pursed his lips and reached for a cigarette before heading
to the balcony. “Are you really not going to Durbaine with me, Darling?”

“I don’t want to.” Josephine shook her head. “Why are you going to the balcony?”

“I want to smoke. The doctor told me to not smoke near you as you are pregnant.” Jonathan lit his
cigarette and looked out at the view in front of him.

During his trip to Gronga, although he had destroyed the Hunters Guild and killed Waxon, he still did
not manage to find any clues about the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

Jonathan was not sure if the jade pendant and the Heaven Sword had anything to do with the Ancient
Sacred Dragon Technique or not.

As he thought of that, his head started pounding.

He had already been searching for two years but to no avail.

Jonathan hoped that he would be able to discover more clues about the Ancient Sacred Dragon
Technique during his trip to Durbaine.

Soon enough, he finished smoking his cigarette.

However, just as Jonathan was about to extinguish the cigarette and walk back into the house, the door
opened. Emmeline walked in dragging a suitcase.

“I’m back, Josephine!” she called out just as she entered.

“Why did you bring so much stuff back? Are you on a break?” Josephine asked in confusion as she
went over and took one of Emmeline’s luggage.

“Yes. Summer vacation just started.” Emmeline shrugged off her jacket as she wiped the sweat off her
forehead. In a swift move, she kicked off the shoes on her feet. “I’m so tired, Josephine. You have no
idea how torturing those few hours were when I was on the way back.”

As soon as Emmeline sat on the couch, she instantly spotted Jonathan walking in from the balcony.
“Why are you here?”

“Is that how you greet me? How rude!” Jonathan said with a huff as he lightly whacked her on the head.

“Hi, Jonathan,” Emmeline reluctantly called out as she rolled her eyes.

Ever since that day, she had an indescribable fear of Jonathan.

However, as Josephine slowly accepted Jonathan, Emmeline did not hate him as much as before.

But that was all.

She did not hate him, but she did not really like him either.

That was especially so after she had been taken advantage of by Jonathan when she had gotten
drunk. The moment Emmeline thought of that night, her face instantly reddened.

“Weren’t you living at home? Since when did you move into the dorms?” Jonathan looked at Emmeline
with confusion written all over his face. “You even brought back so much stuff!”

“I’ve already been living in the dorms for more than a month.” Emmeline was speechless at Jonathan’s
forgetfulness. “I passed my SATs two months ago and managed to enroll in Kingshinton University.”

The confused expression on Jonathan’s face seemed to be permanently etched into his face.
Kingshinton University? Who is the headmaster of that university again?

Jonathan suddenly could not seem to recall what was the name of the university’s headmaster. All he
could remember was that he was the one who personally appointed the headmaster of both
Kingshinton University and Yaleview University.

Moreover, back when he was in the military, those two had been in his troop for a while as well.

These two men had given up their studies just to join the military.

However, once peace was restored, they retired from the military and returned to school.

“Kingshinton University is a great place. I think I know the headmaster as well,” Jonathan commented

Emmeline scoffed, pursing her lips. “There’s no way our headmaster would know you.”

The headmaster of Kingshinton University had been formally appointed to the governor’s office. His
status was so high that even the governor of Kingshinton had to respect him as well.

It did not make sense that Jonathan, a person that was involved in gangs and cults, would actually
know the headmaster of Kingshinton University.

There’s no way.

Observing the look of disbelief on Emmeline’s face, Jonathan was too lazy to explain himself. There
was no point in arguing with a little brat like her.

He then headed toward the stairs.

Regardless, just as he took one step forward, he heard Josephine’s voice from behind. “Emmeline,
didn’t you recently say that you wanted to go to Durbaine?” she asked.

“Yeah. I’ve already invited a few schoolmates of mine for a trip to Durbaine during summer break.
What’s up? Do you want to join us?”

The moment Durbaine was mentioned, Emmeline’s interest was instantly piqued.

She had watched many movies about Durbaine and was extremely interested in the place.

Therefore, the moment she heard the word “Durbaine,” her eyes instantly lit up.

“I’m not going. I have matters to deal with at the company,” Josephine said as she shook her head.
“However, Jonathan’s planning on going to Durbaine after a few days. You can follow him if you want.
That way, both of you can take care of each other.”

“No. I don’t want to go with him.” Once Emmeline heard her sister’s suggestion of going to Durbaine
with Jonathan, she shuddered, and her hair stood on end.

That incident in the past had severely traumatized her.

Until that moment, she had yet to recover from it.

Emmeline was able to be braver with Josephine around, but if her sister was absent, Emmeline would
probably turn and escape if she had to be alone with Jonathan.

“I don’t want her to come along either.” Just as Emmeline finished speaking, Jonathan instantly rejected
his wife’s suggestion. “There’s no fun in going to Durbaine with a brat like her. She’ll only be a burden
to me.”

“You’re the burden!” Emmeline retorted when she heard him. “I don’t even want to go with you.”

Subsequently, she grabbed Josephine’s sleeve, tugging at it. “I don’t want to go with him, Josephine. I
want to go with my friends,” she begged.

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