Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 418

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The Legendary Man

A Hundred Million Bounty
“Circulate word that I’m placing a hundred million bounty on Jonathan Goldstein. Whoever brings me
his head will be instantly rewarded with a hundred million. Remember, that’s one hundred million!”

“What?” Everyone was stunned by the exorbitant amount of money.
The bounty was thirty million for a country’s president, yet the bounty for this nobody, Jonathan
Goldstein, somehow amounted to a hundred million.

“Commander, is a hundred million a little too steep?” the subordinate questioned.
“I don’t think so.” The Commander gave a firm shake of his head. “Do you know how much I spent on
devising a layout in Chanaea? A few billion! And he ruined everything in one night! I will not rest until
he’s dead. I’ll gladly reward anyone one billion if they can get rid of him, let alone one hundred million.”

“Yes, Commander. I’ll send someone to spread the news now.” The subordinates had no reservations
after hearing the Commander’s words.

The news shook the entire nation overnight.
Who would have known that an insignificant Chanaean guy whose name no one had heard of would
jack up the price of hiring an assassin to unprecedented heights for the first time in nearly ten years?

Who is this guy named Jonathan Goldstein? Why would he warrant a bounty of one hundred million?
These questions had every hitman in and out of the country scratching their heads.

The highest assassination bounty ever recorded was merely fifty million in these few years.

A hundred million was enough to send every assassin into a frenzy.

However, while everyone else was clamoring over it, the unwitting target of said bounty was cooking up
a storm in the kitchen with an apron tied around his waist.

Those powerful assassins wouldn’t believe their eyes if they witnessed this domesticated side of him.

He was a walking ATM at this point, but he wasn’t the least bit afraid, nor was he aware that he had
become the most wanted target of all assassins.

“Dinner’s ready, darling!”

Josephine took the dish from Jonathan’s hands when the latter came out of the kitchen. She was still in
disbelief while looking at the man before her who was wearing an apron. I can’t believe this man is the
legendary Asura!

“Leave these to me next time, Jonathan.” She untied his apron while handing him a drink.

“This isn’t a trifling task.” He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his embrace, murmuring
in her ear, “The doctor said you’re still in the first trimester of your pregnancy and need lots of nutrition.
He advised you not to take a step into the kitchen for the remainder of the pregnancy. It’s not good for
you and the baby.”

“Are the baby and I that delicate? While my mom was pregnant with me, she played poker every day,
and my dad smoked every day,” she teased coyly.

“I don’t care. You and the baby are the most precious thing to me.” Jonathan sank to his haunches and
pressed his ear against her belly. Josephine didn’t know how to react to his actions. “What are you
doing, Jonathan?”

“I’m listening to what our baby is doing and if he’s up to no good,” he replied matter-of-factly.

“I’m only two months pregnant. The baby isn’t even old enough to misbehave,” she said in

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll throw hands with the baby if he dares to upset you.” He waved his clenched fists
in the air and wore a vicious glower.

Josephine rolled her eyes.

“You’re an adult, Jonathan. Why are you acting like a child?” She tugged on his hand ruefully and led
him to the dining table. “How will you be a father when you’re a child yourself?”

“I’ll beat him up if he’s disobedient. A few more times, and I’ll have parenting down pat.”

“Don’t you dare beat our child up.” She glared at him after hearing that he would resort to violence if
things didn’t go his way.

“I’m only kidding. He’s my son. How could I hit him?” Jonathan immediately backed down.
“Would you prefer a son or a daughter, Jonathan?” she suddenly asked.

He smiled and said, “I don’t mind in any case. I’ll love the child as long as he or she is ours. But if it’s a
boy, I’d want him to grow up to be a gentleman just like me. If it’s a girl, I hope she looks like you—
beautiful and gentle.”

“I’m not that beautiful.” Josephine’s cheeks grew warm from embarrassment.

She was still bashful whenever Jonathan complimented her like that even though she was no longer
the young woman who had just met the man.

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