Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 419

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The Legendary Man

“Of course, you’re beautiful.” Jonathan’s arms encircled Josephine from behind. “My wife is the finest
and most beautiful woman in the world. Even a goddess can’t compare with you.”
“Eat your food, you smooth talker, or they’ll get cold.” She pouted and ladled a bowl of oatmeal porridge
for him.

He had only gotten a few spoonfuls down when his phone rang.

“Hello?” He set his spoon down.

“Mr. Goldstein, it’s me, Hades.” A hoarse voice came from the other end of the line.

“I know. What’s going on?”

“Mr. Goldstein, there is a one-hundred-million bounty placed on you a couple of hours ago.”
“One hundred million?” The outrageous sum astounded Jonathan. “Did the Hunters Guild place it?”

“They’re such a tightwad. The people who sought to put a bounty on me offered billions, yet the
Hunters Guild wants my life in exchange for a hundred million?”

Back when he used to conquer and occupy lands, those foreign opponents would all offer a few billion
for his head.

He was astonished to know that the price for his life decreased from a few billion to a mere hundred
million as years passed.

“Exercise caution, Mr. Goldstein. Those assassins were wary of you when you were in the force, but
not anymore…” Hades trailed off. One hundred million was sufficient to tempt the most skillful hitmen
from all corners of the globe.

They didn’t dare make a move on Jonathan when he was in the force, but now he was a lone wolf,
which created a perfect opportunity for them.

Jonathan shrugged it off insouciantly. “Never mind that. Those numskulls want my life? They’re

He added, “Oh, right. Tell Andrew to lead a team to guard No. 1 Villa from a distance. One mistake, and
they’ll pay for it with their lives.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein. I’ll arrange it immediately.”The call disconnected with a click, and Josephine
immediately knew something was amiss. “Did something happen?” she asked.“Nothing. Just a bunch
of idiots with a death wish.” Jonathan skirted around the Hunters Guild and the bounty.

No one in this world would touch a hair on Josephine’s head as long as he was in Jazona. Over his
dead body.

They made quick work of their dinner and watched television in the living room after Jonathan took a
shower. Josephine, like many other girls, enjoyed watching romantic dramas.

Her eyes would redden and brim with tears during sentimental scenes, and she would curl up closer to
Jonathan like a lazy cat.

Meanwhile, all he could do was try his best not to doze off.

He couldn’t help himself. These romantic shows did nothing but make him sleepy-eyed. He always fell
asleep within half an hour while accompanying Josephine on her binge.

Before he succumbed to his drowsiness, an advertisement announced that the biggest auction in
history was taking place in Durbaine, a few thousand kilometers from Jazona.

The event would attract top collectors and philanthropists from all around the world. Moreover, the
auction house would donate half of the proceeds to various charities.

Normally, Jonathan wouldn’t be interested in auctions, but his eyes lit up when a dragon-shaped jade
pendant was shown in the next second.

It had a glistening surface and a blood-red body, lending the pendant a life-like appearance.

Those were not the characteristics that piqued his interest, though. What attracted his attention was the
crest emblazoned on the pendant, which looked the same as the one on Heaven Sword.

At that moment, he remembered the mysterious Shadow Dragon Pool and the Heaven Sword belted to
his waist.

“Darling, what do you think about spending a few days in Durbaine?” Jonathan turned to Josephine and

“Why? Why do you suddenly think about going to Durbaine?” She was puzzled.

Didn’t he recently return from Gronga to Jazona for half a month? Why does he want to go to
Durbaine? Wait, Durbaine is known for gambling.

It wasn’t huge, but it was well-known. Gamblers everywhere would flock there with stacks of money,
and many of them would leave dejected.

Some of them would even end their lives in Goda River.

That city was a chaotic symbol of hope and despair. How could it not be when it was popularized by

Power grab and rivalry fueled the madness that became Durbaine’s defining characteristic.

“I want to check out the auction. They say it’s going to be Durbaine’s largest auction to date. Are you
not interested?”

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