Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 417

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The Legendary Man

Back To Jazona
Brianna must be talking about Jonathan, but he had nothing to do with this.
How could Jonathan have gone out of his way to tell the Hansley family about Yuliana when he almost
forgot about her?

Hence, it wasn’t Jonathan, but Cecilia.
After Jonathan left, Cecilia deliberately informed Brianna, the manager of Hansley Group’s
entertainment team, that Yuliana was Jonathan’s friend.

That had changed the trajectory of Yuliana’s life.
However, this had little to do with Jonathan, who was blissfully on a plane to Jazona right now.
A few hours later, the plane arrived at Jazona airport on time.

He hadn’t told anyone, not even Josephine, about his trip here.

When the black limo slid to a stop in front of No. 1 Villa, Josephine’s eyes widened when she saw
Jonathan emerge from the vehicle. “Jonathan? W-Why are you here?”

She hadn’t expected him to appear before her after he told her over the phone last night that he
wouldn’t be able to return for a while.

“To see you, of course!” He advanced toward her with a grin and enveloped her in his arms. “It’s been
too long since we last saw each other. Did you miss me?”

“Not even a little.” She bit her lower lip and continued, “Why didn’t you tell me before showing up? I
could have picked you up at the airport.”

“Pick me up? It’s not my first time here.” Jonathan’s hands slid to her waist. “Besides, you’re pregnant.
What if you trip and fall?”

“No, I won’t.” Josephine rolled her eyes and removed his roving hands from her waist. “Keep your
hands to yourself, Jonathan Goldstein! Don’t you dare forget that I’m pregnant. What if we hurt the

“Darling, I heard that during the early months of pregnancy—” Jonathan began, but Josephine cut him
off before he could finish his thoughts. “Don’t even think about it! I’m sleeping on the bed while you’ll
sleep on the couch tonight.”

Never would Jonathan have expected that he would have to spend his first night back in Jazona on the
couch, let alone the next two weeks banished from the bedroom.

It was as if the bed had severed all ties with him since his return.

During the half month since he was back, he spent every waking moment with Josephine,
accompanying her on shopping sprees or check-ups at the hospital just like a chaperone.

He followed wherever she went, but he wasn’t salaried, of course.

However, Jonathan didn’t realize that during his time in Jazona, all hell broke loose on an island

“What? The Hunters Guild on Gronga was wiped out entirely?”

A dozen high-ranking foreigners with blonde hair and blue eyes sat around a table in an opulent
mansion safeguarded by guards outside.

The exterior of the mansion was heavily guarded by tanks and military helicopters.

“Yes, the mainland Hunters Guild has been obliterated overnight.”

“We completely lost contact with Chanaea’s Hunters Guild half a month ago.”

“What happened? Who did it?” The foreigner, referred to as the Commander, slammed his hand on the
table. He had spent more than ten years devising a layout for the guild in Chanaea, but it had all been
destroyed in one night by someone else. How could he not be furious?

“It was someone named Jonathan Goldstein,” one of the subordinates answered quietly. “And he’s the
son of Daniel Goldstein, whom we got rid of back then.”

“Daniel Goldstein? That traitor from twenty years ago?” The Commander’s face fell. He remembered
Daniel vividly and almost planted Daniel to be his pawn in Chanaea. Unfortunately, Daniel stabbed
them in the back, and the Commander could never let him get away with that.

The subordinate nodded. “Yes, that’s him. We’ve looked all over Chanaea and couldn’t find any
information about Jonathan Goldstein. All we know is that he is the son-in-law of the Smith family in
Jazona. I suspect he has connections to Asura’s Office.”

“Are you implying that Asura’s Office is involved?” The Commander’s face changed at the mention of
Asura’s Office.

“It’s purely speculation.” The subordinate hesitated for a bit before continuing, “After all, only Asura’s
Office is capable of eradicating the Hunters Guild overnight.”

“We lost all intelligence and connections in Chanaea after the Hunters Guild was exterminated.”

“Presently, I haven’t found anything about this Jonathan Goldstein.”

“None of this matters.” The Commander waved his hand. “He shall pay for wiping out the Hunters
Guild. It makes no difference whether he is a member of Asura’s Office or not.”

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