Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 416

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The Legendary Man

A Lucrative Offer

The person on the other end of the phone spoke out hesitantly. “But Ms. Hansley, Yuliana is just a third-
tier celebrity…”
Why would the company offer the top contract to a mere third-tier celebrity? Furthermore, the company
will pay her based on the rates for the top female celebrities in Gronga. What kind of joke is that?

Cecilia interjected, “No buts. Just do as I say. Who’s the chairman of Hansley Group? Is it you or my

Ever since Wilson’s death, the entire Hansley family, including Hansley Group, had been taken over by
Cecilia’s father.

“Yes, Ms. Hansley. I’ll do it right away.”

Inside a small hotel in Gronga, Yuliana stared blankly at the ceiling with a look of despair.
Ever since Anson’s accident, everyone had been avoiding her like the plague.
In half a month, Yuliana went from being a promising celebrity to a street rat.

When she tried to leave Gronga, someone intervened by stealing her passport.

“Why is it so difficult to live a peaceful life?” Yuliana let out a sigh of exasperation before tying a white
rope to the beam of the room.

Since some people don’t want me to live, then I’ll grant them their wish. I wonder if Jonathan will be
dragged into this mess and suffer the same fate as me.

The figure of Jonathan inadvertently flashed across Yuliana’s mind at that moment.

After that fateful night, Yuliana contacted all the people she knew in Gronga. However, the other party
immediately hung up on her upon learning that she had offended Anson. Some of them even severed
ties with her.

“I don’t want to be a celebrity in my next life!”

Standing on the stool, Yuliana gritted her teeth and placed her into the loop of the rope.

Just as she was about to kick over the stool, her phone suddenly rang.

“Who’s calling me right now?” Yuliana muttered under her breath.

Everyone had shunned her for half a month by either turning off their phones or blocking her number.

Why would anyone call me at this moment?

After hesitating for a moment, Yuliana decided to answer the last phone call before she ended her
life.“Hello?” Yuliana greeted in a raspy tone.

A woman’s voice came from the other end of the phone. “Hi, are you Yuliana Smith? I’m Brianna
Yardley, the general manager of Hansley Group’s entertainment department.”

She’s the general manager of Hansley Group’s entertainment department? Why would anyone from
that company want to look for me? Could it be that even the Hansley family wants to humiliate me
before I die?

“Yes, that’s me. What’s the matter?” Yuliana replied stiffly.

“Ms. Smith, do you have time for a meeting?” Brianna asked politely. Nevertheless, Yuliana rejected the
offer flatly, “No, I don’t have the time. Besides, I don’t want to meet anyone!”

“Ms. Smith, please don’t get me wrong!”Perhaps sensing the hostility in Yuliana’s tone, Brianna
immediately explained, “I’m not calling you today to poke fun at you. Our company wants to offer you
an S-class contract. Once you signed this contract, you’ll be the top artist of Hansley Entertainment
Group. After that, we’ll use the company’s resources to turn you into the next superstar.”“S-class
contract?” Yuliana was confused.As a celebrity, she naturally knew the meaning of an S-class
contract.Once she signed this contract, she would not have to worry about not being able to make
money or not having anyone to support her in her career.

In other words, this S-class contract was worth a hundred million.

Why would Hansley Entertainment Group offer me a lucrative contract like this for nothing? Could this
be a trap?

Yuliana inquired, “Aren’t you guys afraid of offending the Wagner family?” Everyone in Gronga knew
about her issues with the Wagners.

Aren’t the Hansley family worried about p*ssing off the Wagners by offering me an S-class contract?

“There’s no longer a Wagner family in Gronga. Moreover, Anson is dead,” explained Brianna.

“What did you just say? Anson is dead?” Yuliana shuddered in shock.“That’s right.”Brianna continued,
“If you don’t believe me, feel free to search online.”Yuliana was slightly hesitant.She subconsciously
picked up her phone and typed Anson’s name. The most prominent news read: Anson and Samuel of
the Wagner family died in their wards from suspected revenge murder.Yuliana was so shocked that her
hand trembled, and her phone almost fell to the ground.

Is Anson really dead?

After some hesitation, Yuliana probed, “I have one final question. Why is the Hansley family being so
kind to me?”

I’m merely a third-tier celebrity. I don’t deserve to be offered an S-class contract by Hansley Group.

“There’s a big shot who said that you’re his friend before he departed,” Brianna answered.

Yuliana was flabbergasted by her reply.

A big shot? When did I know someone so powerful? If I did, I wouldn’t have been pushed to the edge
like today.

Yuliana asked gingerly, “Who is the big shot you’re talking about?”

“I’m sorry. I can’t tell you his name!” Brianna cut her off abruptly before adding, “However, I can tell you
that his last name is Goldstein.”


The figure of Jonathan flashed across Yuliana’s mind at that moment.

How is that possible?

Yuliana shook her head vigorously in denial.

How can Jonathan be some sort of a big shot? If anything, he looks like a student!

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