Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 415

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The Legendary Man

Departing Gronga

“That’s right!” Waxon nodded without hesitation.

“To keep the secret from being exposed, we had no choice but to join forces and kill Daniel and his
wife. We were planning to kill you at first. There’s a saying in Chanaean, isn’t it? To get rid of all the
potential threats, we have to nip them in the bud. I never thought that you managed to escape and stay
alive until now. If I had known earlier, I would’ve killed you while you were still an infant back then,” he

A cold gleam flashed across Waxon’s eyes as he spoke. He was ruing his decision to not persist in
hunting down Jonathan back then.

If I had killed Jonathan all those years ago, Asura’s Office and Asura wouldn’t have existed.
Furthermore, the war would still rage on in Chanaea right now. Most importantly, I would still be the
person in charge of Hunters Guild.

“Alas, you didn’t capitalize on the situation.” Jonathan looked at Waxon indifferently before continuing,
“Were there any foreigners from Hunters Guild who took part in the assassination besides you?”

Nodding, Waxon replied, “Yes. In addition to some of us who were in charge of Gronga, several senior
members from overseas also took part in the assassination plot.”

“That’s enough. I’ve learned everything I want to know. Now, you can rest in peace.” With that,
Jonathan stepped out of the cell. Looking at Jonathan’s retreating form, Waxon suddenly barked, “Wait!
Don’t you want to know the list of the foreign members of the guild?”

“No, I don’t.” Jonathan waved his hand without looking back.

He added, “It’s pointless for me since some of Hunters Guild’s foreign members were also involved in
the assassination. It’s better to destroy the entire overseas branch of the guild!”

It will be a hassle for me to hunt them down one by one. I might as well just wipe out the entire guild.
Besides, I can teach those foreigners a lesson that anyone who committed crimes against Chanaea will
be punished severely.

“Give him a quick death!” Jonathan ordered the soldiers with a flick of his hand before leaving the cell.

The moment Jonathan stepped outside, a loud gunshot reverberated across the cell.

It was followed by continuous sound of rapid gunfire.

One could imagine the gruesome state of Waxon’s corpse at that moment.

“Mom, Dad, I have avenged both of you. Did you see that?” Looking at the azure sky, Jonathan finally
let out a long sigh.

The night passed by in the blink of an eye.

At dawn, a piece of news made the headline in Gronga: The police have made several arrests from an
overseas extremist organization gathering at eight o’clock last night. Many of its members are local
elites, company executives, and showbiz stars. Here’s the list of the organization members.

There was a name list at the bottom of the news, accompanied by the photos of every member.

In the presidential suite of Velarium Hotel, Cecilia stood cautiously beside Jonathan. “Master, are you
ready to leave Gronga?”

She was crossing her fingers behind her back.

“Yes, I am.” Jonathan nodded lightly.

Since the matter with Hunters Guild has been resolved, I have no reason to stay in Gronga. After all,
my main purpose for coming here was to take revenge on the guild. I was merely using the Hansley
family as an excuse.

“T-Then can I leave with you?” Cecilia whispered.

Ever since Cecilia got to explore the world with Jonathan, she was no longer interested in being a mere
heiress of the Hansley family.

Jonathan shook his head before replying, “No. You’re free to go.”

“No! I don’t want to go, Master!” Cecilia hurriedly shook her head before adding, “I want to stay by your
side even if I’m only allowed to be your servant. Please, don’t drive me away.”

Jonathan glanced at her indifferently. “You’re the daughter of the Hansley family. Why would you want
to become my servant? You should stay at Gronga. There are more important things that you need to
do here. From now on, the Hansley family, the Larson family, and the Wagner family will be under your
control. I hope you can surprise me when I see you next time.”

“But, Master-”

Jonathan cut Cecilia off abruptly. “No buts. What I need is someone who can help me solve problems,
not a servant. Do you understand?”

Biting her lip, Cecilia lowered her head. “I-I understand, Master!”

“I’ll ask someone to contact you when the time comes.” With that, Jonathan left the hotel in strides.

The moment Jonathan stepped out of the hotel, Cecilia bit her lip and dialed a number. A moment later,
a woman’s voice sounded from the other end of the phone. “Hello, Ms. Hansley.”

“Call Yuliana Smith and tell her that from now on, she is a celebrity under the contract with Hansley
Group. In addition, offer her the best contract. Pay her based on the rates of the top female artists in
Gronga,” Cecilia instructed.

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