Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 414

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The Legendary Man

The Past

“I can tell you everything you want to know. I’ll tell you everything, including Hunters Guild’s plan in
Chanaea, their plan overseas, and your parents’ death. I can tell you all of that. Just please spare my
life! Can you do that?”

With no hesitation, Waxon fell to his knees in front of Jonathan with a thud the second he finished

At that point, there was no arrogance in Waxon at all.

Dignity and arrogance meant nothing in the face of death.

“I’m not interested in all that. I just want to know who is involved in my parents’ death,” Jonathan

His gaze was extremely cold and unemotional. He looked as if he was the Grim Reaper himself.

He was not the slightest bit interested in Hunters Guild. In fact, he could not be bothered to hunt them if
it did not involve his parents’ death.

To him, a mere cult was not worth making him personally take action.

“I just need you to tell me who was involved in the murder back then. I don’t care about the rest.”

“Are you really not going to spare my life?” Waxon pleaded, hanging on to his last sliver of hope.

“No,” Jonathan rejected coldly. “Everyone who was involved in the murder cannot be alive. Whoever it
is, and wherever they are, I’ll never let them walk free from this. I’ll do whatever it takes to kill them,

even if it means chasing them to the ends of the earth.”

“I see.” As soon as Waxon heard Jonathan’s words, the former instantly understood the situation. He
was going to die that day, no matter what.

His only option was to choose his method of dying.

He could either die being tortured or die a less gruesome death.

Those were his only two options.

“Your father was barely twenty when I got to know him back then. He was still very young at that time.
About your age, maybe? You resemble him a lot, especially those eyes. When I first saw your eyes, I
knew you must be somewhat related to Daniel—”

In the end, he had chosen to comply and give Jonathan what he wanted.

After all, Waxon was not afraid of death.

He only chose Hunters Guild to enjoy the life of being someone of high status in Gronga. At the same
time, he could trick and take advantage of some pretty ladies.

His motto and dignity were basically useless to him.

“Get to the point!” Jonathan interrupted.

He had no interest in Waxon’s emotional stories.

Waxon looked infuriated. “Don’t interrupt me! If I don’t begin the story from the moment we met, how
will you know what happened during that time? The Daniel we knew back then was one of Hunters
Guild’s greatest members. He had the most potential to become the person in charge of Hunters Guild,
provided that incident didn’t happen back then.”

That incident back then?

Jonathan’s brows furrowed when he heard those words.

He remembered seeing traces of the incident in Daniel’s diary. However, it was only mentioned briefly;
no details were jotted down.

All Daniel wrote was that he accidentally found Hunters Guild’s shocking secret.

“What do you mean by the incident back then?” Jonathan queried with a frown.

“He never should’ve peeked at my notebook when I was distracted because the true secret of Hunters
Guild’s establishment was recorded in it. If he didn’t look at my notebook, perhaps he wouldn’t have
died.” Waxon’s expression turned dark as he described the incident.

“What secret is it?” asked Jonathan.

Waxon lifted his head to gaze at Jonathan. “It’s the true purpose of Hunters Guild’s establishment. Did
you think our actual purpose of forming Hunters Guild was to overthrow Asura’s Office? To overthrow
you? You’re wrong. You weren’t even born when we started Hunters Guild. Back then, Chanaea was
still facing a war. We established Hunters Guild so that we could have a place in Chanaea. We wanted
to unite our country and take over yours while the war was still going on. That’s the true intention of
establishing Hunters Guild. Of course, we told the public we were doing it to save your citizens, to bring
the citizens of Chanaea out of the chaos as soon as possible. At first, that was what Daniel thought,
too. That’s why he joined Hunters Guild. However, he never thought we had zero intentions of rescuing
the Chanaeans. Instead, we wanted to make your country ours. Hence, anyone who discovered the
secret was killed, except for the true core members of Hunters Guild. We would kill every single one of
them, no matter who they were. Even if it was Daniel.”

“So, that’s your so-called secret?” Jonathan asked, his gaze turning deadly.

A murderous look instantly filled his eyes.

About twenty years ago, Chanaea was still in a state of chaos, with warlords battling each other and
citizens suffering the effects of it. Not only did these foreigners not think of stopping the war, but they
wanted to use the opportunity to make Chanaea their breeding ground. How wicked!

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