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Chapter 413

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The Legendary Man


“Finally, when he’s at the itchiest stage, he’ll have a sudden burst of potential. He’ll be able to leap out
of the ground. However, what comes out is a skinless corpse. His skin will still be buried in the ground.
This is one of the top ten most torturous punishments in history, also known as Mercury Flaying. Have
you ever heard of it?”

“N-No.” Waxon could already feel an itch all over his body just by listening to Jonathan describing the

It was as if he had just experienced the entire punishment.

Jonathan smiled. “No? It’s okay. I have other punishments. The second one punishes the person by
removing all his facial features, including his tongue and limbs. Then, he’ll be placed in a jug and buried
in the ground. The person won’t die and will be kept alive. Even if he’s on the brink of death, the
authorities will use other methods to bring him back to life. He’ll remain alive as long as the authorities
don’t want him to die. This is called Human Swine. I heard it was invented by a queen from ancient
times. Have you heard of this one?”

“Stop it! Shut up! Shut up!” Waxon screamed.

Waxon was about to lose his mind just by listening to Jonathan talking about the punishments.

What are these Chanaean’s minds made of? How can they invent such horrifying punishments?

“Relax. I still have one more punishment untold.” Jonathan flicked the cigarette ash and fixed his eyes
on Waxon. “In Chanaea, we have a medieval punishment called Lingering Death. You should be
familiar with it, right? First, the criminal will be tied up. Then, he’ll be wrapped in a fishing net. After that,

the authorities will use the sharpest knife and start cutting the flesh that’s exposed outside the net. Oh,
that reminds me. This punishment has another name, called Death by a Thousand Cuts. It means that
as long as there aren’t a thousand cuts yet, the criminal won’t get to die, no matter how hard he begs.”

When Jonathan finished his last sentence, he gave Waxon a calm look. The sight of the latter trembling
uncontrollably put a subtle smile on Jonathan’s face. “Among these three punishments, which one do
you prefer more, Waxon?”

“None of them!” Waxon trembled intensely as if his rejection was oozing out of his pores. “Listen here,
Jonathan. Shoot me if you dare, but the mighty Hunters Guild will never give in to your threats.”

“Oh? Really?” Jonathan chuckled and threw his cigarette onto the ground. “I’d like to see just how
brave you are as a member of the Hunters Guild.”

Having said that, he turned around and said to the soldiers, “Prepare a fishing net and some knives.
Let this member of the mighty Hunters Guild experience what Death by a Thousand Cuts or Lingering
Death is.”

“Yes, Commander.”

With Jonathan’s order, the soldiers marched off. When they left, Jonathan instructed the rest of the
soldiers, “You guys over there. Prepare a jug and some mercury. Oh, and dig a hole as well.”

“Got it, Commander!”

Hearing Jonathan’s command, the soldiers turned around and left without any hesitation.

However, the color drained from Waxon’s face after listening to their conversation. Even his body
started trembling uncontrollably again. “Y-You can’t treat me like this! I’m a foreigner. You’ll be starting
an international dispute by doing this to me!”

Instantly, Jonathan’s gaze turned cold, and his eyes were filled with disdain. “So what? I’ll gladly
welcome anyone’s attack if there’s anything they’re displeased with. Since when is the mighty Chanaea
afraid of these barbarians, anyway?”


Jonathan’s last sentence made Waxon so furious that his eyes turned bloodshot.

Jonathan glared at Waxon coldly. “I don’t want to hear any more of your nonsense, Waxon. You have
one last chance. You can choose to tell me what happened back then, or you can choose to have a
taste of the legendary top ten tormenting punishments. Feel free to pick one.”

Jonathan instantly fell silent and stared at Waxon wordlessly, watching the latter struggle internally.

He looked as if he wanted to put up a final fight.

Just as Waxon was still in a quandary, the first group of soldiers entered with the fishing net and knives.
“Commander, we’ve found the knives and the fishing net.”

Immediately after that, another series of footsteps sounded behind them.

“Commander, we’ve found the jug and the mercury as well.”

“You’re running out of time.” Jonathan waved his hand casually and looked at Waxon. “You have three
more seconds to make your decision. Three. Two. One!”

Upon announcing the final number, Waxon suddenly screamed anxiously at Jonathan, looking as if he
had lost his mind, “If I choose to tell you what happened back then, will you spare my life?”

“No,” Jonathan rejected his request without thinking twice.

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