Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 412

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The Legendary Man

Exterminate Hunters Guild

“You’re Waxon, right? If you dare make a move, I promise your head will explode.” Nelson could not be
bothered to show Waxon mercy.

At the same time, Waxon did not dare to move an inch under Nelson’s grip.

Jonathan cast Nelson an indifferent glance. “Take everyone else away! I don’t care what methods you
use. I want the entire Hunters Guild wiped out. If there’s a single member still alive in Gronga, you’ll be
removed from your position as the commander-in-chief of Gronga Special Force! Clean up this place
and get lost!”

Upon hearing the order, Nelson relayed his orders without wasting any time. “Got it, Mr. Goldstein!
Everyone, take all of them away! Kill those who resist!”

“Got it!”

At his command, all the soldiers launched into action. Meanwhile, the Hunters Guild’s members, who
were already scared out of their wits, did not dare to resist the soldiers’ coercion. They allowed
themselves to be thrown into the military truck.

“M-Mr. Goldstein…”

Suddenly, a woman’s voice traveled into Jonathan’s ears.

What he saw next was the young lady he was acquainted with being carried up by a few soldiers and
thrown into the military truck. Her eyes were red, and she looked utterly pitiful.

Her gaze that was fixed on Jonathan looked even more pitiful. It had traces of resentment and fear.

“Release her!” Jonathan waved his hand, and the soldiers immediately let her go. He had been too
focused on Waxon that he had forgotten all about the woman.

“T-Thank you, Mr. Goldstein!” Even the young lady did not expect Jonathan to let her go.

“There’s no need for that. I’m not an ungrateful person. So, do you know who I am now?” Jonathan
looked at the young lady.

“Y-Yes!” She was so terrified that she quickly lowered her head.

She would never have imagined Jonathan was the legendary godlike existence.

No wonder Ms. Cecilia of the Hansley family acts like a servant in front of him. And no wonder he looks
down on the four prominent families of Gronga. They’re basically nothing compared to him. In fact, the
entire land of Gronga is under his control!

Right then, she recalled trying to seduce Jonathan with her beauty. At that thought, she could not help
but blush in embarrassment. Surely Asura has met all kinds of women in his life. I bet many famous
celebrities have been trying to get into his bed. A minor artist like me is not even worth being compared
to them.

Just then, Nelson approached Jonathan, interrupting the woman’s thoughts. “Mr. Goldstein, they are all
taken away.”

“Good.” Jonathan nodded in approval. “Lock Waxon up separately. You can deal with the others
however you want.”

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein.”

“Let’s go.”

With that, Jonathan and Nelson left the mansion.

Half an hour later, the military SUV stopped at Gronga Special Force’s base.

It was Jonathan’s first visit to the place ever since Gronga Special Force was established. However, he
did not linger. After getting out of the car, he walked straight to Waxon’s prison cell.

Sitting in the prison cell was Waxon, tied up in iron chains and shackles.

Meanwhile, standing outside his cell were a dozen soldiers who held loaded guns and were armed
from head to toe. The place was intensely guarded.

As soon as they saw Jonathan entering the area, the soldiers greeted him with their powerful voices,

They found out Jonathan’s identity the moment they witnessed Nelson kneeling before him in the

Jonathan was their faith.

Moreover, he was the only god in their minds.

“Open the cell,” Jonathan ordered, staring at the prison cell. Immediately, a soldier stepped forward to
unlock the door. Jonathan then stepped into the cell and said flatly, “The chains and shackles on him as
well. Unlock them.”

“But, Commander…”

The soldiers were somewhat hesitant.

“Unlock them. He can’t hurt me,” Jonathan said calmly.

“Yes, Commander!” The soldier hesitated no more and unlocked all the chains and shackles on Waxon.

“Care for a cigarette?” Jonathan took out a packet of cigarettes and tossed Waxon one. The former lit
his cigarette, took a puff, and gazed at Waxon. “Tell me. What happened back then?”

He only knew half of what happened based on Daniel’s diary.

As for the details, he knew nothing.

The reason Jonathan was keeping Waxon alive was that the former wanted to know what happened
back then.

“Don’t ask me that. I won’t tell you a thing!” Waxon snorted, stomping on the cigarette Jonathan gave

A look of arrogance was displayed all over his face.

“Is that so?” Jonathan was not the slightest bit anxious. Instead, he casually found a place to sit before
turning to look at Waxon. “Do you know why I’m still keeping you alive?”

“Why?” Waxon was stunned.

Jonathan explained plainly, “Because I don’t plan to let you die an easy death. I’m not sure if you’ve
heard of this form of punishment, so let me describe it. First, we’ll bury the person in the ground with
only his head exposed in the air. Then, we’ll make an opening on his scalp and continuously pour
mercury onto it. During that time, the person will feel extremely itchy, but sadly, he won’t be able to

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