Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 411

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The Legendary Man

Big Trouble

“What’s going on?” When he heard the explosion, Waxon’s expression fell.

Nonetheless, before he could finish speaking, countless military trucks came into their sights.

Each truck was filled with heavily-armed armored soldiers.

All of the soldiers were overflowing with killing intent.

At a glance, everyone present could tell that they were part of the Gronga Special Force.

“The Gronga Special Force?” Realizing what was going on, Waxon’s face paled.

What is the Gronga Special Force doing here? They never interfere with matters in Gronga.

Just as Waxon was racking his mind, the military trucks stopped outside the mansion. Soon after,
countless heavily-armed soldiers surrounded the mansion. With a dull bang, the main door of the
mansion was kicked down from the outside.

Immediately, the soldiers flooded the mansion.

“Everyone, put down your weapons! Surrender now, or we will show no mercy.”

With all the guns aimed at the Hunters Guild members inside the mansion, the entire place fell into

Everyone had fallen into a state of panic as they turned to flee.

Nevertheless, being surrounded by the Gronga Special Force, there was nowhere for them to run.

When one of them tried to escape, the sound of gunfire was heard. Instantly, everyone in the mansion
quieted down.

“I’m going to say this one last time. Everyone, put your hands up in the air and surrender. Otherwise,
we will show no mercy.”

Amongst the countless soldiers, Nelson stepped out wearing an army green uniform. He held a black
handgun in his hand.

At this moment, there was still smoke coming out of his gun.

It only took a single glance for people in the crowd to recognize him.


“That’s the commander of the Gronga Special Force, Nelson.”

“Why is he here?”

“We’re in big trouble now!”

In Gronga, there was an unspoken rule. Unless they were dealing with terrorist organizations or a war,
the Gronga Special Force never meddled in Gronga matters.

Yet, that day, the Gronga Special Force not only showed up but was also being led personally by

What could that mean?

It meant that if any of them dared to rebel, the Gronga Special Force would wipe them out like a group
of terrorists.

In an instant, the Hunters Guild members that had been going on about taking down Asura’s Office and
Asura became obedient little lambs.

They held their hands over their heads and squatted on the floor. None of them dared to make a single

“Go collect all their weapons. If anyone resists, shoot them.” Under Nelson’s order, the soldiers went
forward and confiscated all the weapons owned by the guards.

Meanwhile, the guards did not dare to resist at all. On the contrary, they handed over their weapons
without complaint.

Compared to the Gronga Special Force, they were nothing but a bunch of second-rate fighters.

In less than five minutes, the whole hall had fallen under Nelson’s secure control.

Just then, Nelson kept his weapon. He walked forward, and under everyone’s gaze, he turned toward
Jonathan and knelt before him. “Mr. Goldstein, I, Nelson—the commander-in-chief of Gronga Special
Force—am at your service. As per your instructions, fifty thousand of our soldiers are outside waiting to
serve you. Please give us your next orders!”

“Get up.” Jonathan waved his hand, and Nelson stood up. Meanwhile, all the members of Hunters
Guild were in shock as they witnessed this scene before them.

The mighty commander of the Gronga Special Force, Nelson, had kneeled in front of Jonathan.

How could this be?

Nelson was akin to the ruler of Gronga.

His status was higher than that of the governor, George.

How was it possible that he would kneel to some young man in his twenties?

“W-Who are you?” Apart from the Hunters Guild members, Waxon also had a face full of shock as he
stared at Jonathan.

His eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Who do you think I am?” Jonathan stared at Waxon blandly. “I’m the person you were shouting about
taking down earlier.”

The person I want to take down? Asura? Jonathan is Asura? That’s not possible.

“How can that be? How can you be Asura?” Waxon’s face drained of color. He could not accept it.

“What’s so impossible about it?”

Looking at Waxon calmly, he asked, “Weren’t you adamant about taking Asura’s Office and me down?
Don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet.”

“No, this can’t be!”

Waxon’s face was pale as he muttered to himself.

He might have preached about taking down Asura’s Office and Asura, but that did not mean that he
understood just how scary Asura’s Office was.

Preaching about it was one thing, but when faced with the real Asura, it was entirely different.

“Take him.”

Jonathan did not want to waste any more of his time.

Upon receiving his orders, Nelson did not hesitate. He strode forward and grabbed Waxon’s neck with
his left hand.

Then, he lifted him into the air. With his right hand, he raised his gun and aimed it directly at Waxon’s

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