Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 410

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The Legendary Man

Do You Know Daniel

Waxon looked faintly at Jonathan and stated, “So you think we’re out of our depth, huh? I don’t think
so. Every member of the Hunters Guild is the best of the best. Those good-for-nothings in Asura’s
Office could never compare. Any member here has the potential to become a prominent leader. They
just need to be given a chance! As long as we overthrow Asura’s Office, they will be the new founders
of the country. You are looking at the future leaders of the country! When that happens, you will see
who’s the one that’s out of their depth here.”

“Is that so? Very well. I’m looking forward to it!” Jonathan smirked. He was too listless to say more.

It didn’t matter because this group of ambitious members trying to overthrow Asura’s Office would
become Nelson’s prisoners in another hour or so.

Since the outcome was set, what was the point of wasting his breath?

“It seems like he still doesn’t believe us. That’s all right. Time will tell!” Waxon smiled as his gaze swept
over Jonathan. However, the more he stared at Jonathan, the more surprised he felt.

Eventually, he couldn’t help but ask, “Hey, why do you look so familiar to me? Have we met before?”

“No, we haven’t!” Jonathan lightly shook his head.

“Is that right?” Waxon frowned slightly. “Why do you look so familiar to me? Oh, I remember now. You
look like a very old friend of mine!”

“Old friend?”

Jonathan raised his eyebrows.


Waxon nodded his head. “A long time ago, he was my most loyal comrade. Unfortunately, he ended up
betraying me and Hunters Guild by going against our mission. I can’t deny you two look very similar,
especially the look in your eyes. Frankly, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you two were the same

“Oh, is that so?” Jonathan looked at him faintly. “What’s the name of your old friend?”

“His name is Daniel Goldstein.” Waxon glanced at Jonathan and started, “A long time ago, we were
comrades in battle. We made a pact to change this world together. We wanted to make the world kneel
before us. I never expected him to betray me halfway! In exchange for his betrayal, I took his life. Not
only that, but I also buried his wife with him. If time had allowed it, I would have done the same to his
son. It’s too bad I only had one chance, so his son lived. The son is probably about the same age as
you right now.”

Waxon’s tone suddenly turned frosty. A cruel light shone in his eyes. “Do you know Daniel by any

“Of course, I do!”

Within seconds, Jonathan’s eyes turned cold. The atmosphere in the room seemed to drop by several
degrees. “If I didn’t know him, how could I be standing here before you? Isn’t that right, Waxon?”

“Hah! Looks like my guess was right.” Hearing Jonathan’s reply, Waxon confirmed his suspicions. “You
are Daniel’s son, aren’t you? The one I didn’t manage to kill.”

“Apart from me, who else would come all this way just to take your measly life?” At this point, Jonathan
didn’t bother to waste any more time.

The reason he came to see Waxon was very simple.

He intended to kill Waxon and take revenge for his father!

“Take my life?” Upon hearing this, Waxon burst out into laughter. “You think you can take me down
alone? Young man, you’re too naive, just like your father. Back then, he wanted to get rid of me too, but
what happened in the end? He died. Meanwhile, I’m still standing here. I thought you would be smarter
than your father. Unfortunately, it seems like you’re even more foolish than he was. Do you think you
have the capabilities to kill me by yourself?”

Just as he spoke, Waxon clapped his hands together lightly. Instantly, a group of guards rushed in from
every corner of the mansion. They were all armed with submachine guns, and they were all aiming at

“Do you think these men are enough to stop me?” Despite being aimed at by countless guns, there was
no fear on Jonathan’s face.

Rather, he stared calmly at Waxon.

“Well, I guess we’ll find out if they can stop you or not.” Waxon raised an eyebrow and ordered firmly,
“Get him!”

“Yes, sir!”

With that order, dozens of guards charged toward Jonathan. The rest of them stood firm with their
submachine guns aimed at Jonathan.

If he dared to act rashly, they would not hesitate to open fire.

“Don’t bother. None of you are getting out of here today.” Looking at the guards coming his way,
Jonathan didn’t even bother giving them a second glance. Instead, he looked down at his watch. “It’s
almost time. They should be here by now.”

Just then, a loud bang was heard from outside of the mansion.

Soon after, a loud explosion shook the entire hall. Then, a frenzy of footsteps could be heard.

The walls and the ground were even shaking.

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