Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 409

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The Legendary Man

Out Of Your Depth

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Below the stage, the sound of applause could be heard from all around.

At the same time, everyone looked toward Jonathan.

Under everyone’s gazes, Jonathan headed toward the stage. As he got closer, a flash of surprise
surfaced in Waxon’s eyes.

Regardless, he didn’t pay any mind to it. After Jonathan got on stage, Waxon turned to all of them and
said, “Once you go through the sacred ceremony, you will be an official member of Hunters Guild!”

He paused before adding, “However, there is something I must tell you all before that.”

Having said that, Waxon turned around to look at the Hunters Guild members below the stage. He
shouted, “Why don’t you guys tell them the purpose of Hunters Guild?”

“To overthrow Asura’s Office and save Chanaea!”

A chorus of cheers erupted from the crowd below.

What? Overthrow Asura’s Office?

When Jonathan heard this, he almost burst out laughing.

Do my ears deceive me? Do these idiots think they can overthrow Asura’s Office?

“As you all know, Asura rules Chanaea from Asura’s Office. Every day, he takes lives like they mean
nothing. Our fates are all under his control. If he doesn’t like someone, that person will die at his hands
the next day. If they want to do something, they don’t care how many people they have to sacrifice!
Asura is a tyrant! Asura’s Office is nothing but a corrupted organization. Our purpose is to overthrow
Asura’s Office and rebuild Chanaea!”

In an instant, everyone in the hall was riled up. The crazed members raised their hands like a bunch of
brainwashed fanatics and yelled, “We will overthrow Asura’s Office and rebuild Chanaea!”

“Overthrow Asura’s Office and rebuild Chanaea!”

As he stared at the wild crowd below, a cold smirk appeared in Waxon’s eyes. However, he did not let it
show. Instead, he waved his arm in the air and said, “As long as we take down Asura’s Office, all the
beautiful women, fancy mansions, and riches will be ours for the taking! What reason is there for us not
to overthrow Asura’s Office?”

Influenced by Waxon, the members below the stage started getting even wilder.

They gazed at Waxon like they were looking at a god.

Witnessing all this before him, Jonathan could not help but shake his head and laugh.

What era are we even in right now? I can’t believe people still fall for this nonsense.

It had been several hundred years, yet the idea was still the same as always. If they took down Asura’s
Office, they could have all the women, money, and mansions that they could dream of!

This method of brainwashing dates back centuries. Jonathan was surprised people still fell for it.

“You there. What are you laughing at?” Just as all the members were getting riled up, Jonathan was the
only person laughing.

In his smile, there was a clear look of contempt.

Seeing his scornful smile, Waxon could not help but look toward Jonathan.

“Nothing much. I just think it’s funny,” Jonathan replied with a chuckle.


When Waxon heard Jonathan’s reply, his gaze turned icy. “Do you think our actions are funny? Or do
you find our goal to take down Asura’s Office funny?”

“All of it is funny.”

Jonathan laughed and added, “You guys think the lot of you are enough to take down Asura’s Office?
I’m afraid you guys are way out of your depth here.”

As he glanced around the room, he continued, “Are you all aware how many soldiers Asura’s Office
has? The four Kings of War alone have four hundred thousand soldiers under their wing. That’s not
including the four elite teams hidden in Asura’s Office. They have an even bigger army that consists of
about five hundred thousand soldiers. Altogether, that makes their military force consist of roughly one
million soldiers.”

With a scoff, Jonathan asked, “Do you guys think the bunch of you that make up the Hunters Guild is
enough to take down Asura’s Office? Can’t you all see how ridiculous that sounds?”

Just as Jonathan finished speaking, the crazed fanatics below stage shouted at him.

“You’re the ridiculous one. Get down from there!”

“Get off the stage!”

The members below were close to jumping on stage and ripping Jonathan to shreds. Yet, Jonathan
didn’t even bother to take another look at them.

They were nothing but a swarm of ants in his eyes.

Their numbers didn’t even require Asura’s Office to mobilize their military force. Nelson could take them
out on his own.


Just as the members were in a frenzy, Waxon stuck out his hand surprisingly. He gestured for everyone
to quiet down.

“Everyone, let’s settle down for now. Since this man dares to say we’re out of our depth, then we
should show him otherwise!”

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