Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 408

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The Legendary Man

Here Comes Waxon

“Just so you know, Mr. Goldstein, you’d be denied entry if you were found to possess any kind of
weapon,” reminded the young lady.

She knew Jonathan’s temper inside and out. Previously, he had broken Anson’s limbs in a heated
argument. There would only be trouble if the guards were ignorant enough to get on his nerves.


Jonathan bobbed his head and strode toward the mansion at once.

He had no weapons with him, after all. He had even left his one-an-only Heaven Sword in the hotel

From his perspective, it would make no difference whether or not he was equipped with a weapon.


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“Please cooperate with our security check.” The guards swept all over Jonathan’s body with a black-
colored device before letting him inside. As he set his foot in, he noticed a parade of people was
already in there.

The crowd consisted of both men and women, young and old. There was also a group of people with
blond hair and blue eyes.

Yet, when Jonathan stepped forward, he instantly attracted the attention of the public.

He was, evidently, the only stranger among the myriads of individuals.

However, he wasn’t one bit bothered by their stares. Scanning around the vicinity, he casually found a
spot to take his seat as he awaited Waxon’s arrival.

Just as Jonathan sat down, the young lady approached him with two glasses of plain water. “Would you
like a drink, Mr. Goldstein?”

“No,” replied Jonathan while waving it off.

The young lady then placed the glass down and took a seat beside him. “Look at them, Mr. Goldstein.
Some of them have made a name for themselves, while some of them are from affluent families; there
are even some A-list celebrities here. But they have all been fooled by Waxon like a bunch of morons
to join Hunters Guild, only to get brainwashed by him.”

She paused for a bit before adding, “Mr. Goldstein, is this what they say—Earth provides enough to
satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed? Humans would never be contented. When they
have wealth, they will yearn for power; but once they’re in control, they’d try to rake in more fortune. It’s
like a vicious cycle.”

A hint of surprise flitted across Jonathan’s eyes when he heard her statement. “Oh? So, you, too, are in
the know of the propagandizing?”

Why, isn’t this lady a clear-headed one despite being in Hunters Guild?

“Well, of course!”

That young lady let out a chuckle at that. “Every one of us here is well-aware, to be honest.”

“If so, why did you still join Hunters Guild?” questioned Jonathan. His curiosity got the better of him.

“Huh? I’m after their resources, obviously,” was the young lady’s revelation. Her smile reached her
eyes. “To me, Hunters Guild is merely a trading hub. Prominent figures are abundant here. If I didn’t get
in, I don’t think I’ll ever be given the privilege to get acquainted with these big shots. Everybody’s
making use of each other to reach our own objectives. I offer my body to them in exchange for their
resources. What do we call it? An equal exchange, isn’t it?”

“You actually surprised me with your well-thought-out life,” came Jonathan’s remark with a grin as he lit
up a cigarette.

“I guess I don’t have a choice. Without relying on tricks, unknown starlets like us would never survive in
Gronga.” The young lady shook her head while wearing a bitter smile. “Don’t tell me you’d despise me
because of that, Mr. Goldstein?”

“Of course not.”

Jonathan waggled his head at that. It’s their freedom to choose how to live out their lives.

“A question for you, Mr. Goldstein. What business are you running on the mainland?” It was a rare sight
seeing Jonathan not being his usual aloof and concise self, which gave the young lady all the courage
she needed to pose the query.

Prior to that, she had been baffled when Cecilia addressed Jonathan as her master.

Not only that, but Cecilia even acted like a scaredy cat in front of him.

It was as though her fear toward him was already engraved in her bones.

“I’m not into business, nor am I any good at it.” Jonathan flicked the cigarette ash and went on in a
placid tone, “As for my identity, you’ll know soon enough.”

He gave her the cold shoulder upon dropping his words. Simultaneously, light footsteps were heard
coming from outside the door all of a sudden.

Immediately afterward, a blond foreigner clad in a black suit was escorted by several bodyguards as he
entered the mansion.

The second he made his appearance, pin-drop silence ensued.

Following that, a burst of thunderous applause echoed throughout the mansion.

A series of ear-piercing screams were also heard coming from the onlookers.


The horde of people began cheering out loud as if they had seen the embodiment of God itself.

Amid the high-spirited atmosphere, Waxon ascended to the highest spot on the stage and lifted his
hand. “Please quiet down, everyone!” he piped up in broken Chanaean.

“I’m very happy to see you all again today. As the core members of Hunters Guild, I bet you guys have
been contributing your all in light of our guild’s development. On behalf of Hunters Guild, I thank you

Upon finishing his speech, Waxon bowed humbly.

He then continued, “In addition, we have another agenda for our meeting today, which is the induction
of our new guild members.”

Waxon raised his head and swept his gaze across the crowd. In a gentle tone, he announced, “Let us
give a round of applause to welcome our newest members!”

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