Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 406

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The Legendary Man

Downfall Of The Wagner Family
“They said Mr. Samuel was the mastermind of the explosion at Velarium Hotel.” The butler felt
aggrieved. “No matter whether he’s alive or dead, no one can take him away before the case is

The fury inside Quinn could no longer be suppressed, and he kicked the table in front of him as he
roared, “They won’t even let go of the dead!

Get my phone here! I’m going to call George Langdon personally! I’d like to see how capable that
mainlander is! Does he have everything in Gronga under his control?”
“Yes, Old Mr. Wagner.” The butler took the phone and handed it to Quinn.

Beep… Beep… Beep…
Trying to keep his wrath in check, Quinn dialed George’s number, and the beeping sounds rang
countless times. Still, no one answered the call.


Quinn hurled the phone onto the ground in exasperation.

With that, the phone was shattered into pieces.
Quinn didn’t expect that George, who was usually all smiles whenever he was with Quinn, didn’t even
answer his call at this critical juncture.

“It seems like the mainlander comes from a prominent background!” Quinn hollered.

Even a fool could realize that the mainlander has a powerful background now. So what? I’ve lost two
sons! Even if I go bankrupt, I won’t let him walk free from this!

Just then, a voice sounded from the garden at the Wagner residence. “I don’t know if the mainlander’s
background is prominent or not, but I do know that you have to follow us to the police station, Old Mr.
Wagner!”Soon after, Quinn saw a middle-aged man in a police uniform breaking into the Wagner
residence with a large group of police officers.

“Who are you guys? Who let you in?” Quinn’s expression changed drastically the moment he saw the

“Old Mr. Wagner, we suspect that you’re involved in the explosion incident at Velarium Hotel. Please go
to the police station with us for investigation.” As the middle-aged police officer spoke, he took out an
arrest warrant and showed it to Quinn. “This is an arrest warrant. If you have any dissatisfaction with
us, you can hire a lawyer to sue us at any time!”

“Arrest warrant?” As Quinn saw the arrest warrant, his expression darkened immediately, and he
questioned sternly, “Who gave you the right to arrest me? I’m the head of the Wagner family! I’m also
Gronga’s Justice of the Peace. What right does the police have to arrest me? Give me the phone. I’ll
call Chief Superintendent Langley.”

When the butler was about to get Quinn a phone, the middle-aged policeman interrupted, “There’s no
need for that! Chief Superintendent Langley is the one who issued the arrest warrant, and it even has
the signature of the governor of Gronga.”

“What?” Quinn’s legs buckled all of a sudden. With a thud, he collapsed onto the ground.

He never would have thought the arrest warrant was issued personally by both the chief superintendent
and the governor of Gronga.“I don’t trust your words. Let me give George a call!” It was as though
Quinn had gone hysterical.

He kept searching for a phone frantically, but the middle-aged policeman didn’t give Quinn the chance
to do that. With a wave of his hand, the middle-aged policeman ordered, “Take him away!”“Yes!”At his
command, over a dozen of police officers rushed forward to capture Quinn right away.Three days later,
a piece of breaking news shocked the entire Gronga like a bomb explosion.

The Wagner family, which was one of the four prominent families in Gronga, was suspected of contract
killing. Quinn, the head of the Wagner family, was arrested on the spot, and his eldest son, Samuel,
was sentenced to thirty years in prison. All of the Wagner family’s assets were confiscated.

As soon as this piece of news got out, everyone in Gronga was shocked to the core.Who would have
imagined that the powerful Wagner family would face its downfall overnight?

The head of the family was arrested, and his two sons were killed.

Even their assets were confiscated.

Everyone could not help but wonder who had such great power to wipe out the entire Wagner family in
one night.

A heated debate broke out in the city in an instant.

Some people speculated that the Wagner family had offended a person whom they shouldn’t have
provoked, while some said that it was the other three prominent families in Gronga who joined hands to
destroy the Wagner family and reap the benefits together.

Regardless, the Wagner family was destroyed in one night.
In the presidential suite at Velarium Hotel, George, the governor of Gronga, was currently standing in
front of Jonathan, looking like an elementary school student who made a mistake. “Mr. Goldstein, are
you satisfied with the way it’s been handled?”

Without Jonathan’s nod, George didn’t dare to sit down.

“You barely passed.” Jonathan glanced at him aloofly. “Have a seat.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein.”

Hearing that, George finally had the courage to sit down in front of Jonathan, but he was still all tensed
up, not looking like a prominent official.

“Disperse the Police Tactical Unit officers outside the hotel. I don’t need their protection,” said Jonathan
casually. These few days, he had spotted those plainclothes Police Tactical Unit officers outside when
he went out of the hotel.

Although they disguised well, there was no way their disguise would be unnoticed by Jonathan.

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