Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 407

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The Legendary Man

The Legendary Hunters Guild

“Mr. Goldstein, I’m just doing this to keep trouble away from you,” George explained in a low voice.

He knew that Jonathan, a man who established himself as a big shot in just three years, didn’t need his

However, the Police Tactical Unit existed for the sake of minimizing trouble for Jonathan.

After all, it would be inconvenient if ignorant ones came bugging and offending Jonathan.

“There’s no need for that.” Jonathan nonchalantly lit up a cigarette and continued, “I’ll be leaving
Gronga soon.”

“Leaving?” George was surprised. “Mr. Goldstein, are you done settling your matters in Gronga?”


Jonathan looked down at his watch. It had been four to five days since the last time he saw that young
lady. If his guess was correct, they would soon contact him.

After dealing with the Hunters Guild’s matters, it was time for him to return to Jazona and meet

Just then, Cecilia walked into the living room with a platter. “Master, please have some tea.”

Upon seeing George, she nodded at him as a greeting.

“Are there any news from Hunters Guild?” asked Jonathan calmly.

Cecilia shook her head. “Not yet.”

Right after she said that, the phone started ringing.

Cecilia’s expression changed drastically. “Master, she’s calling!” she exclaimed.

“Give it to me!”

Jonathan took the phone and answered it.

“Hello? Is this Ms. Hansley?” The young lady’s charming voice sounded from the other end of the line.

“This is Jonathan Goldstein speaking.”

“Oh, Mr. Goldstein!” The young lady was surprised to hear Jonathan answer the phone.

“Mr. Goldstein, I was just about to ask for you. I have received news from Hunters Guild. Tonight,
Waxon will personally appear and welcome the new members. Would you be able to spare some time
to attend the gathering?” she asked respectfully.

She had no other choice.

Even Cecilia, the third daughter of the Hansley family, is merely a slave to Mr. Goldstein. An unpopular
celebrity like me is obviously even more insignificant than Cecilia.

“I have time.” Jonathan put out the cigarette butt and continued indifferently, “Time and place?”

“Eight o’clock tonight. Please come to the place we met last time. I’ll pick you up there.”

“Okay. See you later.”

With that, Jonathan hung up.

He had been waiting for this day for so long.

“Mr. Goldstein, was that an update from Hunters Guild?” George looked at Jonathan cautiously.

“Yeah.” Jonathan nodded.

He then ordered, “Pass on the Decree of Asura. Nelson Carter, the commander-in-chief of Gronga
Special Force, shall be on standby for my orders with fifty thousand Special Forces soldiers tonight.
Whoever disobeys shall be killed!”

“Got it, Mr. Goldstein!”

The moment George heard the words “Decree of Asura,” he shot up from his seat.

He was very well aware what those three words meant.

There was only one thing in store for whoever went against the Decree of Asura—death.

At eight o’clock sharp in the evening, Jonathan arrived at the café where he had met the young lady

Compared to last time, the young lady looked even more alluring and seductive.

Unfortunately, her looks had no effect on Jonathan at all.

“When do we leave?” He went straight to the point.

“Don’t rush, Mr. Goldstein.” The young lady sashayed her way to Jonathan and stopped in front of him.
“Mr. Goldstein, is Hunters Guild more appealing than my body? Don’t you want to enjoy this romantic
night and have a drink with me?”


Jonathan didn’t want to waste any time with her. “I’m not a tad bit interested in your body. I’m only
interested in Hunters Guild.”

“Mr. Goldstein, you’re so…”

The young lady wanted to say something, but she didn’t dare to voice them out. Helplessly, she walked
out of the café and clicked the car key in her hand. Following that, the headlights of a black Lexus
nearby flashed. “Let’s go, Mr. Goldstein. I’ll lead you to our conference center.”

Jonathan raised his brow. “Conference center?” he echoed.

“It’s actually the place where we gather,” explained the young lady. “Usually, Hunters Guild’s members
meet once a week, but Waxon rarely shows up. He only makes a brief appearance when there are new
members or during month-end. So it’s impossible to see him at other times.”

“Really? I guess I’m quite lucky.” After saying that, Jonathan got into the back seat of the car.

The car sped off, making countless turns along the way.

They went from the bustling city center to a deserted area where even stoplights were nowhere to be

After two hours of journey, they finally stopped at a remote and desolate place.

The place was surrounded by wilderness, but one would find a whole new world if one ventured deeper
into the woods.

At the end of the dense forest was a luxurious mansion that spanned thousands of square meters.

Its gate was heavily guarded with armed security.

Each of them held a black submachine gun as they kept a sharp eye on the people going in and out of
the place.

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