Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 405

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The Legendary Man

Gone Too Far
“Is this Mr. Goldstein speaking?” An old man spoke from the other side of the line. The moment
Jonathan heard that voice, he knew who it was.

It was George, the governor of Gronga.
“Yes. What’s the matter?” Jonathan answered.
“I’m sorry, Mr. Goldstein. It’s because of my negligence that the hotel explosion happened.” After
confirming that it was Jonathan speaking, the governor of Gronga immediately apologized.

“I didn’t expect that brat of the Wagner family would be so bold as to hire assassins from the black
market to kill you! I promise I’ll give you a satisfactory answer for this incident!”

“There’s no need to apologize!” Jonathan cut him off. “Finish off the Wagner family within three days.
They are a nuisance. From now on, I don’t want to see the Wagner family in Gronga again. Do you
“Yes!” George did not dare to contradict Jonathan.

“Remember, I’ll give you only three days. If the Wagner family is still in Gronga after three days, you will
resign as the governor of Gronga and go back to your hometown for retirement!”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein. I’ll deal with the nuisance right away!” As soon as George said that, he hung up the
phone and went to execute the order.
Meanwhile, after hanging up the phone, Jonathan lit a cigarette and walked toward the window.

Looking at the high-rise buildings and the night view outside the window, he took a puff and breathed
out a smoke ring.Playvolume


Now that the Wagner family is dealt with, it’s time for the news of Hunters Guild to arrive, isn’t it?

“Has your friend from Hunters Guild contacted you yet?” Jonathan asked, turning around to look at

“Not yet.” Cecilia shook her head. “Perhaps I should give her a call to ask her to hurry up?”

“It’s okay.” Jonathan shook his head in a calm way. “She will call you. When she calls, notify me
instantly.”Meanwhile, in the living room of the Wagner residence, the head of the Wagner family, Quinn
Wagner, ripped the newspaper in his hands into pieces.

“Both Anson and Samuel died?” Quinn’s murderous gaze landed on the butler. “Tell me. Is that true?”

“Yes, Old Mr. Wagner.” The butler lowered his head, not having the guts to meet Quinn’s eyes.

“Who did it?”

Gritting his teeth, Quinn was so furious that his eyes turned bloodshot. He was in his sixties, and yet,
he lost his two sons consecutively.

At first, he wanted to select one of his sons to be the heir of the family business, but now that both of
them had died, no one could be the next head of the Wagner family.

Who will take care of me when I’m on my deathbed?

“We’re still investigating it!” The butler’s head was lowered even more. “The people from the hospital
told us that the surveillance cameras were broken, so they couldn’t check the surveillance footage.”

“Broken surveillance cameras?” Quinn’s eyes reddened when he heard the butler’s response. “What
the h*ll is that excuse? Who do they think I am? Do they think they can fool me with a random excuse?

Look into it! If the surveillance cameras are broken, check the person in charge of the hospital as well
as the doctors and the nurses in charge of their ward! If they can’t find it out, let them die with Anson
and Samuel!”

“Yes, Old Mr. Wagner.” Frightened by Quinn’s rage, the butler hurriedly turned away to leave, but he
suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked at Quinn falteringly. “Old Mr. Wagner, there’s someone who’s
very suspicious!”

“Who is it?”

The bloodlust within Quinn’s gaze intensified.

He couldn’t believe he would lose two of his sons at an old age.

Thus, he wished nothing more than to kill all of the suspects.
“Someone from the mainland.” The butler spoke in a hushed tone, “His name is Jonathan Goldstein.
That person had some conflict with Mr. Anson, and his four limbs were broken by Jonathan. Mr.
Samuel offered a bounty of five million to kill that person. More than twenty assassins approached that
person, but none of them survived the explosion in the room. However, Jonathan came out unscathed.
No matter how I think, he’s the most suspicious one!”

“What did you say?” Upon hearing those words, Quinn flew into a rage again. “Anson’s four limbs were
broken by someone from the mainland? When did that happen? Why did no one tell me about it?”

“Mr. Samuel didn’t allow me to tell you,” the butler responded, feeling a bit guilty.

“Unfilial son!” Quinn slammed his hand onto the table. “Where is that Jonathan Goldstein? Call the
police to arrest him!”

“I’ve called the police, but they refused to apprehend him!” The butler’s gaze remained fixed on the
ground. “They said Jonathan Goldstein was the victim and had nothing to do with the murder of Mr.
Samuel and Mr. Anson. Besides, he has an alibi!”

“What did you say?” When Quinn heard that, his expression turned grim. “Did the police really say

Given the power of my family in Gronga, the police had always cooperated with us in the past, but this
time, they’re on a mainlander’s side and go against us. There must be something fishy!
“Yes, Old Mr. Wagner!” The butler nodded. “On top of that, they even disallowed me from identifying Mr.
Samuel’s body!”

“Why?” Quinn’s eyes were as red as a beet.

My sons have died, and yet, they don’t even allow us to formally identify them? The police of Gronga
have gone too far!

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